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Hello Guys! Its been really long, this concept was roaming in my head and i couldn't stop myself, My few stories will be ending very soon. I have already penned down more than 10 chapters of this drabble, so don't worry about the updates of other stories. This one will be updated daily but for that, I need good response from you guys. Banner : caffeineaddict.
 Scroll down for CH 1. Enjoy Reading :)


Ch 1 : His Bride {Scroll Down}

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Ch 1 : His Bride

Love. A feeling that people call most beautiful feeling ever, something which give happiness to everyone but in his case, love had given him only pain. He was happy when he realized he was in love, when he realized he had fallen for his best friend but then, everything was shattered when he come to know she doesn't feel same for him, she was in love with someone else, and that someone was his elder brother. He was broken, shattered when he saw her getting married to his brother in-front of his eyes, but not once he complained to anyone. He endure all the pain with a small smile on his face. The pain he endure every time he saw the girl he love with his brother, broke him to an extent that he finds it difficult to move on. He was stuck, stuck in past where all he had is pain. He is living just for his family, and for his family only, he is here, getting married to the girl who's face he has not seen yet.

Without any emotions or feelings, he performed all the rituals and got married to her. He was standing there emotionless as his bride cried her heart out while hugging her parents during bidaai . After which they left for his house, the ride was filled with silence, he didn't made any attempt to talk to her while she was feeling too conscious & shy to initiate a conversation, he was still a stranger to her. Soon they reached his house, his mother did the aarti grahpravesh of new bride, his mother was too happy to notice the sadness in her sons eyes, but he gulped down the sadness and smiled for his mother when she turned to him. She was extremely happy with his marriage, her son got the perfect wife she always wished for. Few more rituals were performed by the newly wedded couple before his sister took his bride to his room and asked him to wait outside, too tired & frustrated with all the rituals, he chose to keep quite and obeyed his sister. After some time, His sister, Anjali stepped out of the room with naughty smile playing on her lips.

"You can go inside, Rey. And best of luck, my dear brother." Anjali patted his shoulder, giving him teasing smile before she walked away from there, after she left, he took a deep breath and held the knob of the door. Telling himself that it will be over soon, all he need is, talk to her and explain her about his situation. And with that thought, he pushed the door open and enter inside, taking slow baby steps. He narrowed his eyes at his family members when he saw his room beautifully decorated with scented candles & roses. And there was his wife, sitting on his bed which was decorated as well. He walked over the bed and cleared his thought, gaining her attention. He was about to say something when he realized he doesn't even know her name.

"What's your name?" He questioned after a moment of hesitation. A month back his mother come up with marriage proposal and emotionally blackmailed him when he denied to get married, so he had to agree and didn't even cared to see the photograph of the girl or tried knowing anything about her. His newly wedded bride was surely shocked when her husband asked her about her name, but then composing herself, she lifted her veil and look at him before she answered.

"Taani." She mumbled in barely audible tone. Rey gave a curt nod when she answered and told him her name. Taani lowered her eyelashes when he sat on the edge of the bed, her heart was beating loudly against her ribcage in anticipation while her cheeks were adorned by the redness of her blush. Like every normal girl, she has so many dreams with his marriage, but little did this relation was anything but normal. A shiver ran down her spine when he whispered her name, she lifted her lashes and her mesmerizing gaze met his.

"I wasn't ready for this marriage, but for my mother, i had to marry you. It happen in such hurry, I need time to adjust with this new relation. Hope you understand?" Rey started off, he stopped at look at her, who looked shocked, confused but then, she looked at him and nodded slightly, not that she had any other option.

"You can sleep on bed, I will take the couch." Rey voiced out, and without waiting for her reply, he picked up his pillow and blanket and moved to the couch while she was staring at him with numb eyes, wondering what had just happen. Wasn't they suppose to talk, get to know each other and start their new life together? Do all the things they show in tv serials and movies? May be real life is different from the reel world. She thought to herself.

"And he is right, we are still stranger then how can i expect him to be all friendly with me? He barely know me and i'm sure, after he will get to know me, he will accept me-" Taani assured herself with that thought, praying to her krishnaji for her married life, she lay down on the bed before stealing on glance at her husband, who was sleeping on the couch across the room.

After a moment, Rey opened his eyes and glance at the bed. He couldn't believe how much life has changed in just a day, now he was sharing his room, his bed with a stranger. Not a stranger, it's his bride. His mind corrected him.


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Already loving this. :)
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Interesting concept. ...continue soon. . . 
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It was really nice..sad for Rey but well sometimes we get our soulmate by chance ,by enduring a bit of pain and maybe in his case the same has happened.
Liking the story!! Hopefully they'll talk and understand each other betterEmbarrassed
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Posted: 2016-01-09T07:25:59Z
nice Start
taarey r married but still they r stranger s
egarly waiting for the next part
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Amazing concept.. Clap Clap
Lovely update.. Clap
Plss continue soon.. Tongue
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