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Posted: 6 years ago
Wow... It's one year Congratulations Nisha, what an amazing journey and you truly deserve a standing ovation!!
On March 6th, I saw a post on SOFTWARE SYMPHONY and since then I completely hooked to this tale, my day starts and ends with your Symphony.
Love this story and the unique couple you have created II, R&B 
and all the other characters too. 
This tale is very special to me when I am in bad mood or upset your story will sure bring a smile on my face.
Not only enjoying this tale from last 10 months but also learning so many things from the story and the discussions here on different topics.
Thanks to all the ladies here who encourage Nisha with their brilliant reviews and comments on every chapter.
May this journey goes on and on... eagerly waiting to read about Nivi's arrival, our beautiful couple joy as parent's and Ranjan's happy moments with his grandchildren.
Thank you Nisha for writing this incredible tale. 
Wishing you good health, happiness, and success in the coming year.
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Posted: 6 years ago
Congrats SoSY!!!!!

SoSY for me is a virtual world which brought some beautiful souls together..

Means more than putting 
On a page
Is to share
With the 

Thanks a zillion NishaHeart

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Posted: 6 years ago

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Posted: 6 years ago
Thanks arya for putting my message her.ur a sweetheart
Posted: 6 years ago
Message from our SR(Prathima)
SOSY has provided me with an escape from reality into a parallel universe full of reality that I not only relish, but also cherish. 
Thanks to the creator of the marvel-the sosyian world.
May SOSY live onThumbs Up
Posted: 6 years ago

Hi Nisha...
SOSY to me has been - therapy, my fav bed time story , best hiding spot, stress buster... for nearly a year now.

I have absolutely no idea when i began reading this. All that i remember is, I found this amazing tale all by sheer luck. On one of those wasted days when I had nothing good to do, I was roaming aimlessly in India forums looking for any good read and my lucky stars brought me here.

I have loved each n every update till date. I believe YHM characters will be in debt to Nisha (for ever) for turning them so real :)(much to the contrary in d show)

Nisha.. I would be one among the many many of your fans here who would await and preorder, any book you would write in future. Do consider making SOSY a novel - world needs an author lyk you.

Am so happy to have known a great author lyk you. 
All the very best.
Congratulations on first anniversary.
Best wishes for all the celebrations that awaits.


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Posted: 6 years ago

A Virtual and an Extended Family...

Congratulations Nisha on 365 days of Software Symphonies !!! 

A baby one year old, dear to the author but much dearer to all us readers who remain spellbound by the story to this day !

I chanced upon Software symphonies early this year, by a stroke of real luck while surfing the net...was a quiet and silent reader for over a month as I remained overawed by your ability to churn out update after update everyday and also keep all of us enthralled and completely absorbed by your tale.

Then came a day when you announced you would not write any more due to certain circumstances. I panicked and wondered how the day would remain complete if I wouldn't  have  my daily fix of the trials and travails of my favourite protagonists. I wrote a pleading entreaty to you in April this year, along with many others, asking you to please "not stop " writing !

Thus the journey began...I gained a virtual and an extended family whom I chose to call a part of my own. I shared their happiness, their sorrow and their daily lives thru posts. Woke up many a night at 3am and logged in to check on them...both virtual and real !!!!

I have acquired daughters , I have gained peers and I have forged friendships, all of who have now become part of my life and will remain so. I may not be posting nowadays, but  never miss reading an update  and the ties that I have gained are all thanks to you Nisha !

Nisha...your story has been the cause for all our hearts to beat in a symphony that we alone would understand. You have been part of our lives, through many, many ups and downs and will continue to do so in the future...and as many times as I would say THANK YOU, it would not be enough !!!

Here's hoping and wishing at this momentous juncture, that we, the SOSY family, continue  this journey together...growing older, forging relationships ...and you, continue to keep us bound together by this inexplicable  connect  to a family whom we have all chosen to  make our very own! 

With love and best wishes



Posted: 6 years ago

Hope all is well in SoSy Land. 
I remember the madness that started this time around last year. It was a crazy time, I made an IF account, posted comments left right and center.LOLThe magic of SoSy connected  me to wonderful accomplished women. You all inspire me.Clap
Nisha you are truly a remarkable author of this story, which has created its own fantasy world. Where these characters have started to feel like a reality.Smile
And you are also responsible for creating a monster Shree Shree R&B for the young ladies.Tongue You have single handedly changed the expectations for a guy. Now girls wants quite,handsome,tall,intelligent guy. EmbarrassedEmbarrassed( shukar hai mere din khatam ho Gaye).LOL
Kudos to you and your creativity. All the best and may the story continues.

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