SW Symphony 62 -- Faith & Faux Fur - Page 98

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Posted: 6 years ago
Don't care if they all r fighting 
As long as ll and dude don't fight
I want lovey dovey Nain  mataka between them

Let them be busy fighting their wars and having gruges 
This will give enough time to dude to steal his bride for himself. He is sneaky in this aspect.

Manya yaar u fight ur fight. Dimpal knows how to handle everyone way better then u can ever do.
I don't want ll to know any of these nonsense. Let her be  busy being happy in her own world.she tries to make everyone's life good so let her b happy too and enjoy her godh 
bharai ceremony. Let her b in bliss. 
Dude take care of her now that u caught her lie.
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Posted: 6 years ago
Thus fight may blow off dude. II when and if heard of it may blame her hubby again.

Appa and dudes fights are only funny, manya was wrong to speak in between, she out of all people should know that her brother won't let sth go if he doesn't want to and here it's the question of his wife n child, ofcourse he won't let them out of sight.

Appa just tries everytime to snatch back his daughter from the holds of the tall guy but he fails to realise that his daughter too holds on to him LOL LOL
Posted: 6 years ago
I just loved the way u described the changing equations b/w vandu n II...so damn realClap
Being the middle one I could relate to it ..I do anything for my elder sis she thinks of ways to repay it whereas my younger bro would ask me to get something else too along with what I bought for himWink

A sense of awarkwardness peeps in relationships when the younger sibling is better than elder one especially financially.

No matter what the younger one does out of love it would be labeled as show-off...this certainly is post marriage... Before it all looks like u are using ur siblings things and thats OK..it's all in familyEmbarrassed

The elder ones start feeling their parents are being unfair and in most cases parents tend to start comparing the kids too Ouch

We mostly visualise an elder person as someone who has it all and someone u could look up to when u r in need of anything...and trust me elder siblings love that too when they are asked for advices etc 
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Posted: 6 years ago
Beautiful update nisha loved it Akka's feeling of hurt is genuine in a way simply coz she was deprived of it through out 
Loved the war between appa and manny 
Posted: 6 years ago
Sonal thanks a million for the index ... I'm sure I could not have kept pace with out that.

Nisha the future updates were awesome.. The tarantula seemed to be a slice of our life here - in the science Center thankfully not the plane though.. And no thatha for help.

What a cute chilled out dad RnB makes - firm when it matters and giving his kids a Long rope otherwise. Parenting is a tough act to balance.
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by RedGarnet

Beautiful update and an awesome title Nisha! All our parents would have felt the same when we had our babies.

The update reminds me of my own valaikkappu and seemandham 15 years back - it was held in the last leg of my pregnancy after my parents arrived. And I delivered my son the next morning itself. It was a long ritual and quite exhausting. Jas was with me throughout the ritual. She teases me even now that the way the priest made me do all those namaskarams made me deliver early - 2 weeks earlier than the due date. BTW we both were pregnant at the same time with same due date - she delivered 2 weeks later than the due date. LOL


I believe the custom of wearing bangles during this ceremony is to infuse sounds and music to the baby in the womb. Nowadays pregnant women are asked to play music and read to the babies in the womb.

Thanks for the enlightening Embarrassed nowadays maybe to-be mothers prefer discotheques too LOL
Posted: 6 years ago

"Abhi Dad ko batana padega Tan" Sam was almost shaking in fright

"Yaar Manya" Tan rubbed his shiny bald pate

Lasya smacked it, sending a sliver of drool down

Tan made a disgusted face

"Pakden is ko aap" he ordered his wife

"I am sorry" Sam whispered

"Its OK yaar... Manya aap to ghar chalo"

"u dont have to defend me I can talk to Dad mujhe kisi ka dar nahi...
 he is just using Dimpal's job in Paris to arm twist us" Manya acted like it was a bloody North Korea US war

"Jo bhi hai, Dad ko suljhaane deti, woh already unko keh chuka hai usko bhejega nahi kal" Sam warned

"So good no? I made his life easier" Manya shrugged smugly

"Tu baat ko samajh nahi rahi hai"

Lasya cried loudly... hungry

"Tum dono ladne band karo, jo karna tha woh kar chuki" Tan warned

"Mr Iyer is going to use Manya's defense and say "tradition demands the daughter needs to be at parents house'

"I told him he will be back for delivery" manya said

Sam clamped her hand over her mouth "Toone bata diya? Usne kisi ko nahi kaha II ko chi nahi maloom hai tujhe?"

