OS Will You Be With Me! By Abhishek Panchal

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Os Will you be with me?

Belated happy birthday princess! :-)
i know am late like FTW! i myself only know how i wrote it so last write up from me for few days will be off from FB! hope u liike it and do comment plz!!!!

Ok read an sooo awesome poem...soo this is related to that

Its all from rams POV

Hey Mr.kapoor! Hope u enjoy the party...i was getting greetings since i came up in this bore party...but it was no more bore as I was accompanied by an beautiful partner! 

She was dressed in a knee length black dress...a deep cut at the neck and back! I felt jealous...as i saw many were having a not so greatful look at her!

She came and encircled her arms around me! A set of waves travelled through my skin...

Mrs.Kapoor! My fellow person greeted her she just smiled...as he grip on my arm got firm...our eyes met as she smiled!

But this peaceful moment didnt last as the announcement was made and all couples were on the dance floor...

I didnt made a move! I felt that she was not much comfortable with me so we just stood there...

Can i dance with u? A ggirl girl came and ask...she was so sweet and i know her apeksha! I smiled as i noded in a yes...

But this yes turned to be bad as i saw my wife walk past me towards the drinks corner!

We danced...but my eyes were on her only...i can make an perfect account of whom is looking at her for how much time...! Hell...but the other action made me freak out as i saw not so interesting guy walked towards my lady and asked ffor her hand...that was ok...maybe dance but his other hand was on her back!

May i have the pleasure with this se.. Before her could continue i pushed him a little pulled her in my arms! I never did that before! But if I didnt than no one can! She smiled blankly...as i swayed her towards the dance floor...we moved in the rhythm...the realisation stuck me that my move was to bold...i was holding her so close to me that my breath was fanning her face! ...i looked at her face...it was having the same glow but ni conscious! She was quite blank...priya I tried to call her to which she giggled! I bent a lil down to have a clear look at her when i smelled liquor on her mouth! I was shocked... She never drink but whats this!

I rolled my eyes around when i felt Mr.Rajat was having a look at my wife! That was it for me...i tried to get the hold of his collar but than my wife's condition pulled me back... I can't leave her alone...

The music was on and she was all on me! I was surprised... Our marriage was not the happening lovey dovey one but not the sadest its just I am quite shy to be honest...i dont wanna pressurise her...aam married after a lot of difficulties! And i cant get any better than her!

She rested her head on my chest... As i felt a soft pair kissing my chest!! Oh shit! She kissed me as she looked up placing her chin on my heart...our eyes met...her height was normal..well i am quite tall!! I tilt my head down ..
She went on her toes as i felt her breath on my chin and than her lips touched at the corner of mine! I closed my eyes with the new feelings! Hell they are new...she sucked on the skin near it..mi felt my heart pounding out and inside my ribs! I didnt made a move..she is not in her conscious state...Ram! She called me...oh no it sounds so sweet from her lips...its the first time she called my name! But Mr.kapoor to sounds sweet...not more than this

Hmm..i replied

I...she started as her eyes were heavy...

I...love! My breath hitched...

I love..she repeated and than i fet a weight on my shoulder as she was fast asleep!

I tried to wall holding her by her shoulder but it was all in vain as she was all above me putting her weight...having nothing my mind i slipped m hand around her waist...and walked a lil ahead...my hands trembled...i felt embarrassing

Need some help! The Mr.kapur entered..as he winked looking at my lady!

Its too much! I glared at him...u crossed the limit...i threatened him..

Comeon ram just a lil help! He said as he touched her off ahoulder arm! That was enough... I let the hold of my wife to Mrs.Singhania and knocked the perfect nose off from its place of his...ad turned his face bleed red! Huh karate champ! He dont know desi way of kicking ass!

I got the hold of her gain and this time picked her up with pride she is my lady!

I walked inside my...i mean our room..

