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Priya was sitting on the couch suddenly her phone rang looking at caller ID she make face nd said oh god an ye Idiot muje kyu phone kar raha hain nd answered the phone

Hello? Priya said into the phone as she heated up a bowl of popcorn in her hand

A loud and hurried voice began talking hey BabyDoll so glad you answered listen I

Priya sighed what do you want Mr.Kapoor? I'm having a rather nice evening for once in my life

Oh god plz tell me you are not on a date because I kinda need you right now

Date nd me oh god utha le re baba

Ram scratched his forehead kya bole ja rahi ho yaar uthale re baba but kisko

Aapko aur kisko Priya said

Priya hung up on the millionaire nd eat her popcorn she weren't sure what Mr.Kapoor was up to but Priya were sure she didn't care the whole reason who had her own apartment instead of living in Kapoor Mansion was to get away from the man he was just too annoying nd eccentric for her tastes though she didn't hate him or anything Ram was just an acquaintance nd her boss just... one she happened to trust with her life

Yes that about summed up her relationship with the genius

Priya's phone rang again nd she rolled her eyes yes?

Plz plz  plz hear me out BabyDoll

Priya groaned what Mr.Kapoor? I'm trying to watch a movie nd relax

I'm sorry really but I really need you right now like bad do me a solid? Plz Baby Doll?

BabyDoll isn't even my name Mr.Kapoor I'm hanging up now

No don't this is my last phone call nd I had to bribe the guy with my Acura to get a second call nd there is no way in hell I'm giving up my favorite Audi come on the guy gave me two minutes alone this has to be quick

Second call? So not only did Kapoor call her he called he first she were the first person he went to nd he apparently knew her number by heart

Tell me what my real name is nd I'll help you and you have ten seconds

Ah hey... I'm not good with names really

Five seconds

Give me five more and a hint

Three seconds

Oh Hmmm... Priyaaa?

Good job Mr.Kapoor

Ram said loudly Priya held the phone away from her ear as he celebrated

Yes nd I don't even have Joe to help me

Priya raised an eyebrow where exactly are you Mr.Kapoor?

Priya call me Ram Plz

Fine where are you Ram? nd why call me?

Well Isha ( Isha is Ram's ex  ) is off on some romantic getaway with Rahul nd I don't want to be castrated nd I know your number nd also I trust you

Guess that's a compliment what do you need?

Ram hesitated for a moment

Uh I need you to come bail me out I'm in Paris I need you to take the jet nd come get me I swear I will explain when you get here just go to the Mansion nd Joe will help you okay see ya later bye Ram rushed before the line went dead

Paris god now what did this idiat Mumbai main jail kya cam the jo Paris ke jail main jana pada chalo Paris

Priya sighed nd went to get dressed she wear on some black jeans a grey top on it over white tank top her hair was still scrunched from her outing earlier in the day but she it was casual

She drove her black BMW over to Kapoor Mansion Priya parked the car and grabbed her purse before going into the lobby and taking the elevator to the common floor

Priya walked in and felt a hand on her sholder she turn nd see Ishika ( Ishika step sis of Ram ) 

Heey Ishika howz you?

Hey I'm gud what are you doing here?

Bailing Mr.Kapoor out

Ishika snorted nd walked with Priya to the couch as she began fixing her eyeliner nd he called you because?

Isha is away with Rahul and he remembered my number guy had to lose his Acura to call me after I hung up on him so I took pity Joe is gonna tell me what to do but I'll make Mr.Kapoor wait a bit before I go where is the others?

Neha nd Vikram are on a total not date at the movies watching  ( Neha nd Vikram best friends of Ram)

Priya laughed nd Rajat? (Rajat step brother of Ram )

Probably in the gym I was actually on my way to bed nd Sid is with his friends nd Mom has gone to the party with there friends( Sid  step brother of Ram & Niharika  step mother of Ram ) 

He is always with his friends good night Ishika I'll go see Rajat before I go save Mr.Kapoor

Ishika wished her luck before going to her respective room nd Priya goes down to the gym where Rajat was doing his workout

Hi Rajat Priya said with a wide smile Rajat was her best friend out of all the Kapoor's

He smiled back and said hey don't you look stunning tonight

Thanks I have to go bail Ram Kapoor out of jail in Paris so I thought I had say hi before I leave

What did Ram do now? Rajat sighed his and Ram the hatred relationship is between them but Rajat knew how Ram could get

Not totally sure I'll find out later when I get him I guess Priya said

Okay thanks for stopping by to see me I appreciate it

Priya playfully punched his shoulder you are my best friend how could I not? nd I hope you haven't been holed up in here all day

Just for a few hours more

Priya rolled her eyes at his constant need to workout get some rest okay? Can't be healthy to keep at it all the time

I have the serum I'll live he called as she walked away Priya just shook her head and moved into the kitchen grabbing a hot paratha she took bite nd said nice paratha Bansi kaka

Thanks Priya beta Bansi kaka said

Priya smile nd said where is Joe ( Joe is Personal secretary) after some time Joe come there nd Priya start talk with Joe

Hey J

Hello Mam shall I brief you on the procedure or would you rather wait until your meal is completed?

