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Posted: 5 years ago

It didnt take a minute for Suvi to discover the fish was in trash when she came up.
She was angry and hurt but she didnt argue, it was no use. Sometimes she didnt know WHY Tai chose to stay with them
The answer to that came when II began putting tomatoes and shimla mirch in the frig, and found three
Rs.5 coins but the Rs 50 and Rs. 20 crushed up bills were missing, she was sure she gave the rickshaw wala a Rs.100 bill he handed her Rs.85
Now Rs.70 was gone!!

She crushed up the vegetable sack quietly


There is another reason... she nodded


Tai had a brother, who had kids and grandkids
The money would go to them? Or Tai wud eventually run away one day with whatever she can lay her hands on in Suvi's apartment?
Only time would tell

Adya watched Disney in Hindi... ran to the room she shared with her Aai and brought out the Disney princess card... Ariel

She had Ariel, Meg, Lady, Elsa ALL the dresses

Gauzy frilly and sparkly

"Aai.. I wantto be princess" she said louldy

Suvi was in the moderately sized kitchen
The dumped fish was bothering her too, her heart bled at the Rs.200 loss
She tied up the trash bag and took it down

Tai changed the channel to a Marathi soap

Adya was crying out loud when she came up... complaining Tai changed the channel

Suvi, brought out a cup of chiwda for her and took her to the bedroom and and played a Disney's Snow White on her laptop seating her on their bed

Cooked, took food to her daughter, ate with her, offered food to Tai twice

Tai acted like she was deaf

Suvi locked up and went to bed, the AC was new so it worked great, she turned it on and shut the door partially
Tai in the beginning acted like she hated the AC, and yelled when Suvi brought a cot and bed into the room for her to sleep on

But a week into Delhi volcanic heat, Tai sneaked into their room and usually slept on the other side of Adya, crushing her

So nowadays Suvi just made a bed in the corner...
She took her work laptop out and looked at old "family" albums of her and Rutwik, Panvel... Goa

He was great in bed.. she missed sex. She had foolishly "picked up someone" in rebound at work discovering later that the guy was a couple years younger
It had ended after a few "encounters"
Suvi was sure she was going to be dumped when he knew she was older

From then she had been celibate, at 29 she was celibate

She brought out a bottle of coconut oil and massaged her scalp, as she checked email

The new Delhi Head had sent many emails on company policy and vendor engagement rules etc
Company broadcast messages that were clogging up the system  when there was no head boss, were all being sent downwards... now.

There was also a personal note on how happy he was to be in Delhi and how much he looked forward to working with McKinsey Morrison Delhi folks
He promised a company "social" and a  Friday "watering hole" informal starting next Friday

Suvi made a list of things she needed to do this weekend

Check out Vanasthali Public School before the interview, she was waitlisted at Ahlcon Public School and at Manav Bharti and DPS NOIDA
She wondered how Adya could be on a bus for two hours everyday if she got into DPS NOIDA
But DPS was famous world over... she had begged Neel's predecessor to call the DPS Board member, but she never got around to it before she quit the job

She pulled the Ariel card from under Adya as she slept and pulled the blanket over her

Since the court ordered Rutiwk to pay large sums of money for cheating her, he vanished

Suvi had taken her parents last name and had given the same to Adya, Dhabolkar

If he ever came looking it will throw him off she decided
She wasnt too bright... the author already discussed that

She put the Parachute bottle away and washed her hands, and checked her face out in the bathroom mirror

She heard Tai on the cell phone in the living room, the fan and lights in the second bedroom were on in full blast
And in the living and dining...

"Tai divey band karu shakta?" she asked (can I turn off the lights?)

"Hoye anee mala baher jhaarne"  (And yes while u are at it throw me out also) Tai spoke to the PHONE so who ever she was peaking with heard her

Suvi returned leaving the lights on... and went to bed

She had fantasized eating spicy fried fish and steaming hot rice... her stomach rumbled... the dal and batata was tame. She didnt pray she didnt fast for Sankashti,  she didnt have a Marathi calendar... anymore

She groaned, in angst

She picked up her phone and looked at pictures of Aai and Baba

And went to Varsha's call details from 6 months ago...

