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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by avni_19

Waise the videos are working right? I got a message now stating the second video isn't working. Can u pls chk?

It's working for me!

The 2nd YouTube link that namratha has posted says not available but the phone link that you have given is working. So remove the YouTube link and name the phone link as part two of the video
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by PriteeMisra

Munira, Sunita, Pavithra and Nikita amazing guys.
Arya, thank you pulling together everything. Now we can read all your reviews at one place.

Thankyou sooo much !!!!
Sarii mehnat wasool ho gayii LOL
Glad that you all watched it Day Dreaming
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by moonwearer

Awesome video Sunitha andall involved in the video and the tale in pictures Kajal.
Arya thanks for the thread

Thankss! The names are - Munira, Nikita & Pavithra. Smile
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by EnVee

<font size="3" face="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif">Awesome girls. I watched the videos and read a couple of comments. But could not read through all. Been a crazy weekend chauffering folks around!

But efforts are appreciated. Clap


Thanks alot!! Anything for sosy Wink
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604

Has it really been a year?

This is wonderfully thoughtful, kind and generous

I am going to fall short on praising the immense talent I see here.

Nikita, Munira Pavithra

I was watching a Ted video yesterday that tracked 900 men for SEVENTY FIVE YEARS, a Harvard sponsored study, on Happiness

https://www.ted.com/talks /robert_waldinger_what_makes_a_good_life_lessons_from_the_longest_study_on_happiness

The biggest strongest answer was "Relationships"

The men in the study dont know me the speaker doesnt either, but they are absolutely right

The unbelievable bonds I have forged in the last year speaks volumes for my happiness and sense of contentment in my otherwise disturbed tumultuous life


Truly its a gift from YOU all

With much love and gratitude

So glad you watched and liked it Nisha!! Thankyou for the appreciation Hug
Aapne dekh liya toh bass paisa wasool Wink
Please just keep surprising us everyday like you've been doing since one last whole year Day Dreaming
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Kjolovesbabies

The 2nd YouTube link that namratha has posted says not available but the phone link that you have given is working. So remove the YouTube link and name the phone link as part two of the video

Achaaa I will do that in a while! But the YT link will only work in Laptop/Desktop..
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Kjolovesbabies

Originally posted by nikitagarwal

Originally posted by Kjolovesbabies

Thank you preeti, envee, Sri, Arya Embarrassed

Yeah preeti done with exams Tongue

Sunita I was wondering why did it end, I just wanted it to continue with many more lovely moments and songs and everything was just perfect Clap

Ask us!! How we with heavy hearts had to select and leave out on sooo many scenes! Each part had one highlight (mostly the entire parts).
Just coz we thought that the length would be too much and it could become a nuisance we didnt get to choose sooo many of the scenes!!
Thanks a lot for the appreciation!

You could have made it of 15 minutes and it won't have been a nuisance coz it's them but loved it maybe it was short so the urge to see more was there Embarrassed kudos to you all Clap

Kajal both videos together i suppose are 15 minutes..or maybe more..just that we thought it would become too lengthy! Only when we compiled it at the end we realised we could have added much more scenes! Nonetheless saving it for another feat at SoSyLand!
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by _barbie_

Hi Nisha,

I was meaning to write to you for a long time, trust me! I would think that I should write to you on a weekend so that you have some time to sit and read my message and in the process, I have missed so many weekends.

I decided to write today as I was not able to hold back any more. At the outset, I CONGRATULATE YOU as SoSY turns 1 today. What a journey it has been! 900 +chapters!!

I came across this wonderful tale when I went for a vacation with my cousins last year. I used to check on phone on train journey but couldn't get sense of it as I was surrounded by people peeping into my phone.LOL

As Noufiya has said, the word menopause caught my sight and started following. I have followed it from thread 2 and believe me I never got addicted to any thing like this before. I wrote the chapter titles and page numbers on a tissue paper because I couldn't find pen and paper that moment LOLI can't believe me keep refreshing my phone every now and then to see if an update has come! Though I am passive in commenting, I am along with it. Know that my dear author.

You are truly an amazing story teller binding a whole lot of people across the continents. I love your eyes to details, your creativity and sense of humor. Your consistency in maintaining the quality and sincerity in delivering it and patience to accommodate the ever increasing demands for updates is truly truly impressive. I must confess how you have influenced my life so positively. When I get so many things to do on a particular day and not able to manage them, I tell myself ,"LOOK HOW NISHA juggles between work, home, kids and Sosy and other things. You don't even have so many responsibilities. Get yourself going"ClapClap

When I moved to Delhi, six months back, I felt as if I am meeting II and RB. I feel SoSy's presence when I come across the places mentioned here. Just see me being"consciously crazy" :D :DEmbarrassedBig smile

I went to Malai Mandir just to imagine Sosy and the same applies for DDA flats Munirka and R K Puram, Tamil Sangam, Karnataka Sangha. Recently, I attended a conference at Taj, Chanakyapuri. When I got know that I was to go there, I jumped in joy just because it is in Chanakyapuri. :D When I entered , the lemony scent there made me feel RB. The same day you wrote about the American style emergency center near The Ashok Hotel. I was just passing by. I felt so happy and thought you just got me into the story :D

When a friend of mine was to go for a play at Modern school , Barakhamba road, I explained all about it. She was like, "How do you know this much?". I said, "My friend went there" :D In other instance, when I see Neva, the Maruti dealers in Delhi, I think of Excelsior.I go to Jor Bagh, as my mentor lives there. I hope to meet II and RB's doctor :D

This is been a stupendous journey, Nisha. I salute you for this. Minion's Tara Mausi (for Tira Misu), II's Oily patch cannot be forgotten in my life. I would have told Tara Mausi to my mother atleast 50 times. She thinks I have gone mad :D :DLOL

II's dresses and jewellery needs a special mention. I so love them. I am a big fan of big jhumkas. I really love it when you mention it. I have been in dilemma for three years whether to pierce my nose. All my friends got it done three years back. Now, your II has finally made me decide on that. I have placed orders for ruby, pearl and diamond nose pins.Big smile


1) be consistent like you, Nisha

2) be crazy, yet adorable like II

3) be balanced like RB

It bursted my myth that you can't have a. Virtual family that is so loyal and caring. I pay attention to details now and chuckle to myself thinking that it is because of SoSy :)

The tales of SoSy craziness are never ending and I love being crazy that way. Hope you read THIS reader's appreciation just like you read others. I have a small msg for you and I have sent over Private Message. PLEASE LOOK INTO THAT :))

HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY SOSY :) Grow more wiser and smarter!!

Happy birthday Nisha for the writer in you :)

Awaiting your response on this one and the PRIVATE MESSAGE :)

Warm Regards from my side.

Hey, Love your detailing. All of us here are very invested in this story and by capturing the random yet significant moments in a nutshell, you made me connect to everything that you posted that I have personally loved as much as you have. Oily patch is my most favourite too , actually was , as now it is the snow flakes one " no two are alike" update.
I felt something very similar akin to what you felt in your post .I landed at my brother's place welcomed by snow .
And the way I see snow flakes now is influenced by this chapter which had the tree limbs talking to snow. The top layer was powdery white. I blew it off my hands and like II , made my daughter and my nephews dig into the snow upto their elbows. I did that too.

Yeah I look at snow now through Sosy's eyes and it's pure fun.

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