Sam looked at Tan, he did a SMH

"Khaane kaun aa raha hai? Vandu came

She looked at their faces and was confused

Tan reached and grabbed baldie "Aaaja mere lal, tu bhi ganja main bhi" he kissed the cute skinny baby

Shubhang smiled at Tan

"Kuch sikhao apni beti ko kal kisi ke ghar jaayegi, hasti nahi... ladaku kahin ki"
he smacked his daughter "Isko dekho, sundar susheel aur ganja" Tan laughed, channeling some Desi sterotypes

Sam agreed wholeheartedly "Bigdee ladki hai" she made a face looking at lasya
Lasya strongly disagreed, who says babies dont understand languages

Vandu smacked him

"I hope Ishita's baby is fully bald" she cursed

"Chances kam hai boss" Tan tapped her cheek "Dono ka baal dekha? baalon ki dukaan" he looked at R&B
"Mujhe lagta hai yaha se jaakar kat waata hoga, aur yahan jaan bhoojkar lambe karke aata hai" "Saala ekdum zehreela" "Uski behen ko maayke bhejta hoon daat kar" he winked

"I will kill u" Vandu said

"Oye shabaash... apni rakhi sister ki  raksha" Tan winked

He grabbed Vandu's hand  "Yeh haath mujhe de de Vandu"

"Tannn... its all Iyers... kya sochenge" Sam squeaked

"Jo bhi keh yaar yeh saari Iyer ladkiyan cute hain" he smiled hugging Vandu

Vandu smiled amused, "Chalooo" she ordered
Manya grunted

"Aapne kiya arti?" she turned and asked

"Oh ya... she is wearing so many garlands I doubt she could see me" Manya said

"Its full blown Iyer" Vandu said smiling

"i want something like this Tan" Sam complained

"Untie ur tubes my love"
Vandu laughed hysterically

They all ate, and by the time the hoopla was over it was 4 ish... II dozed in a corner, in a not so comfy chair

R&B made a few trips to MM, two aunts from Punjab were here with their husbands...
Only Chachu had come with two sons and their wives, Chachi had skipped it

He came back from MM,  and found her asleep, and abandoned
Her feet up on a steel chair, and she sat on one wrapped in Amma's shawl

He kneeled by her and rubbed her cheek, chandan and haldi crumbs fell off

"Forget something?" she teased, in a husky sleep drugged voice

"I think so" he whispered, helpingher sit up straight

"Wheres everybody" she asked scanning the now empty quiet hall

"I took the family home" he said, shrugging

"Amma Appa and Vandu ka were wrapping up, Sam had to go since Lasya was being a pain" II explained
He nodded

"Nandu Shravu tired of rock climbing yet?" he asked half smiling

"Appa was super angry" II shuddered

II had no idea Amma Appa had a show down over what he had told Manya

"how can u say something like that?" Amma was apalled as they ateon the giant banana leaf

"Avan maasathla 28 naal naatla iruka maatan, avanukku vanda odanne pondaati venum" (He wont be in the country 28 out of 30 days, when he is here, he wants his wife)

"Are u even listening to ur logic? U are actually making a case for HIM" Amma mocked

Appa fumbled and grunted and fumed

"Why should we break tradition I say?" Appa raised his voice

"Lets talk tactfully to Mr Ranjan, these youngsters will be like that only" Amma grunted

"Did Ishita also wnat to stay in Malcha Marg?" Appa was furious

"How will she come, he has come last nite only"

"Enna mantaram panninano" Appa cursed (Wonder what spell he has cast on my child) shaking his head...

"How come you did not sing?" he asked his wife softly pulling up a chair beside her

"Amma ke best friend ho kya?" II asked upset

He chuckled

"I am told u shud have sang" he teased
She smacked him

"Dey lets go home da, looks like my family forgot me da" II scanned the room, looking sad
"No" he said firmly... looking at the back of her flower adorned head ...deeply

Ranjan had intercepted R&B not too long ago when he was helping Tan load gifts from the Iyers into Ranjan's trunk
His Ferrari trunk didnt hold much...

"Puttarjee, Mr Iyer wants us to send her to RK Puram" he said

"Ive spoken and told him... we cant do that" he said in his signature soft spoken style

"Tey unanu kee dassan?" Ranjan panicked

"shes going to Malcha Marg" R&B said quietly

"Tu chahe ruk jayin RK Puramch?" Ranjan offered generously

"Shes really tired" R&B said firmly

"Mr Iyer nu manaana koi asaan kaam tey hai nahi bilqul wi" Ranjan lingered begging his son for help

"I can go tell him!!?" R&B offered

"Tere kehen di koi load nahi"Ranjan quickly back tracked fearfully

"Do I get a bath and a nice sandwich for dinner?" she asked softly

He pulled her hands and examined the gorgeous glass bangles stacked as far back as her elbow, he gently thumbed through them feeling the glassDay Dreaming

"Pretty" he said softly

"He seems to love it" she smiled, insisting it was a boy

She was now wearing a saree Vandu had gifted her in dark green and luscious yellow... a traditional kanjeevaram

Ii shook her arms, and he watched Nivi dance...Hug

Love you so so so much ManviCry

Posted: 6 years ago
Nisha--thank you for the awesome updates!!!

Nivi will soon be with us!!!!  

I am almost frightened by the zest for fighting displayed by Mr. Iyer and Manya---come on guys--lets live and let live!!Ouch

Poor Ranjan, Amma, Sam, and Tan-caught in the middle and trying to keep all sides happyLOL

I don't recall much of my sisters' seemandham and valaikappu functions--it was lovely to hear about the ceremony after so many years...makes me very nostalgic!Day Dreaming

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