Raya OS: Pihu completes me

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                 I am dedicating this OS to my dear friend Neel... I hope you will like this one... and a good news for you...!!LOLLOL  No rajat in this OS Wink  Njyyy..!Wink
Love u a lot...Hug  muaahhh..!Heart
Many many more happy returns of the day...!!  Happy Happy birthday to you...Party

Priya's Diary:

                   Our Journey started with my marriage which is no less than a mere compromise. Ram and I are two different individuals with different characters. We were not compatible with each other in any angle, nothing is common between us. I wondered how we two will live under same roof for life long. When I met him for the first time I hated him so much but destiny has some other plans. For both of them, it was an unwanted marriage.

                   Earlier we used to fight for every single thing and it was very difficult for us to adjust with each other. Whenever we were in our room we used to avoid each other completely as if other was does not exist in the room. Yes it is correct that opposites attract; It happened in our case too. Slowly we understand each other, we became friends, we started to share everything with each other and later we realize that we fell in love with each other. 

                   I love Ram. Yes I love him with all of my heart, body and soul. He complete me, he make my life worth living. My day start and end with Ram. I love him so much. He has confessed his feeling to me, we consummated our marriage and become one soul.

                  We are so connected to each other that I can read from his eyes how much he loves me. With a small touch I sense how much he needs me. Happiness enter into our life, our bundle of love enter into our life after a long wait and we want to live it fully.


Our relation is full of love, fun and tease We love each other madly. Whenever we have any argument , we discuss and solve it together such things never disturb our love life. The Moment he enter into our bedroom he is all mine, his all concentration is only on me. Our love and trust for each other makes our relationship stronger. 

Whenever we are together we never feel emptiness in our life. We never got time to think about baby. But one day after our love making...ohh forget to tell u...There is lots of romance between us. We cannot stay away from our love making..

Ram is very romantic person and I came to know this in our first consummation, the way he love me, the way he took my virginity. I melt with his love. I feel secure in his arms. Sometime he is very demanding but I love whatever he do. He is also very possessive about me. He treats me like his baby I like his cuteness but not on the bed. Hahaha. On the bed I'm his wife. And My flustered face will be the reason for my colleagues to tease me more. I m no lesser than Ram..or I can say Ram has changed me into a romantic person. Yes I m also very romantic. Ram like it whenever I take the charge. Ram is my life and I can do anything for him.


One day, After our love making 

Ram:- Priya we should think about baby. I was surprised to hear this from him suddenly. I looked at him with puzzled face. 

Ram:- Don't u think we should think about a baby? I want to have a child, symbol of our love. I want to enjoy parenthood. 

Ram:- Haan Priya I want our symbol of love. I want to become father. Yes Priya I want baby...our baby. My happiness is no bound and my eyes glistened with tears, I hug him tightly. He also held me very tight. First time Ram asked me something that I owe to give him. It's his right and I will be happy to fulfil his wish.

I nodded my head and Ram could not control his excitement. He kissed me feverishly and I equally responded equal intensity. That night, moon witnessed our another love making.


I am very happy thinking about yesterday night conversation, ram asked me for a baby and about our cosy moments. I couldn't hide my happiness. Ram told me to get ready for tonight party and thinking about what is coming made me to go red. But sometimes our fate is different from the one we imagine.yes..!  While coming back from our friend marriage party we met with an accident. Our car got hit with a tree in order to save a girl, who was crossing the road. It took few minutes to realize what had happened. I looked at Ram his hand has some injuries and blood oozing out from the cut.

I become scared ...very scared and screamed loudly. My heart stopped beating with that sight. After that I don't remember anything I become unconscious. When I open my eyes I found myself in hospital bed attached with many tubes. My eyes are searching for my life, my heart beat I become normal when I saw him sitting beside me holding my hand. I look at him and smile a little. His eyes filled with tears and he kisses my hand. He looks pale and tired as if he had not slept for many days.

Things are completely changed after the accident. My dream was shattered into pieces. I came under strict observation.  I wanted to fulfil his wish but doctor strictly said no to baby till I fully recover. Ram is also shaken up after accident. He became more protective than before. He never let me out alone anywhere. He is always with me wherever I go. Sometimes I can see guilt in his eyes. We cannot change our fate which is already written for us.


Ram deserves all happiness and I started feeling I'm not the right person for him.. It's a long wait. I wanted to give him his baby, his flesh. Even I requested him a lot that I'm fine and nothing will happen to me but Ram didn't budge which hurt me more and more inside. I had a fear that will I able to conceive?. My mind was not allowing me to think positive. But I can see how much he crave for baby. One year passed and with a proper care and treatment my life is slowly coming back on track.

Ram love for me never reduced for a second. In fact it increases more and more by each passing moment. Still we called as most romantic couple. But he become more possessive and more protective for me. 

Priya:- Y ram Y u love me so much. I couldn't able to fulfil ur wish I don't deserve u Ram. I don't.



Finally after so many months happiness enter into our life. 

Doctor gave me green signal that I can able to conceive as I am fit and fine now. Finally, I can hear such good news after rigorous medical treatment n lots of care from my family.  It is one of the happiest moments of my life. My ears are longed to hear this from long time and I hugged Ram in such an excitement. Same happiness I found in Ram's eyes too and he held me tight. After some time we broke the hug and thank doctor a ton. I saw doctor also got tears in her eyes seeing our happiness. She wished me luck.

Doctor:- Priya ..See u very soon with a good news. I nodded my head with my happy tears and I left joyfully.

I was very very happy, I wanted to celebrate it with Ram. From the doctor's clinic we directly went to beach from there to disco and then a candle light dinner. I felt as I got my life back. We fell in love, despite of our differences. I'll never forget a single moment of our life. Now, our love has a new meaning. We made love like crazy lovers.


