Resisting Her [TaaRey SS]

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Reyaansh Singhania, The captain of Indian Cricket Team, was finally getting rid of his unwanted marriage, but his wife's one demand forced him to spend a week with her where he found himself getting attached to her, which he loath. He wanted to resist himself from having any kind of feeling for her, but will he be successful?


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Chapter One

Taani Reyaansh Singhania, sighed heavily as her one year old husband placed the divorce papers, already signed by him, before her. She look at him, raising her one eye brow at him, amusingly. Though, there marriage was never like a normal marriage, but still she hadn't expected him to give her divorce this soon but she wasn't shocked also, she was mentally prepared for this beforehand since he had never given her assurance that their relation meant something for him, she means something for him. She knew he can leave her, anytime he wants thus she tried to not attach herself to him so much that at one point it will be hard for her to leave him. 

In this one year, She was a perfect wife to her husband who expect her to expect nothing from him. He was the famous cricketer, captain of Indian cricket team, hardly have time for his family or for her. Cricket is his passion, he lives to play cricket. He can ignore anyone for cricket but not cricket for anyone.

"You can demand anything in alimony. I'll give you without any argument." Rey said to his wife, he watched as she got up from her place and walked toward him.

"Anything?" She asked him, to confirm. Rey nodded in confirmation, knowing he owe this much to her. Getting married was never in his wish list. All he wanted was focus on his cricket career, but after months of emotional blackmail by his family, he finally agreed for marriage and even got married to taani shekhawat, a famous author, but he was never able love her, nor he wanted to. Love & Relationships are not his interest nor ever will be. In one year of their marriage, they hardly spent some time with each other since he mostly stayed out of the country for his international tours.

"Okay-" She trailed off, she crossed her arms against her chair.

"I want a baby, your baby." Taani said to him, looking straight into his eyes, letting him know, she is serious about her demand.

"I don't want your money, property or anything else, I just want you to get me pregnant and i'll sign these divorce papers without any argument." Taani said to him, in confident yet polite manner, while he was too shock to react. Her wife's this wish had surely given him biggest shock of his life. 

"What? Have you gone mad? What the hell are you saying?" Rey shouted at her, causing her to narrow her eyes at him.

"Why are you acting like i told you to get pregnant, Drama king?" Taani asked him, smiling up at him sarcastically. 

"Do you think having baby is a good idea when we are getting divorce?" Rey asked her, furiously. Taani rolled her eyes and took a step close to him.

"I don't care about it! I just want your damn sperm! Get me pregnant then aap apne raaste aur mein apne. I won't tell you to take mine or baby's responsibility. I'm completely capable of taking care of my own child. You will get what you want and I'll get what i want." Taani sighed in frustration, he closed his eyes to calm himself, her demand was making him angry. 

"But- But-" Rey stuttered, not having any idea how to make her understand.

"Stop stuttering like a virgin wife on her wedding night." Taani snapped at him. 

"But you never stuttered, so does that mean you lied to me about you being a virgin?" Forgetting his earlier tension, he made a remarked, causing her to roll her eyes at his cockiness.

"If i remember correctly, you left for your match in Delhi right after we completed marriage rituals,we never celebrated wedding night like normal couples. And by the way, I didn't lied about you being my first in every damn thing." Taani reminded him calmly but shouted in the end of the sentance, smirking at him as anger flickered through his brown orbs, he wasn't used to someone answering him back, and it surely hasn't gone well with him when his wife or soon to be ex-wife did. 

"Jeez! Woman, you are asking for a baby like its some toy. This is not right. Think about your 'I-want-baby' demand calmly, then we will talk." Rey said to her, and turned to leave the room when she held his hand and pulled him toward her.

"My decision is final. Now you decide, what do you want? Freedom from this unwanted marriage or want to tied to me all your life?" Taani questioned him, forcing him to think hard about the decision.

"And we had many times got intimate before, its not new for you or for me-" Taani added further, just thinking about their previous sexual encounters, had him hard on. Even though he don't love her but surely he loves her in his bed and he wasn't ashamed to admit that. She has the body to die for, and he wasn't saint either who could resist the charm of his beautiful wife.

"So, you mean, you won't sign the papers until i get you pregnant?" Rey asked her to confirm, taani nodded in confirmation.

"But how can i be sure that you won't come to me later and blackmail me for the property in the name of baby?" Rey couldn't help but questioned her, his words pierced her heart, she had never imagined he would think so low of her. Pushing the feeling of hurt in back of her head, she glared at him, her eyes spitting fire.

"I have enough money to live a luxurious life till I'm alive and I can give my child same life without your damn support. Mr. Singhania, I don't freaking need your property, but since you are having so many doubts, we will make a proper contract about this." Taani spitted harshly, making him regret his words he said earlier, but his elephant sized ego, didn't let him accept it infront of her.

"Whatever!" He mumbled and walked toward the door where he stop and turned to her.

"Get ready for an erotic one week trip to paris, after which you will be having my part growing in your womb." Rey said to her, his husky deep voice sent shiver down her spine. She cursed him for having so much control over her body.

"Now i have to leave for my practice, see you at night, honey." With that, he left the room, leaving her alone inside the room,loneliness engulf her as she sat on the bed. In past one year of her marriage, she had been living with this loneliness, but she wants to end it now. She wants to have someone of her own beside her, whom she can love and who will love her in return.


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Loved it 
W8ng 4 nxt part
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Its interesting plz update sooon i want to read next part 
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Intersting concept and start was good
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Interesting concept 
rey wants to get divorce 
in alimony taani wants baby from rey 
rey agreed for it
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It's something different 
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