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Posted: 5 years ago
Nisha, aapne confusion create kar diya hai.
On one side I want Neel and Suvi's story.
On other side I am eager to know did R&B and II's movie date.
Pehle kya mangon ?
Posted: 5 years ago

Suvi finished up her day, picked up Aadhya from day care and got home at 7
She didnt collect mail at first from the guard at the gate.
She went up to find Tai texting under her blanket, like a teenager, unwilling to even greet her
She shut the door gave Aadhya a snack sat her on her bed and played a Disney movie on her ipad and went to the kitchen
Went down when she realized Tai had trashed all the fish, picked up her purse

Pulled Tai's blanket and asked "I am going down to get something, can u watch Aadhya?'

"Why cudnt u buy it on ur way home?" Tai counter questioned

"I am sorry I forgot," Suvi said

"I am busy" Tai said, as if Suvi was going to ask her to cook and clean the pig sty of a living room
"U dont have to do anything, Aadhya is inside watching a movie, can u keep an eye on her and not let go to the balcony?" Suvi begged

"Ur daughter has no friends why will she go to the balcony?" Tai asked

"I KNOW, she has no friends, but if kids play in the society in the evening she likes to peek, the bderoom window is of the frosted kind" Suvi explained everything again for the 100th time

"Dont open the balcony door bolt, even if she begs you" "She climbs the railing and leans over" Suvi warned
"My knees hurt really badly, I cant get off the couch, I need dinner, why will I be messing with your daughter?" Tai asked cynically

"Her hands are sore because the play school did some out door activity" Suvi said compassionately

"Even if her hands were fine she is not about to become a doctor or launch a rocket" Tai reminded her

Suvi let Tai talk behind her back and let herself out, went down to the 3rd floor landing and went up again remembering she hadnt told Aadhya

She opened the door and let herself in, Tai had unbolted the balcony door, and was walking just beautifully towards Aadhya's room
And stood there peeking

Suvi walked up behind her

And then turned around SLAMMED the balcony door shut, looked in the living room concrete shelf, under the shelf lining for the balcony key, and locked it and shoved it into the cell phone purse/pouch

Tai was startled, she turned to find Suvi walking towards her daughter

"She has to JUMP on the bed, the kid has no manners, the old person is sick and in pain" Tai changed her story

Suvi went to Aadhya, she was EXACTLY in the position Suvi had left her 15 mins ago, her lil cup of glocose biscuits and potato chips intact

She told her about stepping out for a few minutes
Aadhya smiled in the most cutest way

Tai was back on the couch scowling
Suvi seethed when she realized Tai had deliberately unbolted the balcony door tempting Aadhya to peek out and lean over and fall
She hated Tai
But who could she share it with?

Gomez didnt care, Varsha would chuckle...
"She wants Aadhya to fall off so I can go to jail for being a negligent parent?" Suvi speculated, murderous
Unable to get over her rage, Suvi went down took a rickshaw when she was about to get on it she realized she hadnt asked the guard about mail
She didnt have her mail box keys so he handed her her mail

He handed her her stack

She sifted through it on the rickshaw, one was from Apeejay NOIDA, she let the other letters fall on the rickshaw floor and opened

"We are happy to offer admission to Aadhya Dhabolkar.." she looked up at the traffic... her eyes glistening

There was nobody to share it with she was truly alone... Two years ago Suvi would use every power on earth to deny admitting it
Now it came as easy as drinking a glass of water

She bend down and picked up the other mail

When he got to Mother Dairy she got off paid him, found a fish hawker, bought her fave fish, NO TWO KINDS
Too many flies every where

"I must clean it well" she told herself
She looked at her phone and wondered if she shud call Varsha... there were a few missed calls from the day
She didnt know the numbers

She waited to cross the road

Neel was heading towards Mayur Vihar/NOIDA, his car passed a tired yest charming Suveccha

After he passed he turned to look at her through the back window

"Did she get a call from Apeejay like I did?" he wondered

Nihar had got into Apeejay...
He didnt know her cell phone number, even if he did he wouldnt call her

"Its not like we are friends" he told himself
He wanted to call Nihar but waited to get home

There was no one else to call... he had acknowledged it the minute after Nupur had passed

At the time he saw her she had too...

"Shud I have waved the letter?" Suvi thought chuckling

"What if his son hadnt been accepted, so rude Suvi" she checked herself

Took a rickshaw and went back to the DDA market by her apartment, bought a bunch of things Aadhya liked... and went up to her house...

Posted: 5 years ago
Seems here as well kids are going to be reason for leads to cross their path else where apart from office.
Nisha, I really wait for this story to start moving in full swing. 

But I know you are busy and secondly I also want Sosy updates. 
Posted: 5 years ago
Adhya and Nihaar's school admission :
I guess this is what can be described as Joy in the Face of sorrow ... Interconnected and inseparable this phase in life for both suvechha and Neel.
Something bubbled in my throat when I read suvi's checking back on her simple pleasure of wanting to wave out the admission letter to Neel, the minute she spotted him.
One feels like sharing something like a Familial connect that we feel with people whom we are acquainted with personally or professionally but the same people , neither can you call them strangers, nor one can call them Friends.
I'm thinking what would hv happenned had she waved the paper across to him, he would hv probably had a smile on his lips in acknowledgement, may be even indicating to signal the same news his end and probably be surprised to see a reflection of her smiling bk in his rear view mirror . I feel like I hv a camera in motion now. Smile .