Priya took a bite out of her freshly heated food no just lay it on me now

Joe told her that the jet was set to take off in exactly one hour and gave you instructions on where to drive to Priya popped a piece of chewing gum in her mouth nd chewed for a second

So how did you know Ram got arrested if he doesn't have you?

Sir has me installed in his phone which he had while he was arrested and was later confiscated

Priya shook her head nd grabbed her black purse that idiot... thank you J I guess we'll talk on the jet?

If you wish

Priya drove to where Joe told her to go nd boarded the plane she removing her shoes and sitting in the plush seat

Hey J do me a favor and put on a movie for me

Any certain film Mam?

DDLJ that's my favorite movie

Okay anything else mam?

No go ahead and take the night off

Ok mam

Priya sat for watching the film and some time later she lost in movie

Once she arrived in Paris a cab took her to where Ram was being held he smiled when he saw her and the policeman had paper

Hey baby

Priya glared at him nd the papers nd a pen were thrust her way

Mrs. Kapoor plz try nd keep your husband in check next time otherwises sorry for the inconvenience

Priya looked at Ram with a harsh glare nd signed the papers I guess I didn't realize what I was getting into when I married that idiot so sorry for the inconvenience for you it won't happen again

The Policeman looked to Priya in pity nd let Ram out of the holding cell he ran up to Priya nd hugged her whispering in her ear

You are a life saver

Say another Policeman spoke up you two aren't wearing engagement rings nd your wife didn't wear Mangalsutra

Ram look at Priya nd then policeman nd said you know about mangalsutra

Yes I know about Mangalsutra actually my father is indian nd my mom is American I grew up in Paris I know about indian culture groom adorns bride's neck with the mangalsutra a necklace symbolizing good luck love nd friendship groom applies kumkum on bride's forehead now as a soubhagyavati with the wedding ring exchange they commit to support each other in good times nd bad times in happiness nd sorrow with unending love infact I married with indian girl with Indian customs nd traditions

Priya smile nd Ram glared her nd murmur isko koi aur ladki nahi mili jo Indian ladki ke sath shadi kar li

Priya Mr.Kapoor aap chup nhi rhe sakte agar usne sun liya toh

Ram sunliya toh kya usse thodi na hindi aati hain

Priya look at him nd said aapko kaise pata isko hindi nhi aati yaad hain na iski wife nd dad Indian hain

Ram close his eyes nd in maind arrey yaar kaha fas gaya hu main

Priya look at him nd said Mr.Kapoorrr Ram stare at her n Priya pointed towered policeman

Ram blanched nd Priya swooped in lots of couples stop wearing them after so many years nd you know risks to wearing them if thieves steal them

But we are still in love totally in love so in love in fact that I need a kiss from my beautiful wife to live Ram smirked at Priya

Priya glared No

But it's the city of love come on guys you agree with me right? nd you Ram pointed to one of them you better agree because you have a acura that I happen to love coming your way nd you don't even live in India so why the hell do you want it?

Because it's Ram Kapoor 's car nd I get it for free because you were desperate

Ram rolled his eyes nd looked back to Priya Kiss kiss from my wife?

Three pairs of eyes stared at Priya nd she caved kissing the Ram Kapoor's cheek for a little longer than a platonic one would be after all she had get convicted for fraud if you didn't make it seem like you liked the guy let alone loved him

Oh god Mr.Kapoor you gave a bribe to a policeman


Kya hmmm

Ram smile nd said ha toh kya karta yaar muuje jail se bahar nikal na tha

Phir bhi ek policeman ko rihwaat aap ko sharam nhi aai this is a crime Priya said

Ha manta hu this is a crime but usne bhi toh rishawat le li usse bhi toh sharam nhi aai rishwat le te huye aur who bhi ek police hoke but I lost my acura he said with sad face

They both went back to the jet after Ram got his things back nd Priya glared at him some more

You owe me Mr.Kapoor

Ram said I need you to keep pretending to be my wife for like another six months

To be continue...

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Nice storyline... kinda different from others... so raya are married but not together...

But still on good terms...  hmm waiting to see y they r separate... and how they will come close again..

Pls update soon...
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Posted: 2016-01-12T06:56:16Z
Oh.. didn't realize

Me first  me first. .. yipeee

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Posted: 2016-01-12T08:52:11Z
nice one. thanks for pm
pl continue
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2016-01-12T10:27:19Z
Superb start n 6 months n raya will fall in love waiting for next part n plssscontinue soon
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Posted: 2016-01-12T12:03:50Z
nice and different
pls continue soon
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Posted: 2016-01-12T12:28:33Z
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Posted: 2016-01-12T17:46:30Z
Superrbb start!
Plz continue soon!!
Thank u for pm!
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