TaaRey SS : His True Love (2) -Completed-

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Hello Guys! This was something i penned down last year, but never posted it. It's completed and I'm posting 3 chapters together.
Scroll Down for the chapters & Enjoy Reading



Ch 1 : Friends Reunion & Truth (Scroll Down)
Ch 2 : His Pregnant Wife (Scroll Down)

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Ch 1 : Friends Reunion & Truth

The D3 dance team was on mission, mission to bring their best friend back in their lives, who left them 3 years back. And now, they are on their way to go delhi, where he had been living from past 2 years. They weren't aware about this before, but luckily they saw his photo in some business magazine and got to know he had joined his father's business and living in delhi.

"It's all my fault. If i hadn't rejected him that day, he would have been with me, with us." Kria mumbled sadly, remembering the day she rejected him because her asked her to chose between him & friends. She cursed that day, and the moment she lost him.

"It was not your fault, Kria, so don't blame yourself and I'm sure when Rey will get to know why you did what you did with him, he will forgive you and accept your love again." Sharon assured her, Kria look at her with moist eyes before she hugged her. Other gang members too came there and joined the hug, assuring Kria. 

"Guys, Lets go-" Swayum said to them, they are standing outside the delhi airport. They all got into the cab which swayum had hired and left for his mansion. 


Rey was in his room, working from home since he had taken a week off from the office because his six months pregnant wife had fallen ill which had him worried sick. He was reading some files but he kept glances at his wife who was sleeping peacefully on the bed. 

He closed his file aside and got up, taking slow steps he walked toward the bed while admiring the sleeping form of his wife. He sat on the edge of the bed, beside her. She is the angel of his life who brought happiness back in his life, and still filling his life with happiness.

"Hey, baby! It's me, your daddy." Rey leaned and rubbed his face on her baby bump while talking in hush baby tone. He kissed her baby bump before he moved away when he heard door bell ring. He got up and went downstairs to open the door. He opened the door and what he saw, shocked him. The friends he left 2 years back, were standing in-front of him, along with the girl who had broken his heart 2 years back with her cruel words.

"Rey!!" They all shouted in unison and pulled him in group hug while Kria stood aside and watched them with a soft smile.

"Guys! Tum sab? You guys here?" Rey look at them, with shock & confusion.

"Dude, you forgot us but we didn't. We were searching for you from past 2 years and finally found you. We missed you!" Swayum said, pulling him in brotherly hug. Rey hugged him back, happy to meet him again.

"Rey, why you never contacted us? You left mumbai suddenly?" Vicky asked him.

"Dad wasn't well, i had to come here and handle business, i was too busy in my studies & office work, I never got time." Rey answered the real reason behind leaving the city, after Kria rejected him, he was on his way to back home when he got a call from his mother, saying his father is in critical condition, he had got an heart attack, after that, without caring for anything, he came delhi and handled his family and business.

"Oh! Hows uncle now?" Swayum asked him.

"Dad is perfectly fit now, enjoying his vacations with mom in Australia." Rey answered him, chuckling at the end of his sentence. Then his smile vanished when it fall over kria, who was standing in corner, admiring him from far.

"What she is doing here?" Rey asked him, pointing at kria, seeing her he remembered how she used him to gain popularity in the college.

"Kria is here to tell you truth-" Sharon said to him, his brows knitted together in confusion.

"Truth? What truth are you talking about?"

"Truth about what had actually happened 2 years back." Swayum answered him this time, confusing him more.

"I'm not getting anything you guys are talking about, but first come inside-" Rey said to them once he notice they are still standing outside his house. They all nodded and moved inside the house. They all settled in hall.

"Rey-" Kria called out for him softly, Rey narrowed his eyes and turned to her.

"Rey, hear her out, please, She was forced to do what she did to you." Swayum said to him.

"Okay! Though it doesn't matter now, but if you insist-" Rey trailed off, he had moved on in life and accepted his new life with open arms, he was happy with his life, and his past doesn't matter apart from the fact that he trusted a wrong girl who used him for her own benefits.

"Before footloose, when you came to propose me and i harshly rejected you..It was because of my mother, She come to know about us &  my dance and she asked me to chose between you & dance, she gave me chance to perform in footloose elims but in return, I had to break your heart. Every word, I said to you that was a lie, I love you Rey, I loved you then, I love you now. Thats why we were searching for you from past 2 years, even my mom is ready for our relation, but all i need is your acceptance, please forgive me & accept me." Kria cried painfully as she disclosed the reason of her bitterness toward him that day, Rey was shocked hearing everything but didn't felt happiness hearing it, because he is not hers, nor she is his. His heart already belong to his wife then, How can he feel anything for anyone else.


