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Posted: 5 years ago
If you are heading a department or a company it's really difficult to not work when on holiday.
Neel has to approve things even if on a holiday.
No respite. Corporate world.
I feel for both but here I feel more for suvi.
In SoSy Inspite of odds I loved r&b bit more than ii.
Suvi it's good if you feel something. Hope Neel recipratcates the feeling soon.
Amma ko khabaar pade to baat kuch teezee se agge badhe. Waiting ...
Thank a ton Nisha.
Posted: 5 years ago
main soch rahi hoon ki jab inke beech mein kuchch hoga, I mean jab bhi hoga, I am sure both of them would be maha guilty for it. he thinking he's cheated on his wife, she - letting her feelings run away with her again throwing caution to the winds. 
Posted: 5 years ago
That was a lovely update Nisha.
Got to it now.
Posted: 5 years ago
When he goes bk to Delhi whether he wants it or not , his mom's convo with him on this topic is going to play on his mind I think . May be this is how people take tiny steps one at a time to even think of moving on after the loss.
So tough to overcome the risk of vulnerability yet again.
But Some good convos, kids convo and camaraderie, a little bit of mutual coming to terms with grief...
Tiny tiny steps to chipping it away melting little by little... To a new life may be.
Posted: 5 years ago
Rent or own

He didnt check his text screen with Suvi until they checked in at the airport at midnight for the Air india flight to Delhi
It was an onwards flight to Rome.
Nihar wanted to know if they could go to Rome

He looked at him deeply

"Why not, school session khatam ho jaaye, phir chalte hain beta?" he spoke kindly

"Maybe not" Nihar mumbled

"Par kyon?" he asked worried

"It wont be the same again" he said sadly
He was looking really sad peeking many times through the glass walls to spot Dadi and Mamaji and Mamiji and Aabha Chachi
The girls stayed home because they had kathak lessons at 8 across town
Amma refused to go, she was contemplating returning to work
He wondered if she was lying just to get out of visiting Delhi

Amma was barely 56, she had gone off on loss of pay when Nupur passed
Now Mamaji was able to convince her to go back
She might not get to be Principal but she was willing to take a HOD it didnt matter
She was active and physically healthy.

His mother had basically grilled him for an hour, about why he wasnt "looking"
He didnt tell her was "looking" quite literally that is
He shut his eyes and stretched and made a mental count of women that he had paused to take a second look the last couple months

There were 3?... no may be 4...

His friends had come over for dinner last night all 5 were married, all in Mumbai, the tiny apartment in Borivili
transforming into a raucous party, Saksham and he and the 5 guys went out for a late night beer.
Amma didnt apreciate drinking so for her he was still a teetotaler
Nupur razzed him like anything, getting money and gifts out of him in exchange for holding the lie

Nihar was in the terrace until 2 AM
It was a fortified terrace so there was nothing to fear...
His friends took him for a walk and urged him to start playing the field again
"U are not cheating on Nupur u asshole" they cursed

"Just test the waters man"

"Play around"

"Have a good time"

"No moralistic bullshit dude"

"Get off the high horse you moron"

"Waise celibacy ke liye koi award nahi dete India mein... to sudhar ja... get the f**k out dude"

"Meri ek saali hai, she is a player, baat karaaoon?"

He had to shut them all up finally

It was impossible for him to do at one point
As if on cue his Amma had grilled him this morning
Maybe they all texted her late last night?

Nihar dozed on his shoulder, the flight would be called in an hour the lady behind the desk said
They would load Rome first and then Delhi...
They traveled the world and ate great food and lived on Nariman Point
He was angry.