Placed my delicate and fragile lady softly on the bed...she was looking innocently like a new born child! I m eyes felt on her face her features were one to die for! Her eyes her sweet nose which turns red when she is upset or she happy... And her lips! Which were on mine minutes back! I let her sleep...it was almost 10.am in the morning and we were back from the not so good party!

She slept and i took my place on the floor besides the bed! I too took a small nap...

It was almost 5 in the evening she didnt woke up!... Than i heard her whimper as she got up resting her head on the headrest...i immediately took the glass of lemonade and placed it infont off her...

She looked at it and than at me...she took it as i took a place besides her on the bed

She drank it as i saw a relief on her face...dard ho rha hai? I asked her to which she noded in affirmation...i placed a caring palm on her forehead and than on her cheeks to which she respond quickly... Her skin was quite warm...bukhar hai? I asked in a concerned tone

Nahi she noded in negative

Kabse so rahi hu me? She asked

Kuch 7 ghanto se! I answered

Kya hu...hua party me? She asked as i saw a hint of fear on her face...

Tumne kal sharab pe? I asked calmly

Nai nai! Believe me me nai piti sharab...mujhe adat nai hai trust me! She was frightened with sudden question

Hey hey calm down! I said as i placed a hand on hers

I trust u darling...sirf itna batao kal tumne kya piya tha? Kuch yaad hai tumhe? I asked her

She scrunched her face in irritation

Its ok jabardast mat karo...i calmed her down

Ha yaad aaya...she yelled as she started her explanation...

Hum kal party me the phir aap apni friend k sath dance karne chale gae! She said as i saw a hint of sadness or maybe jealousy? She continued

Toh may drink lene gae..mujhe yaad hai mene orange juice hi manga tha aur orange juice Hi tha i swear...phir mne piya aur mujhe shayad aape dance k liye pucha? Mene dance kiya aur! Aur.. She stopped

Mene nai pucha tha dance k liye! I told her to which she was shocked... Matlab mene kisi aur k sath dance kiya? She said immediately as she kept her palms on her face in embarrassed expression...

Nai dance to mere sath hi kiya tumne...! She looked at me immediately and than i witnessed few drops of tears at the base..

Sach me aap the! She asked ha...i confirmed!

Matlab mene aapko kiss kiya! She blushed as her face glowed and she took a big sigh of relief! Hashh .. Than she realised what she said and immediately stole glances...

Hmm wo bhi sabke samne! I added the statement much for her embarrassment...

Mujhe koi problem nai hai...u are MY husband! She stretched My...

So u were jealous? I asked trying to ease the moment

She didnt said anything as she quietly got up and started walking past me...i dont know what energy i got after her kiss...i held her hand...she looked back at me...in an unknown way...she was surprised.. Tum bohot khubsurat lag rahi thi kal...aur aaj bhi...abhi bhi aur har roj lagti ho...i said as i looked at her
..she was still in party dress...she smiled..even blushed as i let my grip loose...me fresh hoke aati hu...she said she walked inside the washroom...

We ate some snacks as she was hungry and i was exhausted by the empty stomach...!!

It was past 8 

She was sitting on the couch with some book...

I sat on the arm chair with my dear diary as I started the narration of yesterday and today...

She was in my arms
Infront of everyone she choose me!
She belong to me just ME
The darting evil eyes at her pinches me like hell
She is more a word than gorgeous i admit
But keeping her beauty towards her and to me is my responsibility
She belongs only to me just ME!
she swayed in my arms in her unconscious state!!
She held me close...she confessed her half feelings...she symbolized her feelings in an half mannered...and i guess she did her part of job...

Aapse kuch mangu? She asked as i pulled my head out of the dairy and closed it not letting her peek in...

Hmm...i replied

Aap diary bachpan se likhte hai? She asked

Ha...i noded

Kya aap mujhe khudse milaenge? She asked which didnt registered my mind at first...

Matlab? I asked

esa kehte hai koi insaan apna man apni diary me chupata hai...mujhe apke man me jhakna hai...she said as she came close to me...