Tai came in mumbling and turned on the lights, Adya stirred
Suvi sat up

"Mee kuthetari jaychhey" (I want to go somewhere) Tai announced

"Well u are not alone!!" Suvi mumbled to herself, and acted like she didnt hear it

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Posted: 5 years ago
I love how you draw your characters Nisha!

One on hand there is Neel trying to bond with his own son and then there is Suv who loves her daughter dearly..

That Taiii..selfish Angry

I am loving the setup and i cant wait for the sparks to start.
Well it did in a way, Neel did imagine Suv and her Marathi..

Posted: 5 years ago
Originally posted by nikitagarwal

I love how you draw your characters Nisha!

One on hand there is Neel trying to bond with his own son and then there is Suv who loves her daughter dearly..

That Taiii..selfish Angry

I am loving the setup and i cant wait for the sparks to start.
Well it did in a way, Neel did imagine Suv and her Marathi..



Means a LOT to meEmbarrassed
Posted: 5 years ago
Wohoo...A new Masterpiece is in progress by our Mastermind Author Sahiba...Nisha Ji...
Read all the chapters nd couldn't help myself from commenting :p
Beautiful beautiful concept Nisha...
A new web of emotions nd feelings...Loved the way you sketch the characters SUV n Neel..(Though no match for ma Dude...;))
Still awesome...
Miss you all SoSyians so much..hope u remember me...12th boards from 1st March..wish me luck...
Love u all...Heart
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Posted: 5 years ago
Those small detailing reflects now and then in every piece you write like kalpana said you imprint on sth and lay it out straight, the parachute oil is that general commodity of every household, ponds powder too(you mentioned it somewhere some days ago)

You cannot take sosy out of you two times you have wrote RnB and II instead of Neel and Suvi that happens when you live a tale for more than a year, well sosy is life a day without is intolerable, plz ek woh bhi likh do, plz Sunday hai Aaj      Embarrassed

I loved Suvi's indifference to Taai, but people like her can only tend to be indifferent they can't actually implement it, her laying out a separate cot shows it, like you cannot be inhuman even to the rudest of persons, her indifference is just a reaction but not her nature.

neel is not tall LOL it's good, till today I can't get over dude, had he been tall or of a decent height I could have fantasised atleast but not when he is shorter Embarrassed Tongue coz men you describe are of a different planet and irresistible

P.s. I checked he is 5'10" that's not short.sorry that's normal height.Edited by Kjolovesbabies - 5 years ago
Posted: 5 years ago
I was thinking the same why this Tai has to live with them, what is wrong with this women how can she be rude with a little girl.
Nice update Nisha!!
Posted: 5 years ago
U are lucky u have Desi parlors there Kalpana
None o that HERE
When I went to get the extended warranty for the washer yesterday I stood at Customer Service at Lowe's as she charged my card, a man in his 60s was also at the check out
Wearing flannel and ble jeans looked everything like the men we see here out West, logger/rancher types.
He asked me where I was from I said "india"
He said "where in India"
I said "New Delhi"

He goes "Well I lived in New Delhi for 5.5 years"

I was shocked I looked at him again and tried to speculate WHAT could he have been doing there

He goes "I worked at the American Embassy in Chanakyapuri and lived in Vasant Vihar"

In a second the 10,000 mile distance between me and India, HIM and me came tumbling down

We both held  the SAME memories of a place in our heart and mind

He claimed I was the first Indian he had met in my state since he retired years ago...

I smiled all day imagining him behind the Visa Desk, and taking the  car with the license plate "CD" on it home

I am unable to describe it well, but it was the strangest most pleasant thing to happen to my otherwise chaotic Saturday
Posted: 5 years ago
HelloHarshita...welcome back :)
Nisha...sooo sooo heart warming...
Ek aurrr

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