He hated her for leaving him half way
It was not part of the deal

Families huddled together in groups, giggling, chating, raiding late night snack bars
Paying insane amounts of money for paltry snacks
Nihar wasnt greedy or a "petu" as Amma lamented
He was skinny with brooding eyes, and a large mass of hair
He took on a lost look in public

He exhaled and pulled his phone out... and it was on Suvechha's text screen

She is the FIFTH... he channeled a mental image of her

That extra full lower lip and the contrasting razor thin upper lip, the high cheek bones the upturned on the tip tiny nose, the helical spring hair

Sunday was a blur, when he finally sat down on his couch, a almost new one, Nupur's choice, a week before she passed, that and the flat screen TV
It was close to 9 PM
The ACs were new and the house froze over

Nihar wandered from room to room
It had 4 bedrooms for a day, he might have Saksham and Co over

He ordered pizza, they said the wait was two hours

He picked up his car keys and took Nihar and they drove to the Sector 3 Pizza Hut (author hopes there is one) on the NOIDA main rd

They parked after circling the block 6 times

When they entered, they bumped into a lil doll like human being
It was Aadhya staring at a candy cane game on Suvechha's phone

"Hi!!!" he said genuinely pleased

Her smile was a lil guarded

She wore a navy ikat sleeveless kurti and a white capri

The strawberry lips intact

"Sorry" she said moving away

He followed her out since she didnt stop to chat

Nihar peered at Aadhya's game
She promptly handed him Suvi's phone

"Aapka treep kaisa tha?" she asked

The leftover pizza box she had made his belly rumble

"It was great, thanks for asking Suvechha" he said casually
That name calling, the way he said her name was very unsettling to her

How can anything FORMAL be unsettling?
She worried

She nodded indicating she was ready to leave

"I moved today" he said

Her eyes sparkled knowingly

"Oh... congrats" she said

"Kiraye ka makaan hai" he chuckled

"Phir bhi ghar hai" she said

"Do u live close by?" he asked genuinely forgetful

She wondered if he completely forgot after one trip to Mumbai?
Reminded herself that there was no friendship here, he was merely her boss and he didnt owe her any scoop on family trips etc
There was no ownership in this equation

"Nahi main Society mein rehti hoon near NOIDA More" she said politely

"Oh yes, I forgot... ooops" he rubbed his forehead

She didnt think it was a big deal or atleast appeared that way

"Iska uniform lene aaye the, bhool gaye aaj saara din" she said sadly

He suddenly realized he had forgotten it too

Aadhya tried to grab the phone from Nihar...

"adhya nakko" she scolded
Aadhya made a face

"Kal school hai na" she said politely stepping back

Indicating she wouldnt want to talk any more, she greeted Nihar, asked him about Mumbai and asked Aadhya to wave to him

She waved many autos... none stopped

He waved and went in with his son
Her standoffish behavior suddenly irked him
Came out a few seconds later

"Suvechha!" he called
She turned

"Kya hua?" he asked

"Kuch bhi nahi" she smiled

He had no idea why he felt like asking her that

An auto stopped
Just when her gaze told him he didnt believe that BS

"You are my boss" she said, as she made Aadhya sit, and slid beside her
He watched the auto leave

Edited by Nisha0604 - 5 years ago
Posted: 5 years ago
Yaaay!!!!  Awesome update Nisha!!!!  I just got home and got a treat from you!!!Dancing
There is acknowledgement from Neel now...its good that he is not on the "rebound" so to speak-he is aware that there are other women, Suvi is not the first.  Neel's Amma sounds like a live wire!  

I liked Suvi's attitude. Standoffish because she is aware he is her boss and needs to be careful, or once bitten twice shy?  Day Dreaming

Posted: 5 years ago
Kala she IS falling for him, no doubt
It irks her that she is unusually curious about his personal life and is bummed he didnt even tell her he was going to Mumbai
She started having something, which is called the human being's WORST enemy

That dooms every relationship no?
Its catastrophic in what she knows is a PURELY professional relationship
Its no longer purely professional
And that terrifies her
The anger at self mixed with unmet expectations makes her be cold to him
She had sex with a random dude at Mumbai after Rutwik conned her
So she is like a walking landmine
Posted: 5 years ago
Suvi is taking steps cautiously
Neel is hooked to Nupur still him undoubtedly
I am not sure if he really is encouraging her texts. But I feel he is a friendly human being
Suvi is actually expecting something outta this budding relation. 
Ab aage kya hoga ???

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