SW Symphony 62 -- Faith & Faux Fur - Page 78

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Posted: 6 years ago
#TheFeminist v/s #R&BFanGirl - An Eternal Battle, on "Droplets on a Lotus"

The title was beautiful. Almost as much as Amma's statement. The same words became so much more poignant, when placed in the context that she used it in.
Once again, #TheDude stole the show, even though he wasn't there for most of this update.

The main point of conflict (in my head, as usual) in this update, was the II-Amma conversation...
Feminist: You know what, II? Your mother has a point... Akka and she did go back to work in 3 months, and that too while handling so many other things. If you're out to show the world how powerful & strong a woman is, you can't let your job go! With your job goes your financial independence!! #YouAreShakthi
FanGirl: #B**chPlease She's made the baby with #TheDude. Obviously they'll be as adorable and luscious as their father! Can you blame her for wanting to stay and take care of said #MiniDude? Wouldn't you want to? If you made a baby with #TheDude
Feminist: YOUR ovaries explode when you read about #TheLOUT (Lanky-Overbearing-Unsympathetic-Tool), not mine. #NotMyScene 
Besides, if he's such an amazingly supportive hubs, shouldn't he ask her to go back to work, stay back in Malcha Marg and take care of the baby himself? He's got a company that could run itself (his partners would run it), and turn profits even if he's not constantly involved! #DoubleStandards 
FanGirl: Look. He's an amazing guy. Just 'coz he doesn't want to live in Malcha Marg (well, that's what it essentially boils down to. The whole Ranjan thing.), doesn't make him the bad guy here! Plus, I'm sure that if II wished it, he'd probably have an army of (background-checked) nannies at her back and call. Or, he'd hire her at Argent! And, they could relocate. To Paris. #DontBashTheDude
Feminist: If only you could ever look past #TheLOUT, and his wealth, affluence and "hotness". I know I wouldn't want II's babies to be rotten, spoilt brats. #NuffSaid

Me: And, so continued the endless debate of the world versus women (or the pointless debate of Feminist & FanGirl).

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Posted: 6 years ago


Pattum Padamalum Thamarai il vizhundha thaneeyaga

Parthum paaramal salanamedhum illa odaiyaga

Vaarthaiku marupechindri mounam kaatha peasmadandhaiyay

Sirithum sirikaamal arai manadhu punagaiyudan

Kettum ketkaadha ragasiyam pesum siru kuzhandhaiyay

Ingum angum alaindhu parithavithadhu en manam

Melum keezhum vangum moochu nee sooli endradhu

Thavariya thaalam nee paatu pazhagavillai endradhu

12 varathil thirumbaavittal vellai illai endral adhigari

Vellaikku sel veetil enna seivai enna saadinaal Amma

Rosham thavir pidivadham vidu kobamedharku endrum neetinaal

Paramugamudan Akka , vali vedhanai il Athai, Periyappa nilai patriya kavalai il ellorum

Avan indri thanimayil naan Karanamilla varugai tharum Manny

Yarukkum en nillai vilangavillai...en patriya kavalai illayo?

Nillai kola thadumaatram  ekkamum thabamum sera

Mana poraatathil naan.

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Posted: 6 years ago

translation of lines posted


Amma wonders at the detached attachment I feel for him

A lotus pad distancing itself from the water running down on it

I see and don't pay attentive observation and stay a clear running brook

Bearing in avowed silence the words and taunts thrown at me

A half hearted half smile is what I adorn

A toddler sharing unintelligible whispers

My heart keeps wandering about restlessly

Huffs and puffs reminded that I was a mother to be

A missed note and beat evoked firm censures of missed Sadhanas

Return in 12weeks or miss your position I am warned

Get back to work like us what do you gain by being home Amma chided

Stop being obstinate drop your insistence forget your rage...she listed Akka moves about choosing to ignore me and my state

Athai in her aches and pains and all in anxiety over Periyappa

My solitude sans him , his delayed advent Manny's sudden appearance surprise me

Don't I have anyone sensitive to my plight, don't they every worry about me?

