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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by VeeIyer

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Originally posted by VeeIyer

khoopach chaan vaathey Nisha !
thoda divasaati roz ek daha thari ek update lihoon taak please ...Embarrassed

sosy cha lok mala maaroon taknaar aahey...pann majhya mann suvi kadey aahe Smile

This means. Feeling Very Nice Nisha.

For few days update atleast update once over here. Please .. 

Sosy fan might kill me.. but what to do my heart is stuck in Suvi's thought.

Vani, many of them wont understand marathi hence translated. Hope me taking this liberty on your behalf was Ok.

We are greedy lot Vani.

How so ever we get is less. I still want more. More of both. ID and Sosy.

I meant to translate too alongside...but in the meantime, I burnt my bhaji and the milk overflowed, while  I was typing my post Smile
So clicked post and ran to salvage my lunch !!

Thanks for doing the needful Preeti ! Big smile

You are Welcome Vani.

Posted: 6 years ago
Ayyo!!! Poor guy challo hum puchte kya khaaya dineer LOL Tongue you always create those pictures like you paint them and like they not just are a scene that goes on in your mind but you paint it so perfectly that the person reading interprets it and imagines in the similar way. From Rickshaw wala to the couple eating ice cream especially in Bombay Embarrassed and that very small yet regular thing that we always imagine someone if he/she has an accent when they have written out sth in a text, Atleast I do not only I clearly imagine but I imitate it in my mind. Tongue

Posted: 6 years ago
DIL ke armaan jaag Gaye. And yes ASHU this reminds me of the early SOSY days. Suvi watching the newly weds share ice cream, such a longing in her heart. How it must have hurt her to be betrayed the way she was. And him,mourning his wife, acknowledges the attraction he feels but I am sure it will make him feel guilty that he's betraying his dead wife. 
amd TAI - Bindu, lalita Pawar, manorama, Nadira, Aruna irani...all,rolled into one. And how MUCH DOES SHE EAT????

Posted: 6 years ago
I am waiting here like a greedy kid 
Ek aur ho jayeee

I cannot wait.
This tadap is too much!!
I wish they talk phone pe!!
Waise I re read the comparison part where the PA stands tall upto 7 ft. Childhood mein dekha tha maine tb pe aisi sunsilk models ROFL

Posted: 6 years ago
Paakh Proposal

Well that enquiry never came
Suvi slept like a log waking to Tai almost shoving her off the bed irritated that Suvi's alarm was bothering her
It was 7:07 AM
School started next week and sometime this week April 17-23 she had promised to stop by to pick up text books
She wanted to go before work but Monday  was gone already

She showered prayed and woke Aadhya with her glass of milk, Aadhya had a mermaid toothbrush, she woke without a whimper

She sat drinking milk from her Ariel mug

Tai sat on the living room floor pretending to meditate

"Dushta glemaras" "Wicked witch" Suvi said under her breath
As she packed Aadhya's play school lunch, some rice and non spicy fish she had hid from Tai, and a bunch of snack

Adhya started acting up when it was time to shower, Suvi dragged her, kicking and screaming
Tai left her zen and came in to gawk

Aadhya was ashamed, she had no idea how much her Aai hated Tai
But something told the lil angel that Tai was trouble, she immediately clammed up and took that shower
And dressed up and Suvi combed her hair first then Aadhya's tying hers in a high ponytail again, choosing a yellow ikat kurta and a orange chudidar
It was too hot for pants

The morning sun burned like hot coals, she found her rickshaw guy, dropped Aadhya off And took a Metro from Preet Vihar station
She was at work just after 9 she walked to her desk, set up her laptop and went to get coffee, from the Nescafe vending machine in the break room
She texted the Apeejay student advisor to check if she can come in this evening

"Come before 4 please" she said polite-bluntly

Suvi walked to her desk and drank her coffee wondering how she can juggle the client
meetings of today, there was one for a personal investment advisory firm, there was one for a leading food company with ready to eat school lunches, and one from a natural scents company.

The third one was with Neel, she walked over to Payal's desk, she found Neel coming in to work carrying his leather laptop bag, wearing navy trousers and a pink cotton shirt and navy loafers

He was quite surprised to see her...

"Ek proposal hai jis se aap bhi khush ho jaaogey" she said trying to be funny
Gomez walked by  "Chal 9:30 aa chuka hai, neta ka kaam hai lets act busy" he laughed
Neel laughed

He turned to Suvi

"Kya proposal hai?" he asked

Gomez stared at Suvi curiously

"Mujhe Aadhya ke books (he heard boooks) lene jaana hai Apeejay, Paakh (scents company) ki meeting kal move kar lein?" she asked

"Isme mera kya fayda hai?" he asked smiling gently

"Aap Nihar ke books le aana" she said cockily

He smiled fully

"Chal boss" Gomez nagged

He didnt tell her immediately he had taken care of Nihar's uniform measurements at the authorized uniform vendors at the Great India Mall
and bought his books all of it yesterday...

He nodded and went to his political campaign meeting in the fancy conf room.

Around Noon when he stepped out he realized he hadnt agreed to move the meeting

He walked over to her office, she wasnt in it

There were pictures of Aadhya on her desk, none of hers
A Lakme lotion,  a small Ganpati sat in a far corner, a lil dusty
A dupatta or scarf was draped on teh back of her chair

Coffee mug, a water bottle and no lunch box

"We can move the meeting" he texted and waited inside her closed doors

Stared out the windows looking out

"Thank u" she said

"No fish for lunch today?" he asked

She didnt get it at first, then she realized he must be in her office

"Barobar khaya sabne" she declared with pride

And when he returned to his office she asked him a Q 13.5 hours after he first expected itEmbarrassed

"What did u eat for dinner?"

"Jeera rice" he said
Posted: 6 years ago
Wide Grin on my Face. Thank you Nisha.
Haven't read it. Will update Index and start reading. Thank you. 
Posted: 6 years ago
Oh my God! This is chappar phad ke...
Lemme read... Whistle please
Posted: 6 years ago
How cuteee
Mermaid tooth brush and Ariel mug???
Sooo cuteee
WITCH ko na accident ho jani chahiye. She must be tied to a bed for 8 months straight .
Neel is SUPER COOL!!
I like this guy ya!
Kya ishtyle hai uske kapdon ka...
I can imagine a corp guy ...
Suvi...bechari teenager ...
He didnt tell her about the books...ab he will drop her kya ?????
And some nice convo in the car ?!?!?!

Dhanush Radha

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