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Hello Guys!

Last week I ended His Little Mistress and since then I'm getting messages to start a new season, I'm really overwhelmed to see your love for this fic, so I'm starting a new season with new concept & new storyline. Season 2 in not related to season 1 in any way.

Scroll down for CH 1.

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Chapter 1

Sharon Reyaansh Singhania, A dutiful wife of a business tycoon, Reyaansh Singhania, her best friend and now her husband, but after their marriage their relationship had changed completely. He doesn't talk to her, doest stay in same room as hers and she doesn't know what to do to get her husband accept her. She tried talking to him but he opt to ignore her every time she went to talk to him. Even his family could see the difference between the couple but couldn't do anything to solve the matter and left it on the couple.

Sharon straighten herself when her husband entered her room which was his once but after their marriage, he left this room and started living in study room which no one in their family knows.

"Rey-" Sharon called out for her her husband in soft tone. She gulped down in nervousness before she spoke. "I wanted to talk to you."

"I don't have time for your talks sharon, I'm busy." Rey answered her in disinterested tone before he moved to closet and took out fresh pair of clothes and went inside the washroom to change. Sharon sighed in frustration, if it was a year back then she knew, he would have left his every work and listen to her, but now he wasn't the same Rey anymore. He had changed and no one but she herself is responsible for the change.

After some moment, he stepped out of the washroom, dressed in casuals. He look at her for a moment but then, ignoring her presence, he moved toward the door only to stop by her.

"Where are you going? It's our wedding anniversary today-" She asked him, dishearten & heart broken by his ignorance. 

"Wedding anniversary? Does that even matter when there is no meaning of marriage to me?" Rey questioned her back, a sarcastic smile planning on his lips.

"Have your dinner and go to sleep. I won't be coming home tonight." Rey said to her before he opened the door and moved out, not sparing a glance to his wife who stood there with unshed tears in her eyes while cursing the moment when she took that drastic step that changed everything.


Rey unlocked the door and entered his penthouse, locking the door behind him, Rey moved to kitchen where he found her, busy in cooking dinner for them.

"Taani-" He called out for her, gaining her attention. She dropped the spatula in pan and turned around, facing him. Her lips curved into a wide smile when she saw him, she walked over him and throwing her arms around him, she hugged him tightly.

"I got admission in city's best college." Taani informed his with a soft smile, she got one in return. 

"Thats great! So how we are going to celebrate?" Rey asked her, eying her as his eyes darkened with lust brewing up inside him. Taani blushed under his penetrating gaze, but then gaining control over her ragging emotions.

"A candle light dinner,just you & me."

"Sounds good, and in desert, I want you." Rey whispered in her ear, his voice held promises, which made her shudder as chill ran down her spine in excitement.

"You wait there, I'll set the table." Taani told him, pushing him toward the couch but he shook his head and tighten his grip around her, he pulled her more into him.

"I'll help you, little kitty."

"I'm not little." Taani retorted, making him chuckle at her.

"Yes, you are, little kitty. You're so tiny, fits perfectly in my arms." Rey answered her back, cocooning her tiny form in his muscular arms, proving his point as he hide her in his embrace. 

"Alright-Alright. You won, Mr. Big-Bad-Singhania." Taani giggled loudly as she spoke. "Now lets get back to work, Mr. Singhania. You can help me in setting up the table."


"This is so f**king good, kitty. When you learn to make this?" Rey moaned while eating his favorite italian dish made by her.

"Firstly, Please do not curse, atleast not infront of me. It's not good." Taani scolded him, making him rolled her eyes at her.

"As you wish, momma!" He mocked her, causing her to frown at him.

"Really? Momma? If I'm your momma then forget about the desert you badly wanted." Taani retorted back before she smirked evilly as his eyes went wide hearing that.

"Little Kitty, Be a good girl and don't even think of that." Rey warned her in sugar coated tone. 

"Only if you be good man, and come to drop me college on my first day. I'll be in need of moral support." Taani spoke, putting her condition before him.

"Okay, I will. Now come here." Rey said to her, taani shook her head, she got up and sat on his lap comfortably as they finished rest of their dinner while chatting about random stuff.


Rey walked inside their bedroom with her in his arms. Rey threw her on his bed. Taani stare at the man stand before her as he undress himself. He smirk seeing her staring at his body with lust flicker through her hazel orbs. Leaving himself in just boxers, Rey came on top of her. 

"Now, time for my favorite desert. Little Kitty, I'm not going to leave you tonight." He whispered hoarsely, making her heart beat loudly in anticipation of whats coming next. Rey kissed her on her nose tip before moving down trailing kisses on her jaw line to her throat. His hold tightened on her waist as he felt her tiny hand move between them and run against his chest, he smooched her lower lips, occasionally biting her lips. He was demanding and rough yet passionate, Rey broke the kiss leaving her breathless.

"Reyaansh!" Her moans ignited the fire in him. She gripped into his hairs as he moved his hand to remove her dress leaving her only in her lacy inner wears. Running her fingers through his silky locks, she fisted them into her small hands as Rey bite her skin giving her a hickey, making her moan louder. He unclasped her bra, taking her peak in his mouth.  His other hand caress the curves of her chest. then he moved downward, removing the last piece of clothing from her body.

Taani arched backward as his tongue work on her most sensitive part, making insides of her stomach clenched as chill sensation ran through her body.

"Do you like it, little kitty?" He asked him, his voice was ragged & rough, she felt dizzy at their close proximity.

"I do. More than you will ever know-" She whispered back, honestly which made his heart burst with happiness & pride. He smiled before he got up, Getting rid of his boxers, he settled himself between her legs and in a one sleek moment he entered her and immediately started thrusting deep inside her, setting up his pace. Taani gripped his shoulder for support, her eyes bore into his as they reached their climax. He slept with his body rested on hers while she stayed awake, stroking his hair lovingly. What they share is, out of her understanding. He can never give her what she wants, but still she couldn't bring herself to leave him.


Please do leave your feedback :)

I'll continue only if i will get good response.
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aww wow season2 awsm shron rey ki wife  confusing but amazing continue next part update soon
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Super - Duper Awesome
Amazing Update
Mind Blowing
Loved It
Post Next Part Super Soon
Thanks for the PM
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Posted: 2015-12-28T04:28:11Z
Great update
Please update never too late
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Yaay...congrats for Season 2... Big smile

Sharon & Rey married... Shocked

TaaRey ka kya hoga...Shocked

TaaRey part was awesome...Wink

Fast fast update dena...LOL

Thanx for the pm...Hug

PS= Update ur old stories too...please...Smile
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awesome update... rey and Sharon married.. no what will happen to taarey now... update soon
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Posted: 2015-12-28T04:37:47Z
Congrats for new story ...loved the beginning oopps rey is married
waiting to see how story unfolds 
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