I stood up as i was shocked with her sudden demand...i just simply walked towards the bed...

I didnt mean to hurt u! She said at my back...

Ab sunoghi ya padhogi...i guess me bataunga wo tumhe aach lagega...aur uske liye waqt lagega...tab tak khadi rahogi wo mujhe aacha nahi lagega...toh lets sit on the bed! I winked at her as she smiled and sat besides me...i rested my back on the bedrest...she came close and she sat besides... I can easily guess it was not comfortable for her...i dont know what made me make that bold step...i raised my hand and placed it on her back pulling her close she was surprised...i just smiled as i made her comfortable in my arms!

Shall we start I broke our eye contact and her chain of thoughts to..she just smiled as she turned her gaze towards my diary

(Diary entries like flashback scenes)

I am married!! Yes i am...i can't imagine now i am committed!! I can't believe... My mom was looking for a suitable bride.. After many failures..i faced so much rejection... And the reason was my physique!! Ofcourse no one will like a plump husband at her side!! I to didn't expected a fairy from heaven... But only a person who can stand besides me..! My mom never disclosed my identity at first well anyone can marry a multi millionaire!! Yes that's the reason i didn't paid much attention at my physique...i was so busy in balancing the unstable Kapoor industries which was on its way of collapse...

She is so simple yet so gorgeous!! My wife am taking about!! I doubt what made her choose me... Coz we both are polls apart... I so remember the day when we went in her house for the discussion... Vikram my friend to accompanied me.. We both Sat together... My mom was just telling about me i was quite.. The elder lady in the house started asking vikram some questions he answered at first then he felt quite awkward with the sudden attention to him...! Then it struck him.. They considered him as me!! Further awkwardness was stopped when she walked towards us ever so graceful... Her face was elegant with a bright glow.. Her eyes well kholled... She was so beautiful... There i convinced myself ram she will not say yes to you!! I looked down as i was upset... And just left the topic of marriage... Her parents were quite embarrassed to as the lady considered vikram to be the groom! But her next move made me stunned... She walked straight to me and gave me the special cup! Yes she did she recognized me to be the choice for hers!! All were surprised .. She sat besides ma.. And the question session started... She was well qualified.. At her best.. As we were sent to talk alone i was quite sure she would deny me..i made that clear...


Amm..hi am ram Ram kapoor..i tried to move the conversation further...

Am priya sharma.. She introduced herself... Uff her voice killingly soft!!..

She didn't said anything further.. She just kept looking aside..

That have me a signal.. Ram you lose again I declared..

It's ok aap pe koi jabardasti nahi hai.. Feel free.. If you want i can tell everyone that i don't like you don't feel uncomfortable.. I know koi ladki mujh jaise ladke se shadi nhi karegi!! I said revealing the bitter truth.. As i felt sad at my heart..

Esa kuch nhi hai..aap mujhe acche lage!! She said it didn't caught me for moments but then it stuck.. Did she said she like me, !! Holy hell!! 


She said yes and we married...i fell in love with her at the very first sight... It was our first night!! I know it's not the right time...

So i just told her that we will wait!! She just gave me a look...i soo remember that expression...


She is dressed in a maroon lehenga..decked up in heavy jewellery... She didn't wanted to wear it i remember how she made faces while looking at the deck jewellery boxes... I met her alone with much courage and told her but to wear and do as she wants.. But she slightly denied..

Another flashback

You don't have to wear all of them! I told her..

Her first expression was sweet she was surprised.. How come he know!! She thought...

Me dadi ko keh dunga..i told her..

Nahi!! She denied immediately... Ma aur dadi ne itne pyar se di hai..me pehenlungi...and we just stood silently..as my eyes never left hers!! And she didn't even protested.. The best moment of my life!! I didnt even complete my thought she completed the sentence our life!! Best moment of our life!! I was shocked.. She read my mind!!


