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Posted: 5 years ago
Originally posted by Orangen

Nisha Pritee Ashu and others sorry I'm not regular here. I do my best to respond to PM's if you do want to get in touch I would love that. Take care everyone. Will be at a retreat in Getmany for 3-4 weeks unless of course life has other designs Smile Tchuess

Thank you O. I will do so.
Enjoy you retreat In Germany without any hinderance. 
Posted: 5 years ago
Pawning tea cups

There was huge gaping hole between button number two and button number four because button number three was undone

Neel went into the bedroom to change... umm... wear clothes

Suvi tried to regain her composure

Gurpreet walked up to her and gently pulled the ends of her kurta together, Suvi immediately panicked and closed the gap

"Bahar itna saara snacks kiske liye chhoda hai aapne, yaha to guard bhi nahi gate par" she teased

Suvi realized she left the samosas and cookies and besan laddoos, and steaming hot... not so steaming hot jalebis
 out by the front door

Gurpreet followed her and grabbed some bags

"Aap bana lo chai main yeh laga doon?" she asked raising a bag as toast

"I better go" Suvi mumbled

"Suvi its OK... main aur Gagan raat ko yahi baat karte hain, Neel ke liye koi" she laughed

Neel returned wearing jeans and a offwhite and red and blue check shirt, he was casually sexy Suvi noticed, and barefeet a lot

"Gagan aa gaye kya?" he asked sauntering inside the kitchen

Suvi shut the frig hurreidly

"Haan bade waale ka ek SW code project due hai, us par matha peeth rahe hain"

Gagan was a VP at some Pharma company

Neel grabbed a samosa... "Thande hain yaar... aap laayin kya?" he kidded
Suvi turned and shot him a look

"Garam kar deti hoon lao" Gurpreet urged

"Kidhar se laayin aap?" Neel pressed

"Sector 19 NOIDA" Gurpreet said

"Sorry.. but yeh main Bengali Market se laayi hai main" Suvi spoke

Neel was happy to watch her take credit

"Baap rey... iske saamne to jhooth chalta nahi" Gurpreet chuckled

"Meri chai glass mein daal dengi, I will drink on the way... if he has paper cup? Mujhe apni beti ko uthana hai"

Gurpreet dropped the chhalni on the floor and began to laugh hysterically

Suvi was miffed

"U sound like a Mumbai underworld guy" she said

"Neel ke saath baat karo aap... perfect Hindi" Suvi said

Gurpreet "Hey Neel Gagan ko bulaoon to chalega?" she asked

Neel got his samosa out of the microwave and nodded

The boys peeked for food
Gurpreet handed them each a plate and told them to bring Gagan

"where is your house? I cudnt find it" Suvi said

"Jhooth mat bolo... tumhe yaha aane ka mann tha" Gurpreet said

"Neel ko main office mein milti hai roj" she said

"5 din se mili nahi so u came here" she said

"Meri chai?" Neel reappeared

Suvi handed him a mug

"Aapne banayi?" he asked for confirmation

"Agar na bola to" Suvi asked

"Usii ne banayi hai neel bekaar hogi to usko kos lena"  "achha raat ko aloo baingan aur chaney ki dal kha logey? Meri cook wohi bana rahi hai" she said

Neel raised his mug
Suvi poured her tea and picked up her mug

"I have to go

"Chai ke baad" Neel ordered

"I can go... I know where to get an auto" Suvi said

Gurpreet watched as they clashed

"Its after 7 so... no" he said

"Maine raat ke 10 baje bhi auto kara hua hai" Suvi said

Gurpreet stifled a chuckle at the "making the auto" comment

"Phir kabhi "kar len" aap auto" Neel mocked softly

Suvi picked up her bag and chai mug

"Mug MERA nahi Neel hai hai" Gurpreet squealed

"Neel has a bunch of my dabbas... inka kitchen ka aadha dabba mera hai" Suvi said bluntly

Neel winked at Gurpreet

Neel picked up his keys from a tall chest of drawer in the living room and followed her

"Main chali jaayegi" Suvi claimed

"Ofcourse" Neel scoffed

And grabbed her phone from a low ornamental carved table, and tucked it into his pocket