I agitatedly pine and frenetically pace about in deep reverie




Posted: 6 years ago
Hmmm...wonder what they'll do for their first anniversary. For him each day's might be the first day but celebrating milestones for her is a big thing. And I am sure he'll indulge her, especially now that she's about to give the greatest gift of all times - his baby. Yes want to read, see and feel the ceremony. RB will be super protective of his wife for sure. Nice. 
Posted: 6 years ago
I hope we get one.
Nisha, please.
Posted: 6 years ago
"Dr" & Dimpal

He drove her to D II after an hour of bickering and wrestling on the sun room day bed
Thrown in with generous amounts of kissing and pawing

"I swear I will drive u at 3 in the morning" he whispered, as they leaned on each other gasping to catch their breath

"Thats just another lame way of saying, "I am going to be reading in the balcony" "I am going to be in the office"" she murmured on his cheek ear

"Its not" "Its not even 6" he groaned

"amma said if I went before temple closed, we can two or three tonight" whe whispered

He reached and felt his daughter, she fluttered, excited

"she behaves herself when u are not in town"

"Good to know" he whispered
They back down on her fave bed

"Were u in Paris or?" she asked

"I was in Munich for two and London for two days" he explained

"Doing what?"

"Looking at cool new ideas to lie our life using technology" he whispered
His hand, funbling under her kurta, his right thumb on her nose ring

"We dont need too much technology" she whispered

"Says someone that sells software for a living?" he chuckled

"MEANN!!" she cursed, as he shook laughing silently
They gently laced legs, and like in a symphony slow motion hungrily reached for each other

He looked at her eyes deeply... "I wouldnt be gone unless it was important. You know that dont you?" he asked

"U wud and I dont" she said exhaling

He half smiled

"I like it when u diasgree without a moment's thought" he whispered, beginning to kiss her, with a groan

"Darn it!!" she whispered
He laughed on her lips scraping her chin mercilessly

"I thought u liked your women quiet and submissive" she continued

"what are they like?" he asked as if he wondered

"Rakshasaney" she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down on her urgently

"If u agree to take me now (to D II), I can..." she whispered suggestively, hinting she was willing to kiss him

"I will "take you" now" he nodded with that devil like glint in those eyes, crushing her on the mattress

He hesitated attempting to pull away after dropping her

"DONT" she ordered

"I am going to go take a shower and get on a call" he explained, being lame

"I will tell Amma I took an auto then" she challenged

He glared and parked, grabbing her tote

She was wearing another outfit now, after being "taken"

Manya had showed up when she was waking from her post love making nap

II sneaked into her closet somehow and changed into a diff set of clothes

"Dr?" he teased his sister

"Dimpal?" he mocked him back

"U can hardly notice" he went on the defensive feeling that one cheek with the cavity

"Because u have lipstick on it" Manya grunted

He gently rubbed his cheek

"I dont know yaar, pata nahi approve hoga ya nahi, I am like  Lasya now, at every
opportunity I want my Mommee" Manya ridiculed her sudden love for India and Malcha Marg

R&B was startled to hear her say Mommee and just stared at those words

"Big plans tonight?" he asked her as she sat on the swing, they both stared out at the lush green ridge, breathing freely on a rare non foggy day like today

"Umm.. no, hes not even in town" Manya blushed

"I am told Delhi is the second most populated city" (he mocked her gently for indicating she only came to Delhi for Makarand

"shut up!! " "Thats why I am going to Sam's tonight, chal na Dimpal she is making lamb biryani" she urged

He chuckled

"Tan's doing poker?' he asked

"Dunno"  "Biwi jaane nahi degi tujhe" Manya said

"shes going to D II" he reminded

"Kyon?" Manya asked trying not to sound happy

"the ceremony is tomorrow" he said

"Oh haaan... Dimpal Daddee" Manya sighed "I hope hes exactly like you" (ofcourse!! how can R&B's baby be like II. That would be plain WRONG)

"Out of control, problem child?" he chuckled thinking back about his younger days

"No!! a bokkworm, blues lover, quiet and brooding, and thoughtful" Manya said softly

"Its a she" he said smugly

"I hope its a he" Manya argued

"U have one more person hoping with you" he chuckled

"kaun? Sam?" Manya asked eagerly

"Nope!! II" he said smiling
As the person bearing that nick name made her way to the balcony in a pair of pink
sweats and a orange tee and a pink hoodie, her dimpal's eyes lit up... Manya struggled to hate the woman at that moment, it was getting really hard...Cry

Posted: 6 years ago
Beautiful update nisha I loved the conversation between dude and manny it was too cute... 

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