What's suvi's compulsion to tolerate Tai.
I guess it's a mix of respect to her mom's last wish, a bit of sympathy for a bitter woman in Tai , and an inability to be rude to elders even if you don't like them.
And this is exactly people like Tai use to their advantage.

Sometimes we hv nothing else to do but just hold on in hope, trust and belief that 'better days are around the corner '

Thank you for the update Nisha.
Posted: 5 years ago
Nisha, where do I refresh my page? Idhar ya Sosy?
Posted: 5 years ago
"In his way"

They met at Apeejay next morning, unbeknownst to each other, to make the deposit and fill out the first set of acceptance forms
He had brought Nihar along too.  She was joyous when she learned Nihar had gotten admisiion too

She didnt tell him she was going to share it while she was in her rickshaw last night

Nihar smiled at her shyly

Aadhya was delirious, like she knew him or as if he was her age

Suvi had to restrain her a bit as they waited in the corridor

Adhya opened Suvi's purse and brought her ipad out and handed it faithfully to Nihar

"U can play" she said in English

Nihar smiled condescendingly at her and looked at Neel
Neel chuckled  "Khel lo beta" he urged
Nihar shook his head and slid his head under Neel's right arm
Aadhya stood there patiently

Suvi was embarrassed, she pretened to respond to some texts on her phone, then turned finally

"Adhya... nakko" she whispered

"She speaks Marathi?" Nihar asked in awe

Suvi nodded

She meet Neel's gaze, and suddenly felt self conscious, realized she was wearing a black bra underneath the dark orange kurta
She looked away hoping one of them gets called first

Nihar accepted Adhya's tablet and Aadhya sat down by him and watched him

Nihar scrolled through all the juvenile games and looked up at Neel and smiled again, conspiratorially

"She is a girl... aur bachi hai" Neel explained

Nihar found "Monkey World"  "Motion Math" "Faces iMake" "Princess Fairy tale maker" "Hair salon" and Disney games"

Aadhya placed a fat fist on "Hair salon"

Nihar was shocked, she expected him to play that game he looked at Neel startled

"thats OK... try it, your school friends are not here" Neel encouraged

Suvi tried not to smile

"My most favorite" Aadhya declared with a thick marathi accent

Suvi noticed, Neel was always dapper, in copper brown trousers and a peach shirt, and dark brown shoes
His socks looked like new... Rutwik was a sloppy clothes wearer
Neel seemd to care for his appearance

"Must have a caring wife" Suvi concluded

Aadhya watched Nihar rack up some serious points in the hair salon

She noticed Nihar observe Aadhya chuckle when he shaved off the model's head... one half of her head

He tattooed a hair design on it...
Adhya exploded in laughter

Nihar looked up at Neel and smiled as if he was saying "KIDSSS!!"

He did more goofy things to make her laugh...
Aadhya was overjoyed

She placed a fat fist on his shoulder and bent under his face and asked "Are u going to this school also?"

He laughed... and looked up at Neel again, "why would I wait here if I wasnt goingt oa ttend Apeejay"

Neel patted his back  "She is only 5" he reminded his son

Nihar surreptiously loaded the Princess fairy tale maker... with a embarrassed look

Aadhya showed him how...

Suvi was asked to go in...

She turned to Aadhya

She begged with her gaze

Neel said firmly  "she is fine with us Suvechha" he said

She nodded in gratitude and left... returning 27 minutes later
With Adhya's new diary, and school supplies

Nihar and Neel and Aadhya were gone

She waited, Aadhya returned... with a bottle of Fanta... and orange lips

46 minutes after Suvi was back, Suvi thanked Neel profusely for the soda
She fished in her purse for Rs.50, Neel waved and took on a stern look

An employee came up and said, they need to go for "ID cards"

Aadhya's Apeejay picture would now have her show off her orange lips

They walked out into the blazing hot sunshine

"Are u going t o office?" Neel asked

She nodded, and withdrew and corrected "Pehle isko play school mein chhodkar" she said sheepishly.

Neel and her parted ways on the same spot on the foot path

Suvi wandered tryingt o find an auto, Neel's car pulled up  "I can give u a ride" he said

"Main yahi Trans Yamuna mein rehti hoon" she said embarrassed

"Then you are in my way" he said casually getting off and opening the back door for Aadhya

Posted: 5 years ago
I am Loving it. Thank you Nisha.
I am thanking my stars that Sosy when I started reading the first thread was over. Its not that I was less anxious about story coz of that reason. Infact I am still anxious what happens next in II and R&B's life.

Coming back to Indradhanish I so wait for the characters to reveal themselves. Story to come in its full form.  
Posted: 5 years ago
Woow so the ride to there journey together Begins

Loved the way kids interacted
I also hav to keep reminding my elder one that her sis is only four all the time
But as it is kidsss!!!

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