Gurpreet walked over to the living room bearing a giant tray of snacks

"I will go drop her off" he told her

"Khana idhar khaogey ya ghar pe"

"We can eat here" Neel nodded

"Woh nahi rukegi?" Gurpreet asked

"Inko beti uthana hai" Neel said

Sending Gurpreet into fits of laughter

He pulled out of the drive way as Suvi sipped

He drove cursing the traffic

"Gurpreet is nice" she said

"Hum bata denge" Neel smiled

He drove to Kanika's society, Aadhya was thrilled to see Neel, Neel didnt go in he waited in the car

"Hum aapke house jaayenge?" she asked

"Not tonight" Neel bend down to her size

"Kyon? tum kaad mein kyon aaya?" (kaad for car)

He chuckled... "Its faster... aapki Aai waha baithkar chai peene se mana kar rahin thin" Neel explained

Aadhya didnt understand shuddha Hindi

She looked at her Aai

"Aadhya maskari" Suvi reminded her daughter sternly

Aadhya smiled like a doll

"Aai saus "maskari nakko" Aadhya waved her fat finger

"Yeh baat hai?" Neel stood up and gazed into Suvi's eyes

"Aapko yaha se jaane chahiye ghar, mera rickshaw waala waha dikha mujhe" she pointed

Neel turned with an unpleasant look, found the poor chap smiling

"Chaliye aaj unko disappoint kariye" he said tersely

He loaded Aadhya in...

And dropped her off

"Mug girwi rakhoon?" Suvi asked lifting his tea cup (until u return my pao bhaji containers)

"Sood mein kya lengi?" Neel asked softly
Her insides lurched...

Posted: 5 years ago

I am so so sorry for your loss
I had no idea your Dad was sick. What had happened?
Did any one else know?
Such sad news.

Please accept my warmest sympathies.
I hope you are able to think of all the happy times and how much he loved you
Posted: 5 years ago
After being treated to your luscious poetic ode to life and happiness I chatted with a  friend "Seema" later in the day and was told about how TOXIC and negative so called "friends" are in the Indian community

How its all about pulling a "best friend's" child down publicly, and elevating their own under performing mediocre POSs

Seema told me about how people mocked and ridiculed the idea of her son going to a science magnet for high school and Virginia Tech for college

One parent came up to her at a party and said "MY son will not apply to faltoo colleges "like Virginia Tech" he ONLY wants to go to MIT"

Such negativity and viciousness in attacks.
Nobody knows... Seema's son applied to TWENTY colleges INCLUDING MIT and did not get in

How cruel are people?

I am on a self imposed exile from Desi parties so I dont witness this "paradise"

I spoke to Seema heart to heart after 10ish years for over an hour and heard the horrible disgusting ways Desis behave in the community.

The parents that do have kids that are above par, lie through their teeth about ACT scores and college choices, claiming the kid is going to a "state Univ" and then pulling the rug from under the feet of all one day to announce "Oh BTW he/she is going to UPenn"

Yet they all want to belong to the same group and compete with the same group

We have such horrible politicians and sickening governance is because we as people are pathetic
We dont have one sincere bone in our bodies

Posted: 5 years ago
Loan Shark
But here its role reversal.

I am Loving this. 
Posted: 5 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604


I am so so sorry for your loss
I had no idea your Dad was sick. What had happened?
Did any one else know?
Such sad news.

Please accept my warmest sympathies.
I hope you are able to think of all the happy times and how much he loved you

Jasmine's DAD was not keeping well since past three weeks.

In between when I didn't see her here had asked for her well being and came to know that her Dad's illness.

First her brother went to take care of him later when he suffered from heart attack even Jas came to India.

Tuesday, her Appa passed away. 

RedGarnet knows Jasmine and her Appa personally she would know better, I guess.

Edited by PriteeMisra - 5 years ago
Posted: 5 years ago
This is so much fun!!
Totally loved this.
The way they tease Suvi with her Hindi.
Bechari...I just hope she doesnt take it negatively!
Kudos Nisha...
I havent laughed so much for an ID update till now!
Posted: 5 years ago
Kya aap aaj busy hain author sahiba??
Aaj marathon nahi ho sakti?
Now since its weekend time..ID time...
Soch lee jiye!

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