Scroll down for CH 2 :)
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Ch 2 : His Pregnant Wife

Rey was feeling nothing hearing her confession, he look at her, she was looking at him, waiting for his reply. Before he could say anything, a servant came there and called out for him.

"Sir, It's time for ma'am lunch, should i take it the room or ma'am will coming downstairs?" The servant asked him politely. 

"No, She will have lunch in room, serve it and gave it to me." Rey told him, the servant nodded and went inside the kitchen. Rey turned to his friends, who were confused about whom they were talking while Kria was still looking at him, waiting for his reply.

"Rey, aapne jawab nahi diya-" Kria state, nervously fidgeting with her fingers.

"Not now, kria. I have something important to do-" Rey replied, he got up and took the tray from the servant who came there with food. Kria was confused, thinking what is more important to him than her?

"Guys, be comfortable here. I'll be back in some time." Rey said to them, then asking servant to bring snacks & drinks for his friends, he went upstairs, in his bedroom where his beautiful wife is sleeping.

"What was that, guys? Here Kria was confessing her love and he just went away, what can be more important than the girl he love" Simmi commented, giving a pitiful look to kria who was feeling hurt by his reaction. She had expected him to be happy and accept her again.

"Thats not a big deal, simmi. There must be something really important-" Swayum said to her, simmi shrugged her shoulders in response.

"Lets wait for him." Kria mumbled while her gaze was fixed on the stairs, waiting for him to come.


He placed the food tray on the bed and turned to his beautiful wife, he sat beside her.

"Sweetheart-" Rey called out for her softly, stroking her hair lovingly. Due to medicines effect, she was in deep sleep. He smiled when she moaned slightly in her sleep.

"Wake up, baby, it's time for lunch." Rey whispered in her ear, after a moment or so, she opened her eyes and yawned lazily.

"Don't disturb me. I wanna sleep more-" She mumbled, she got hold of his hand and keep it under his head and went back to sleep. Rey laughed at her antics.

"I know you were awake whole night because of fever, but you need to have your food & medicines, now get up." Rey said to her, his heart clenched painfully, remembering the painful state she was in last night because of high fever. Brushing the thoughts aside, he kissed her forehead.

After lots of try, she opened her eyes eyes and smiled at him cutely. Rey helped her in sitting on the bed, adjusting pillows behind her back, making sure she is comfortable.

"Have your food then i'll introduce you to some amazing people." Rey said to her, he served food in a plate and started feeding her. Through her eyes, she asked him about whom he was talking.

"They are my college friends, they all came from mumbai to meet me." Rey told her with a smile, Kria or her truth confession was far away from his thought, and that was because it doesn't matter, nor Kria nor her confession.

"Really? So come na, lets meet them-" She voiced out excitedly.

"We will, but first finish your food, you have to take your medicines too-" Rey told her, smiling at his wife's over excitement. She pouted in annoyance, but couldn't deny him. She finished her food, then Rey made her eat her medicines.

"Sweetheart, are you sure, you are fine? I mean, you can take some more rest then we will go to meet them?" Rey said to her.

"No, Rey. I'm perfectly fine, come, we will meet them right now." She said to him, Rey helped her in getting up, she smiled at her husband's car, he wrapped his arms around her waist and held her hand in his free hand. They both come out of the room.

His friends were shock when they all saw him descending down the stairs while supporting a pregnant lady, all were confused seeing her, wondering who is she?

They all stand up when they approached them, the girl smiling at them.

"Guys, Meet my wife taani singhania." Rey introduced her to them proudly. Taani waved at them with a sweet smile playing on her lips, then she frowned when she saw them staring at her with wide eyes, she shifted close to her husband and look at him with confused expression.

"They all are shock, I'm sure they didn't expected me to be married-" Rey told her, taani gave a slight nod in return.


Scroll down for CH 3 :)
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Ch 3 : Of Confessions & Love

All were staring at them with wide eyes, nobody had expected him to be married. Kria was heart broken, she had came here with many dreams, with hope that she will be reunited with her love but all were dreams were shattered, he had moved on, he had got married to someone and that someone is carrying his child. Pain sliced through her heart, her eyes glistened with unshed tears. Sharon, who was standing beside her, wrapped her arm around her in shoulder in consoling manner.

"Hello, I'm swayum and she is my girlfriend Sharon and he is-" Like that swayum introduced everyone, all gave her a small smile. Kria was observing curiously, examining whats so special in her that Rey didnt waited for her and moved on in his life with her. She watched how Rey made her sit on the couch, the softness & the happiness she saw in his eyes, was something she had never seen before. They all settled down and got busy in chit chatting while kria was silent, she was just staring at Rey & Taani with pain in her eyes. She couldnt believe he is not hers, he belong to someone else now.