Now towards our first night!

She walked gracefully as she took a brief glance at every single thing in the room... It was quite dark as candles were lit...different size shape and color...

Me change kar leta hua! I moved the conversation as i felt she is not ready! It doesn't matter the only thing matters to me is i love her and now am married to her... Consummation is the major step but i guess i dont want it till she is comfortable!

I saw a glimpse of something in her eyes...was she upset? Or she was uncomfortable...

She came out from the washroom all fresh like an night angel...

She came and stood in front of me...i was sitting on the bed...oh! I realise as i got up...she didnt move...i thought she will sit on the bed but she didnt moved we were close to each other so close that i felt her breathe on my chest...oh no...her Cologne was so captivating! And! Exotic!

I moved back as i saw her face...her breath increased as she closed her eyes..

Tum bed par sojao! I told her...she opened her eyes...when i had a look at them i saw her eyes deep down there was something in her eyes...just a way towards her heart but with a maze in the path...

Aa...aap kaha soenge? She asked in an hesitating tone

Me yaha niche! I told as i knew she will feel awkward having a guy sleeping next to her...

Uski jarurat nai hai...i dont require much space after all everything has a start! She declared...again she read my mind!

That was it...i tried my best to keep my feelings in control...her back was facing me...my hands moved towards her but i stopped them...i know she wont resist but my ethics were way to higher than my feelings right now! 


Ek pyari ladki
Ek pyari ladki
Nele chatri me khadi
Nele chatri me khadi aur puri bheegi hui!
Us chatri ne usse dagabaji ki
Use chod kar chali gae aur barish ne use apna liya!

Ek pyari ladki 
Nele chatri me khadi!

Barish ki wo boonde use choti
Hawa us chatri ko udati...
Wo chatri ki piche bhagti

Un bondo se wo naata na jod paae
Par us barish ne apna ang rang usme bhar diya

Uska wo hawa ki saman daudna
Un boondo ka uspar havi hona
Sab mano jaise ek jaadu sa

Uski wo hasi un boondo ko aapna lene ki
Aur wo ruthna uss neele chatri se
Ek hi pal uski aankho aur hothon par dikh rahe the...

Her feminine figure which stuck to her top due to the rain drops made her look like and goddess of beauty...her curves were well crafted and all credit goes to the creator...she belongs to me only me...but those darting eyes at her made me sad and mad...i walked calmly as i pulled my jacket off and placed it on her and dragged her...she sulked and pleaded innocently "thodi der aur plzz!!"
But i gave her an angry look which made her upset and double the heaviness in my heart more than she felt...

Un banjaro se kya ruthna
Jo us neele chatri wali ladki ko dekh apna man behla rahe the...
Unka dil to tab hi tuta hoga jab is nachij k sath unhone us kali ko dekha!
Us nachij ko dekh kar ye jarur kaha hoga...kya bhagwan ne koi aur nahi dhunda uske liye?

[ she looked at me immediately as i read the entry...i saw a glimpse of tear in her eyes as on droped from her doe eye... I knew its a bad idea...Priya plz let it be! I said as she didnt said anything just placed her head on my chest...plz continue ... i sighed as i continued ]


Aaj phir baarish aae
Us kali ko apne pas bulane
Wo chup si khadi un boondo ko dekh rahi thi
Darrai kai use wo bhi karna jayaj na ho...


Priya was standing at the window as i saw her playing with the raindrops taking them in her hands and caressing it...

Kya kar rahi ho? I asked as i walked towards her

She got scared as she immediately huffed and stammered

Ku..kuch nai wo..wo bas khidki band kar rahi thi!! 

Kyu? I asked

Aapko barish pasand nai na! She confessed as she looked down...

Kisne kaha? I was surprised

Wo us din aapne mujhe jabardasti ghar le aae...she cant even complete her sentence i was shocked with the word "jabardasti" i never ever forced her for anything...

