Kuch To Hai Tere Mere Darmiyan - Written Update - 01.01.16

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Posted: 5 years ago
Paro is tensed about the things happening with them and talks with Ghosh Babu about it.Vidya asks whats the matter.Paro tries to ignore the matter and says nothing.Vidya says she knows about the baby,orphanage and them visiting the orphanage and Tani's baby is with Raj.Paro and Ghosh Babu get shocked.Vidya says she needs to reveal all this to Tani.Paro requests her not to tell anything to Tani.She says Tano doesn't know that she delivered a healthy baby.But to ensure a respectful life for Tani they did all this.Vidya says what if Tani is also acting as if she doesn't k ow anything about all this!Paro folds her hands and pleads in front of Vidya.Vidya seems to be a little affected.Paro cries and says only three of them know the truth,Taani knows nothing.Paro is about to bend down on her knees but Vidya stands up and asks Ghosh Babu to give Paro some water to drink.

Vidya leaves and thinks this people are saying the truth,Tani knows nothing so there is no chance of her planning for Samar's wealth.But then she says she can't fully trust them,what if Tani has another boyfriend.How she will know whether the baby is of Tani and Samar's!

Koyal wakes up and sees her room decorated with flowers.She says ti herself that she knew Maddy can't remain upset with her.She knew he will get everything right.She sees a bouquet and reads whats written on it.Maddy has written that today she is going to start a new life,a new step from today.Everything will be fine.Koyal gets happy and he was doing drama of being upset to surprise her.Today she will get ready especially for him,for his special surprise.

Koyal enters her cabin and sees bouquets.A man comes and gives another bouquet to her.She gets some chits here and there and follows the steps written in the chits.She gets a locket.Maddy comes and takes permission to enter her cabin.He calls her Mam.Koyal asks what he is doing and asks him to stop the drama.She asks him to wosh her and hugs him but gets confused by Maddy's behaviour.Maddy says he forgot that its her birthday.Koyal says its enough and she is feeling bad.She asks about all the things he is doing for her since morning.Maddy laughs and says a clerk will do all this and will gift his General Manager a diamond pendent!Maddy says all these gifts are from Raj.He can give nothing to her.Koyal asks what has happened to him all of a sudden!Maddy says nothing happened all of a sudden,all the things were happening in front of him but he saw nothing.He says Koyal should complete the remaining phera with Raj and if she wants he is ready to take ulta phera.He asks when she is going to Raj,atleast the drama will end.He leaves,Koyal is shocked.

Samar thinks he will get mad with all the tensions.He asks for a drink and Shubho makes his entry.Samar gets scared and asks him to kill him.Shubho says he will not kill him so easily.He asks him to tell the truth to everyone otherwise he will ensure that he will slowly become insane.Samar pleads and Shubho tries to run away but collides with a pillar.Samar sees him running but continues asking forgiveness.Then he notices a nail and sees blood.He thinks how is this possible.He follows Shubho and thinks why he is running!Shubho(Neil) meets Baba.Baba asks is the work done and Neil says Samar is too scared.They both leave the place.But Samar sees them.Samar thinks whats going on!

Vidya sees a report where its mentioned that the baby is of Tani and Samar's.Vidya says now she will do what will make her happy.

Samar is peeing through the window and sees Baba,Neil and Maddy where they are discussing about Samar.Samar gets to know about their drama.He thinks he revealed nothing and will not reveal anything.He will do something that will ensure that he is not guilty.

Maddy and Koyal are in their room.Koyal writes something on a paper and gives it to Maddy but he tores the paper.He starts leaving but Koyal requests not to leave.Maddy says whatever is happening,he can't stay in the same room with her.He will sleep in the hall and if anyone asks he will give a excuse.Tani listens everything from outside.Maddy comes out of the room and cries.Koyal is also crying.

Vidya and family members come to Samar's house.Samar says its a ritual so he had to call them in such a sgort notice.They sit to have lunch.Vidya says plates are less in number.Samar says plates are not less but its a way of doing something different.Couples will eat from the same plate.Koyal arranges her plate.Raj gets uncomfortable.All of them starts eating.Maddy then stops and says he doesn't want to eat more.Koyal asks but he just started eating.Maddy says he dpesn't want to eat with her.It was a ritual so he ate,now the ritual is done.Koyal asks him not do behave like this in front of everyone.Raj watches them.Maddy says all will happen in front of everyone,he is not scared of anyone.He gets up and leaves.Samar gets happy thinking that Maddy is making his job easy,Raj has seen everything.

Raj comes to Maddy and asks he has lied to everyone and he is making Koyal cry!His true face is revealed now.He asks why he is doing this!Maddy says its between him and Koyal,Raj should not interfere.Raj says whenever it will be Koyal's matter,he will interfere.Maddy thinks this is the best opportunity to misbehave with Raj and create a scene.Koyal will hate him more.Maddy says he will do whatever he want,she is his wife.Everyone get shocked seeing Raj and Maddy fighting with each other.Maddy pushes Raj and Raj gets angry.He says if he misbehaves with Koyal,he will kill Maddy.Venkat says they have come to someone's house,what kind of behaviour is this!Samar comes there and says let us finish the whole fight on a good note.He asks for a minute and goes to bring sweets.He thinks Raj has said that he will kill Maddy.He then mixes poison in sweets.He goves the packet to Raj and asks him to give to Maddy.Maddy angrily takes it.Samar asks Baba to take Maddy with him.Baba asks Maddy to come and have a walk.They leave.

Baba asks why he is behaving like this with Raj.Maddy says Koyal must hate him.Till now she thought Maddy is a very mature person but now she will have to hate him.Then he says he is not understand how their plan failed!Baba asks him to stop being angry.He aska him to have sweets as Raj has given it to him with so much love,also he ate nothing since morning.Maddy also asks him to eat sweet.They eat the sweets.They start coughing.Samar comes there and says he has mixed poison in the sweets.He says he got to know everything about their plan.He provoked Raj and he said he will kill Maddy.He gave Raj the packet and Raj will be the person who will be responsible for the murder.

Precap : Maddy says to Koyal that she has promised that whenever he will ask something from her she will give it to him.He asks for her Mangalsutra.He says Raj is waiting for her and asks her to go to him.
Posted: 5 years ago
^ Thanks a lot for the detailed WU dear! :) 
Posted: 5 years ago
Thanks a lot for the written update dear. 
Posted: 5 years ago
Thank u all for reading the updates...Smile


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