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Posted: 5 years ago
Quite intense
Very excited to read further
Posted: 5 years ago
SUV has had two disastrous relationships, the second one on the rebound which is always doomed .
So she knows when it's falling under the 'getting personal ' radar and no doubt her stomach is churning.
But the good thing is thing is if this one with Neel is headed somewhere then atleast it's not on the rebound with both having given it some time to it.

And it will be interesting to see how he handles his bruised pride of knowing now that Suv has after careful consideration not responded to his last night's text.Edited by Errantnomad - 5 years ago
Posted: 5 years ago
This Gomez like his bombaiya lingo is such a chindi guy dhed shana kinds .. LOL .

Posted: 5 years ago
Search for shade

"Yaha ke kisee cheez mein daala to har diwas shaam ko traffic mein NOIDA aana padega" she said somberly

"Kaafi traffic rehta hai Sector 3 ke paas" he nodded

"Aur koi baat nahi thi" she said quietly

He nodded as if he understood

"Iske liye bus hai na?" he asked
She nodded

She was quiet with a faraway look

"Hamey chalna chahiye" she said

"Aai, can I stay?"  Aadhya asked in Marathi

Suvi shook her head vehemently

"Main lunch mangwa leta hoon, aap ruk sakte ho" he offered politely

"Nahi, Tai ko satsang mein chodna hai, poore week ka kaam pada hai" she said animatedly

Nihar looked on despondently

Aadhya was half his age, it bothered her that he liked her so much

"Bache hain, padosi mein?" she asked caringly

"Do hain" he nodded approaching her

"Apeejay mein hain?" she asked picking up Aadhya's hat, her hair band and  a  beaded ankle bracelet

"Aadhya this is not your house" she scolded her in Marathi

"But its a cold house" Aadhya declared, with no connection to what her Aai was saying

"Isko garmi bilqul pasand nahi hai, Mumbai ki tarah ya baarish bhi nahi, kabhi lagta hai Mumbaiich reh jaana tha apney ko" she said

"Did u grow up in Mumbai?" he asked

"Nahi, Nasik" she said  

"Waha hai abhi family?" he asked

"Umm... nahi, koi nahi... sister rehti hai singapore" (to his ears it sounded like SINGA-POOR)

"Chalo shakara" she cooed

Aadhya looked at Nihar's face

"Tum mere house chaloge?" she asked cutely

He smiled and shook his head, shyly... "Mujhe raasta nahi maloom" he said

Aadhya looked at Suvi, wondering how the goal can be accomplished

He brought stuff out to eat "Amma ne bheja" he said politely

There was a tray with gujiya and home made rasgullas and kaju burfi

"Aadhya ki favreet hai kaju burfi" she said takinga bite

"Hum alag se dein aapko?" he asked Suvi

"Nahi nahi" she said  "Thank u" "Pair abhi theek hai, shaam ko paas mein doctor hai, I want to show him" she said

He put some in a bag for Aadhya

"Bye Nihar.. aapko pao bhaji achhi lagti hai?" she asked


"Kal banayi to Monday ko laayegi main?" she asked

"Kal to Sunday hai" Nihar said

Suvi squirmed not wanting to promise she will visit her boss to drop off food, all uninvited

"Suvi ke paas fakhat dolls hain" she said cheerfully

"Iske do cousins hain Mumbai mein woh bhi dolls se khelti hain" Neel said like it is an achievement of some sort

"Hum chhod dein aapko" Neel said

"Nahi bilqul nahi, itni garmi hai" Suvi dismissed

He brought the keys and started the car anyway

"Thank u" she said softly

He drove a new car Suvi realized, the AC worked great

"Aai same to same gaadi" Aadhya placed a request

"Amhi jauna lavakaracha milela" (will go get it for you) she said to her daughter politely

He spoke about his flight delay from Mumbai and how muggy the weather was there

He stopped outside the society gate

Aadhya got out

"Suvechha... thanks for coming" he smiled warmly

"Thank YOU, is garmi mein taxi (she meant auto) nahi milti" she complained

"Sab chhaon ko dhoondte rehte hain" he explained

"Dont we all?" Suvi wondered but didnt say it...

"Monday ko office mein milte hain" he said flashing his perfect teeth

"Kal PAO BHAJI?" Nihar shouted loudly

"Try karoongi" Suvi agreed politely

"Main aakar le jaaoon?" he asked
Her jaw dropped
Posted: 5 years ago
"Main aakar le jaaoon?" he asked
Her jaw dropped

Feel like saying oye sabash like Ranjanji here LOL .

But my mind is already thinking about the toxin at home. Shocked .

Awesome Nisha.
Posted: 5 years ago
Children are leading the way, Nihar seems to be more relaxed and eager in the update.
He is letting go of his shyness.
Nisha, please let Nihar get suv's pao bhaji by any means. The boy's day would be made.
Adhya, this child is different outside home Tongue
Posted: 5 years ago
Sab chhaon ko dhoondte rehte hain" he explained
Can you imagine the pain in these lines. Poor guy, so lost without his wife. It's easy to say that he needs to, and in a way he has but for someone whose entire emotional well being depended on his wife, it's almost an impossible task to really move on. its  the pain that they feel for their individual  losses will bring them together. 
Posted: 5 years ago
A little bit of shade and a little bit of sunshine ... Their Search is on. Lovely

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