Tumhe bura laga? I asked

Thoda...she said and for the first time we were having a conversation of this duration!

Lekin agar aapko pasand nai to mujhe bhi nahi...she said innocently...

Bohot bachpana hai tumme! I said casually
She dugged her head more down...as if i am scolding her...her hands

Agar me kahu k mujhe aacha lagega jab tum apna ye bachpana sirf humtak hi simit rakho...i continued as she immediately looked up

I guess terrace better hoga nai? I asked as i started walking out of the room...u r coming right? I asked...as she smiled and walked with me...

That day was magical...we both got drenched in the rain...her white saree fitted perfectly on her curves and the water drops just made the nylon stick to her skin...making her more beautiful...or should i elaborate it clear...she was looking s**y...

[As i said the word priya looked up at me immediately with a slight O of her lips... I bit my tounge as i thought wrong one...well i never knew that someday she will ask me to read my personal diary! Well i can write whatever i feel but now my feelings were quite exposed...i didnt wait for her response as i continued]


Din gujre...raat dhalte jaate
Us kali ne apna ek aashiyana banana chaha
Uski to jindagi kisi khubsurat ful k sath likhi hogi esa use laga
Lekin use apni jindagi ek patte k sath bitani hogi ye use kaha laga tha?


[ she smiled at the word kali...but when i mentioned a leaf..she gave me an expression less look...kisne kaha is kali ko koi ful nai mila? She asked? ...i didnt replied as i had enough and i so wanna end this reading session and confess her ]

*******(last entry)

Aaj priya k sath party me aaya hu...our first date i thought!... She was dressed to kill today...in an black party dress sleevless and till her knees...at first she was a bit uncomfortable... But when i assured her she wore...and now i curse why i allowed her...i dont want to stop her from anything...and i wont ever dare to but...the happenings were not so happening! 

We entered the party as few ladies occupied my lady...i walked a lil far..when i heard a conversation which i wish I could have known at first...

That rajat was talking to the other guy that I am not perfect for her!... Well thats true...i... 
Before i could complete i felt a jerk as priya immediately closed the book...and kept it aside...
i looked at her just to get the first ever shock of my life from her!
she climbed up on me as she sat on my lap..her legs either side...she cupped my face...
dont u dare think that I deserve better than u! she glared at me as i saw a hint of hurt and rage in her eyes...
I LOVE U Mr.Kapoor! she confessed as i felt her lips on mine! oh that feeling..her lips were so soft as a cussion...well it happened many times in my dreams i dreamt of kissing her and wake up kissing the cussion! well is it another one of those! but not..she dragged me out of my thoughts as her hands went straight in my hair...nibbling my lips...i was numb in her action...

she parted..i didnt want that to happen...she looked down not making any eye contact..
do u have someone else ln your life? she asked as she finally making an eye contact
i smiled as i got the confirmation from my lady...i pulled her stright as her front touched mine..a shriver ran throught my spines as her curves made tickling sensations...i pushed my lips on hers.my hand carresed her hip and waist..
i made her lay on her back as i went half on her trying my best not to put any weight on her..but she was in an different way of thoughts as she pulled me straight on her..well i didnt knew she was this strong...our lips met again as she pulled my neck angling my head and other was on my back...
thud thud..the sound broke our kiss! i looked at the time..it was 12! oh god..i with a jerk got up...she was surprised..
composed yourself...i commanded as she did..absent mindedly..
i rechecked the room before opening the door and when i did...the gang entered our room...as we planned..

