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Posted: 5 years ago
Nihar was in the terrace until 2 AM
It was a fortified terrace so there was nothing to fear..."

We feel more about your near ones safety after we loss someone so close...
Posted: 5 years ago
Am super excited for the next
Can we make WITCH an angel like for a nano second here...after suvi reaches home ROFL
Posted: 5 years ago
Without a Mom, and a Dad

She was in NOIDA until 10 PM on Sunday, the day before Aadhya start of school, her first ever school
Monday was chaos for her and Aadhya, but the good thing was they got to school at 7:20 AM, school started at 7:50
Suvi set an alarm for 5:30, stayed up until midnight on Sunday night arranging her uniform, back pack, snacks
She had written to Gomez on Friday and told him, she would have to be at school at 11:50 am on Monday and Tuesday to make sure Aadhya got on her Society playschool bus
She was planning to follow the playschool bus to make sure it got to the playschool safe

She had called the bus contractor and spoken at length on Saturday

She couldnt sleep a wink Sunday night, afraid, nervous, excited and unsure

She wished she could go back to Baba's Aai's town and settle down to a quite anonymous life
But she loved her job too much
But she was afraid for Aadhya too

In a fit of rage she had shunned Ritwik and declined child support and refused any contact
And now here she was...
Raising a 5 year old all alone in a strange city
No family, no friends, just her and Aadhya

She cried, hugged and kissed her many times
Aadhya looked afarid for the first time that morning, until the car ride she had assumed she would get to ride the car back and forth and just play in her uniform
Now suddenly Aai was leaving?

Suvi nervously paced the gate area

Aadhya's circular face turned pink as she began to cry, speaking rapid fire Marathi

The women staff held her hands and cooed to her and took her in She went in fearful

Suvi leaned on the compound wall and sobbed

Many young couples in Suvi's age group, 25-30 did the same, but most had shoulders to cry on, parents, husband brother, sister, aunt

Suvi was all alone

She wiped her tears, peeked through teh gate for her lil cutie and turned, Neel walked in with Nihar, Nihar wore navy pants anda  white shirt since his uniform hadnt been delivered or obtained

He looked shocked to see her crying
She composed herself and greeted Nihar cheerfully

Khoop chhan" she cooed

He smiled shyly

"Has she gone in? he asked curiously

"aunty is sad" she chuckled feeling tears threaten her eyes again

Nihar looked on sad

"good luck beta" she said

"Thanks" he nodded

"Office mein milte hain" she said  "If we have a meeting" she said after a pause, lest he misunderstand she was eager to meet him

Before he could protest she was gone

She worked from home in teh morning, going to get Aadhya at 11, then returning to Connaught Place at 1 PM
She observed some of Tai's antics, and thanked herself that she wouldnt have to see it everyday

She had two single girl friends at work, they hung out at lunch.

They sympathized with her generously, and in an attemptt o cheer her up suggested they shud go to Janpath for cold coffee
They did at 4 ish in the 45C heat

And returned at 5, she wanted to leave at 6 and be home at 7 so she can pick her up
She hoped she had napped during the day after the stress of school

She met Neel in the hallway, she asked him politely "Nihar ghar pahunch gaya?" she asked

"2:20 ka release hai uska, after school chess, tennis wagairah mein daala hai usko until 5" "And then a neighbor is watching him this week" he said iinformally

"Barobar" she said

"How is Aadhya? he asked

"Good" she said politely

"are u OK Suvechha?" he asked

Something abt that teased her tear ducts... she barely nodded and walked away

At 8:45 after an early dinner of dal chawal and fish fry, a cool shower, marathi songs and vanilla ice cream from Walls, Suvi was a lil relaxed

She tentatively picked up her phone... and texted...

"Nihar ka uniform le aaye?"

"I did" "Thank u" "for asking" he wrote in three chunks

"Nihar ko school pasand aaya?" she asked

"He says little" Neel reminded her

"Aaj dal chawal" she said, before he asked

He sent a smiley first, followed by

"I ordered baingan bharta and roti" he said "From a lady that caters down the street" he said

Suvi swallowed with difficulty, overcome with grief... thinking of Nihar and how he ate jeera rice one nite, pizza at 10:30 PM another and a catered baingan bharta the third night.

Her daughter lay on her side fast asleep, her first day of school pictures missing a key person... her father

Posted: 5 years ago
I will cry like hell in this story.
This update for me was most touching one till date.

I guess she is falling for son more than the father. 

Nisha, I really hope to see Suvi happy soon. 
Posted: 5 years ago
Thank you. Thank you so much. 
Posted: 5 years ago
Suvi pagal hai
Neel is a cutieee
Kitna frinedly hai!
Suvi I guess needs re assurance
WITCH ko bhi pagal karado ROFL
Posted: 5 years ago
"Office mein milte hain" she said  "If we have a meeting" she said after a pause, lest he misunderstand she was eager to meet him
This in itself speaks volume. She is to scared of trusting again and getting hurt again. Once she can then we get to see a Happy Suvi and Neel with Aadhya and Nihar having care of both father and mother. 
Posted: 5 years ago
Just think about possible conflicts here. There would be many I guess. Interested is seeing how they deal with their demons. 

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