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Posted: 5 years ago
Ok, I'm going to notify in SoSy of the ID update.
Some of them are going to throttle me. LOL
Posted: 5 years ago
Ok I notified in the SoSy pages and escaped LOL
Posted: 5 years ago
Nisha, one doubt... This varsha, is she her own kin?

And why this big a distance between them? Did they not grow up together?

Posted: 5 years ago
She peeked out Tai, ate alone

She felt bad for a nano second
She stepped out and pulled dahi from the frig

And served her in a bowl with sugar

"Ur daughter gets ice cream I only get dahi" Tai pointed

This response from Tai...What do you call this , people ...
Black and grimy like crude oil Ouch

When do one decide to cut their losses and move on ?
But all the same , some arrangement for such people has to be done before one moves on cos one can't sleep otherwise as your compassion will kill you out of guilt
Posted: 5 years ago
Here you go Kala...

Address to a Fool

Aadhya was curled up against her bosom fast asleep, Suvi alternated between reading about Marathi film gossip and doing work email
She worked furiously for an hour
Wondering what to say to Neel, about his declaration of moving to NOIDA

'moorkha" that word came to mind when she kept thinking

She smacked her forehead with her palm when she realized she was making it out to be more than what it actually was
It was a boss subordinate relationship where both had a kid in the same school, both were from Mumbai, both worked in the same company, both were single parents, both had one kid only

She got off the bed and wandered to the balcony
It was roasting? steaming? hottt

She realized there was nothing more to the exchange than many similar things between the two of them

So she decided it was OK to ack his message of moving to NOIDA

"U liked a house?" she asked

"How did u know?" he asked

"Becz aapne abhi kaha moving" she texted rapidly... confused

(He then realized she meant a "home" she had no clue if it was an apartment or a house, he realized some people used that word alternately

His wife was a CFA she was the VP of Commercial Lending at a famous bank, she spoke impeccable English, she carried herself well too. He never had to second guess the meaning of her texts)

"It is a house Suvechha" he said

Her heart raced unwittingly when he typed her full name out like that...

"Moorkha" came back into thought she realized she was not his family or friend why would he address her as "Suvi"?

She nodded and whispered "barobar" as her explaining made sense to herself

"Which sector?" she asked

He texted a picture of what looked like a tiny independent house with tan and copper paint, with really nice windows just ground floor with a terrace balcony

"Tyachi sundar" (its beautiful) she accidentally texted Marathi in English

"Dhanyawad" he said

He wasnt going to share his home address with his employee
Why would he?
They were mere acquaintances

Ofcourse she had met his son at Apeejay and they had checked on the registration and unifrom progress etc
That doesnt make her his best friend

She set the phone on the floor and sat on the balcony floor, leaning on the grill, her knees drawn up, her tie and dye kaftan cool and airy
She stared out at the home where they cooked much later than she did
The husband was in the kitchen too, getting frisky with his wife

She fought him off for a bit and finally gave in, Suvi turned away and sat the other way, not wanting to gawk anymore

"Agar kho jaane ka dar na ho to... E- 5/ 222 Sector 40" Neel textedEmbarrassed

Posted: 5 years ago
Nisha... Moong dal halwa this is.
Can't tell you enough how much appreciated this is.

Shruthi , like u said, Nisha is turning the screws on.
Fasten your seat belts ppl
Posted: 5 years ago
Originally posted by Errantnomad

Nisha, one doubt... This varsha, is she her own kin?

And why this big a distance between them? Did they not grow up together?

Siblings, growing up together, same parents, etc is all very theoretical Kalpana

MANY families siblings cant stand each other they fall apart along the way
Some are ambitious and cocky others are weak and clueless it doesnt take too long for a chasm to form

Varsha is clever and ambitious and shrewed

Suvechha married a married man, she had sex with him and lived with him first and married him later, Varsha came to know of it too... she is everything Varsha is NOT
Posted: 5 years ago
Awesome updates Nisha! This story is as real as it gets! Waiting for many more!

Got to read all updates back to back today thanks to train ride!

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