SURPRISE! they yelled as they circled her around our bed...
she was shocked as i can clearly see it on her face...
chalo jaldi cut the cake! neha ever enthusisatically said...
ram yaha aaiye na! she called me as i was still standing at the door...
i walked towards her as she asked for my hand...pulling me besides her..she cut the cake as we all sang and she feed me first!..than she did the same with others...every one started teasing her and were ready to colour her face with the same of the cake..when she ran from everyone laughing and scrunhcing for the same...finally she came and hide behind my back...Ram bachao na! she said cutely..than it stuck me she was taking my name in front of everyone! that was magically and everyone else were shocked to...
A..dont u dare to do that..I warned keeping an protective hand on her...
aacha bacchu BIWI ko bachega..yaad kar tu neha ko kaise nehlata tha uske BDAY k din...vikram told me as i remembered the funny scenes..
mene tujhe kaha bhi tha jab teri biwi aaegi hum bhi wahi karenge aur tune ha bhi kaha tha! vikram continued taking me to the memory lane..i know we had fun and he did asked for same when i used to feel sad..do ever will get a wife! but now its true and i cant deny him..he did so much for me and it was just for fun..
i turned to look at her..she was shocked
u r not doing this! she said in a shock..
sorry darling but it was a promise! i appologized as i myself felt sad...she made a puppy face...
I turned to make a final attempt of pleading them but they were already infront of me i gave them a lil side as they made an attack on her..
she laughed and yelled as her beautiful face tuned creamy with the cream...she sulked but than laughed..
we thought to take some picitures...as i tired to be the camera man

MR.KAPOOR...priya called me...what now Mr.Kapoor from RAM!
Its an IPHONE front camera aacha hai uska! she chuckled as i took a group selfie!...are waha kaha khada hai vikram yelled as he pulled me and pushed me towards my lady..
chal tumhara couples photo to hojae! he said as priya encircled her hand around my shoulder touching her cheek with mine! i was shocked..she smiled within her creamful face making her look much adorable!
something is missing! neha sulked what now? vikram asked ..this! neha said as she took two cheery's from the cake and placed one on priyas nose and on mine! u r dead on ur bday neha i threatened her all gigled..
a perfect picutre! with cherry on our nose..she was being so comfortable with me...it was nothing different for others as they think its normal..but its a new feeling for us!

BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCESS..mene last moment pe OS change kardiya...so hope u enjoy...yaha BDAY OS KHATAM
ye aage wala romantic part hai!..come on mera OS aur romance nai ye hoga kya??? so lets continue! disclaimer- CENSORE BORAD NOT ALLOWED!
the surprise ended at a happy note as we finally were left alone..I WAS NERVOUS...! will she let me take our relation to the next level...!
finally she came out fress in her night suit wait a minute! on in her night suit! without a robe..holly hell! she was looking so gorgoeus and tempting...
the blood red nightie was perfectly fitted on her curves and exposing her skin a lil...it was just above her knee...i knew she will feel shy to wear this but she did and she walked towards me in a gut confidence...OH NO AM DEAD TONIGHT! i thought as looking at her confidence i guess i have a less role todaY!
she came and sat besides me...giving me a seductive look...her eyes were pouring love for me and the need to be loved!
i didnt made a move i was so hypnotized by her eyes that i felt deaf and numb..my nerves were stiff my muscles didnt respond..!
she came and again took her place on my lap..making my situation worse..and another drastic situation that she took my hands and placed them on her waist...!
angling her head as she came close towards my face i felt her breath near my lips..she placed her soft lips on mine...as she sucked them softly...i dont even know what was wrong with me!..I felt my hands were glued to her back and my head was just held on tight i couldnt even move!
after she was done with her kiss she broke apart...well this will not count as ours as i didnt even made a lip movement!
Ram can u make a wish of mine complete!? she asked as i saw a hint of hurt in her eyes...
anything for u! finally i made a last attempt to move my muscles...
she leaned forward and whispered...MAKE LOVE TO ME!
that was it...i never felt so upset with my own self...her one wish and i did what she asked for...
i immediately jerked her around as she was beneath me
my lips automatically met hers..as i kissed her with all the passion and desire i could generate at that moment!...she was shocked but than i felt her reciprocating as her arms were around me pulling me close..and i to can feel the same urge on my lips...
i dont know what at the very moment went inside my body...I was much confident than before!...she was in my arms..and thats where she belongs...i love u i said before moving things further!
she surrendered herself...as i got her approval...my hand slowly made its way to take her top off! first i was so scared but than i didnt mattered...her skin was flawless...it was shinning in the moon light...i felt myself to low for her! but she to did the same pulling out the white kurta which i wore...I was so shy in front of her...
Ram i guess u r the man not me! she said...making me feel bad...and taunt at the same time hurting my ego...that was it...my lips touched her skin...i felt her skin on me...i caressed her skin with my lips...as i travelled them all over her bare shoulders...she turned me around as i saw her taking the lead...she kissed on my forehead than on my eyelids...she continued her heavenly kisses...on my face and finally i urged my lips up to met hers and she did! after torturing me a lot!...we kissed each other passionately...the pull of desire was so strong between us... i didnt knew i was this desparate for her...
finally we both broke the barrier of clothes between us...as i finally made her mine! she was all for me...after our first aftermath...i let her get some air...as i layed down falt on my back...as our breathe steadied..
tiered? she whispered as i felt her one leg around my belly! and a hand around my chest...
i guess i cant be for tonight...i maintened the whispering..naughty conversation..she climbed up on my lower tummy as i made my hands move on her bare back..her front was covered by the sheet...i gave a light push on her back making her fall on me...i closed my eyes..feeling her soft curves on my chest!.. i kissed her with sudden need as she to respond and again we made love.. we didnt had any look at the time...as i pulled myself out from her embrace and took her in mine! we heard a sound...tik tik...the alarm buzzed..taking us out of our love land...it was past 6 in the morning! oh no...she must be fresh for the day!..i let her get lost in her sweet sugar sleep as i caressed her softly...kissing her forehead...