"Rey, was your marriage arrange or love?" Kria asked him in daze, looking straight into his eyes. Rey look at her, then at his wife, though he had told her that there was someone back in college whom he thought he loved but taani doesn't know the girl or anything else about her. Rey wonder how she will react when he will told her that Kria was the same girl once he thought he loved?

"It was arrange but later it turned into love-" Taani answered happily before rey could. Rey smiled at his wife and nodded his head, confirming his words. 

"Rey, ask servants and get guest rooms clean. I'm sure after their journey all must be tired, they can get freshen up and take some rest-" Taani suggested to him, Rey nodded and get the servants cleaned up the rooms then placed their luggage in. Then all went into their rooms, girls were in one room & boys in one.

"Rey's wife is sweet types!" Ashi whispered to the girls, except kria & vishakha all agreed to it.

"Oh! Please! She is nothing compared to our Kria." Vishakha retorted back, narrowing her eyes at the girl who were praising Rey's wife so much.

"Rey loves her-" Kria mumbled sadly.

"Guys! Kria is getting upset, lets not talk about her." Neha whispered, seeing Kria's sad expressions. All the girls agreed to it, and started talking random stuff to cheer her up.


"Swayum, i still can't Rey got married. What will happen to Kria now?" Sharon asked him, they both were in sitting in a corner of the boys room, talking each other.

"Rey is happily married, sharon. And I'm sure by time, kria will also understand this and move on in her life. Their is nothing we can do, Rey wasn't bound to her, so it will be wrong if we blame rey for moving on and loving someone." Swayum said to her, Sharon hummed in response, understanding what he is trying to convey.


Rey scooped her in his arms, taking her by surprise.

"Rey! Put me down, your friends are here, what if they saw us?" Taani exclaimed. Rey let out a throaty laugh, then he started climbing the stairs with her in his arms.

"They all are in their rooms, and I'm not letting you climb the stairs again. You will get tired." Rey said to her, taani shook her head, she leaned and pressed her lips against his cheek, stealing a kiss. Rey pushed the door open and entered inside their bedroom. Rey made her sit on the bed, and he knelt down on the floor before her. 

"I want to tell you something-" Rey whispered softly, taking her hand in his. He wanted to tell her about Kria before she get to know about about her from someone else and get hurt , he would never let that happen.

"What, Rey?" Taani asked him, confusingly while smiling down at him.

"Remember, after some days of our marriage i told you, i used to like a girl but she ditched me-" Rey started off, confusing her more. why he is talking about her now?

"Yes. But what about her-"

"She is here with my friends and she said, whatever she did to me, was because of her mother-" Rey told her everything what Kria told him. He watched silently as she clutched her mangalsutra tightly in her fist, something she do when she is scared.

"Do you still feel for her?" Taani asked him, her voice trembled as she spoke those words out. Rey shook his head negatively, she was taking his words in wrong way.

"What? No, baby! I don't feel for her, even when i was in college, i used to like her, she was just a attraction whom i thought to be my love, because that time i didn't knew the meaning of love. It was not love. I learnt true meaning of love after marrying you, you filled my life with happiness. I love only you. You are my only girl." Rey confessed his love, making her believe him & his love. Taani blinked her tears away, and pressed her lips against his knuckles softly. 

"I don't want to hide anything from you thats why u told you everything." Rey whispered, looking straight into her eyes. Taani was in awe, her man never failed to amuse her. 

"It doesn't matter. I trust you." Taani whispered back, giving him a small smile.

"Taani, are you comfortable with her staying here? You can tell me, I'll tell her to leave-" Rey rambled, he didn't want any problem or misunderstanding between them because of his past. 

"Rey! Didn't i said, I trust you. And it will be rude to ask her to leave, she is still part of your friends circle. And i have nothing against her." Taani said to him, making him smile at her, he thanked his stars, for giving him such understanding partner.

"You should take rest for a while now-" Rey told her, taani nodded in agreement as she was also feeling sleepy. Rey made her lay down on the bed, and covered her with blanket.

"I'll be study room, call me if you need something." Rey said to her, he bend down and kissed her forehead before he moved out of the room.


Please do leave your feedback :) Next part depends on your response.

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That was amazing
Very interesting concept
I love reading stories on concepts like this
While reading it I was in awe Day Dreaming
The way Rey loves only Taani, the way he care for her
And Taani's trust on her Rey
It was magical
Excited to read more 
Update it asap
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READING ALL!Embarrassed
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Awsome concept and taarey understanding each other so mach do continue soon
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