When I became pregnant...yes when Doctor confirmed my pregnancy I cannot express how much happy I was. Ram squeezed my hand and he kiss me on my forehead. My eyes filled with tears and I started crying. Obviously happy tears but it was unstoppable. My baby z growing inside me and I touched my stomach feeling my baby. Same feeling was with Ram. He tried to calm me down but unfortunately he could not stop himself and tears brimmed in his eyes too.

When we reached home and he carried me in his arms and took me to our room. He laid me carefully on the bed and slides the sari and hold the stomach and gave a kiss there. He said in a cute voice "This is ur Papa and u know I m eagerly waiting for u outside. He gave another kiss on my stomach and reached to my face and said "Thank you Priya...Thank you so much". I held his face and kiss him lightly on his lips. He settles next to me and embraces me tightly.

He is very very happy with this good news as I am.


During Pregnancy period,

I know how much this baby is endearing to me and Ram. I followed all the medications properly as doctor told me as I have complications regarding pregnancy. Everyone is happy with the good news. Ram experiencing his fatherhood from the first day and he had a sleepless night because of my mood swings. He fulfilled all my wishes without complaining.

First time when we saw our baby from the monitor we really felt very proud at that moment. Ram was holding my hand and his all concentration was on the screen. My baby was growing inside me and we can see our baby heartbeat and the movements. My eyes filled with tears. That feeling was awesome.

When Ram feel the first kick of the baby my eyes filled with tears with joy and pride.

Few more months passed and my bump z more visible. I stand in front of mirror caressing my bump and smiled. Ram always say I look more radiant. I know Ram was enjoying every single moment which makes me feel satisfied but somewhere in my heart I was worried about my baby but Ram gave me full strength, assured me nothing will happen to us.

Doctor was also happy with the progress.



I was in the last semester of the pregnancy and doctor advised to be more careful. I was eagerly waiting to see our bundle of joy so as Ram. Ram already told me he will give the baby to me only when he/she'z hungry.

Pihu was born. Ram held the baby in his hand and I become relieved that I fulfil his wish. I looked at Ram with moisten eyes with loads of happiness. He cuddled the baby and gave a kiss. Everyone z happy and showered all love and affection to the baby. Ram in cloud 9 now he becomes proud father of Pihu. Ram turns towards me and place Pihu beside me. I hold my baby with teary eyes and kiss her. I said to Ram "our dreams comes true Ram".

Ram look at me and said "Yes Priya and its all because of you...I love you Priya and thank you for giving me wonderful baby". He pecked my forehead and gave light kiss on my lips. 

 "Thanks Ram for completing me. It's a most precious moment of my life". I embrace him and stay like that for some time.


We are now become parents.

Ram:- Priya I will give u Pihu only when she will get hungry. All other time she will be with me.

I said "Pihu is all urs Ram but still I also want to spend some time with Pihu"

Ram said "U have carried our baby for nine months now u take rest for some time. I will give Pihuto you for feeding".



Priya stopped writing when she heared Ram calling her

Ram:- Priyaa...Priyaaa

Priya:- lagta hai Pihu ko bhook lagi hai aur Ram Pihu ko lekar aa rahe hai. Abb baaki baate baad mein karte hai. She closed her dairy.

Ram:- Priya tum fir se dairy lekar baith gayi. Kabse keh raha hoon abhi tumhe aaram karna chahiye. Chalo woh sab chodo dekho Pihu roo rahi hai shaayad usse bhook laga hai.

Priya took Pihu in her arms and said "Mera bacha ko bhook laga hai. Dhoodhoo chahiye...Papa ne aapko nahi diya.

Ram:- Priya jaldi karo yaar. I can't see her crying.

Priya:- Ek minute Ram...aap bhi na. She started feeding her Pihu.

Ram:- Dekha meine kaha than a Pihu ko bhook lagi hai...

Raya enjoying their parenthood...Their another beautiful journey started with pihu...

Pihu completes void in their life... 

Scene fades...

**********************THE END*********************

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Hiii sandy i know im very late to comment but reserve tho first kiya naWink 

I was reading reading reading and you know had tears in my eyes sometimes had a hearty laugh and when i came to the end you know i can just say Wowww wowww woowww 
how beautifully you have writtten the journey of two lovers . 
Its simply outstanding Os , and i have never evr thought you  will mouldthis so preciously beautiful .
just hats off , i came to know this before my bday  
i was damn eagerly waiting for to read ... ha i have  read that time only but couldnt able to comment 
you know na .. 
and thank you thank you so very much for the beautiful gift. love you 
It was different and exceptional from other os s which u have written and you know you carved it very very beautifully .. 

thank you 
love you .. 

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Posted: 2016-01-05T08:45:12Z
Awesome story again...Clap
nicely written
dairy idea is good...
raya loves each other deeply... and pihu completes their life...Tongue
raya njyng their parenthood Wink 
apt title...Clap
loved it...Hug
keep writing more stories...
waiting for another stories ...Wink and for ur those story pms tooLOL

muaahhh... Heart love u darling...Hug
and no thanks for pmLOLLOL

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Posted: 2016-01-05T10:39:18Z
superb superb superb. kya kammaal k likhte ho aap!!! too gud. I so loved it.

bestest os till date. loved it. loved it. loved it.
RaYa love each other madly. and we all love RaYaPee crazily.

pl do write more.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2016-01-05T11:18:37Z
very nice... awesome
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Posted: 2016-01-05T11:21:20Z
Awww so sweet os n beautiful
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Posted: 2016-01-05T12:04:12Z
After a long time you wrote something! Extremely happy! Its beautiful, loved each line of it... Brilliant
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Posted: 2016-01-05T13:33:59Z
wow o lovely, you have written it awesomely 
please write more OS 
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