I LOVE U PRINCESS! i whispered...LOVE U TO! she replied as she snuggled close to me!

hassshhh finally made it!...was writing it since a month..so beeelated OS FOR ST MAMS BDAY!...sorry and PRIYA FOR U TO! so hope u like it..and do reply me a big! comment must!!!

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Superb os i n loved plss keep writing like this abhisekh n sanju di thanks for posting it
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Posted: 2016-01-31T07:10:06Z
sensuous, hot, romantic, superb, wonderful.
aur kya bolu. it's one of the best os I have ever read.
absolutely mind blowing. tooo gud. thanks for pm
ram ka darr regarding rejection , phir Priya ne ram KO apnana, Priya ka bday celebration... and finally RaYa consummate the marriage. wow...absolutely beautiful. lovely. loved priyas boldness and rams shyaness. superb..superb.superb
pl do write more.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Oh God its like way too awesome. You know I can feel all those emotions as Ram read his diary... like how he carved for a wife... and his love at first sight but he couldn't acknowledge it to her. You simply nailed it. Its like too good.. and omg ur censored part...hahahahahah...too hot and romantic...Priya is very bold and naughty...and Ram I can't tell how good he is... its like I can't stop falling for these two people again and again...do write more and more please... Smile
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Priya was Ram love at first sight as he thought she will to reject him but she liked him and want to be married with Ram. Like he says Priya is innocent and look cute while she I'm drunk state. His dairy gave an insight of wat Ram feel for Priya and they kissed. A surprised by friends on Priya birthday. RaYa became one to take the relationship on next level. Thank u for the pm.
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Awesome romantic OS
Superb writing
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Posted: 2016-02-01T02:26:25Z
Very nice...beautiful
n romantic OS..
Talli Priya always luks cute..
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Posted: 2016-02-01T03:24:01Z
are waaah Priya ka birthday
awesome fabulous superb outstanding chumeshwari os yaar
loved it very very very...much
thank u sooo much Abhi yaar
kya farewell gift diya yaar
kamaal kar ditta tussi
mazza aa gaya padh kar
thanku sooo much Abhi
I have no words to express my happiness
thanku so much once again
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