SW Symphony 62 -- Faith & Faux Fur - Page 69

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Posted: 6 years ago
Glad you guys are safe. Take care.
Posted: 6 years ago
Man & Meds

R&B stood them all in the bathroom and at midnight hosed them down using the pull out shower head

Sahana sat on the floor naked and gurgled, delighted, her fat belly spilling on to the marble floor

II had thrown a couple towels behind the ball of fat, in case she teetered under the pressure of the spray and fell backwards
She DID!! and sat up the next second, flapping her arms, patting her fat thighs, and squealing

The boys wanted to turn the shower head towards their face

Nivi looked forlorn standing in a corner

R&B noticed "Hey angel" he cooed

"They get all the water?" she asked

"No they dont" he shut the faucet off, the boys screamed, Sahana cursed him boldly and shrieked

R&B turned it back on and sprayed Nivi's face
She stood wearing her swim outfit

The boys wore their swim shorts

Nivi was done rinsing the sugar syrup in 10 seconds

She grabbed a towel "I am the first" she shouted provoking the boys

R&B chuckled

II had chosen someone like HIM for her own group, claiming "Nivi is like ME" and so had
given him MANY like herself for his team, claiming "they are like YOU"
The three younger brats were like her actually, loud, and nosy and talkative and trouble makers... full of energy

Nivi was quiet and composed, loved books & music... and yet wicked...

The boys raced after their sister

Sahana was glad she had her man and her water

She was a water baby for sure

II lay clothes out on the master bed

She pitied Ranjan and Mavvy, it was past midnight and this family was taking showers

The kids were on a sugar high...

She felt sorry for them

They missed their Dad, between school and activities there was no time left to "play"
The pre school had too much politics

Some star Moms and hieress moms had a rating scale for people and II didnt feature on their list,
so she was left with a handful of "nobody" moms like herself

She was wary of befriending too many kids from class
The boys had each other unlike Nivi

Well Sahana was the empress
She had a hand crafted portfolio to spread terror and fear around the house
Her screams could be heard on the terrace and in the lawns
She had to be picked up when she wanted to be

Amma and Appa just spoiled her throughly

They loved the fiesty, naughty chick

R&B obsessed over her too
He knew his wife wont have any more
She got her tubes tied for good, half awake after Sahana's C-section procedure

"TIE MY TUBES, NOW" she ordered Dr Urmil

Dr Urmil, a lady not prone to too many emotions, giggled like a school girl

"After u heal" she ordered

II marked every day up until 6 weeks and went in by herself and got them tied

The whole drama of it made her blush each time when she narrated it to family

R&B and Sahana were having a power struggle in the bathroom

Each time he shut the faucet, she was letting loose her choicest gaalis for him

II didnt even peek


He turned up, a half hour later with Sahana waving the victory flag, ermm... a pink heart shaped towel

He handed her the fat blob of flesh

She bobbed and jumped and hurtled wanting back

"Not any more" he warned

Bending down over II to kiss her fat cheeks

Soaking II's face and neck

Sneaking a couple of wet ones on her neck

She yanked his soaking hair

"The kidsss" she warned

Sahana watched Amma and yanked his hair

"Hey lady, if u can do it so can I look"

"PO di... II cursed

the baby chuckled

II rolled her like a burrito and crushed her on the bed

The boys returned, after successfuly waking Ranjan
One wore a pajama top and the other a bottom

"Mainnu mileya nahi gudiya" Ranjan was apologetic about not finding the second set of night suit

Their  clothes were in the office closet along with Ranjan's

"Dad they only brought three each, all are in laundry" II said cynically

They ran around the room chasing each other with Ranjan's flashlight

He still liked to use one to check time the old fashioned way

They went to the living room and woke Mavvy

II groaned

Nivi swooned, half awake

II walked over tucked her in, and kissed her  "My favorite, u are so well behaved just like Amma" she said

R&B half smiled as he came into the room to grab the towel wrapped baby to dress her for the night

Sahana pointed to the bathroom and moaned

"I am going to fill a tub and set u in it" he whispered

She lay on his shoulder and curled up

"Yeh mainnu changa lageya" ranjan brought a pair of old shorts

II smiled "dad go to bed"

"Did u take the meds?" R&B asked softly
Ranjan paused stunned, turned around and nodded

"Nahi... pull gaya see" he said sheepishly

His eyes sparkled in the low bedroom light

II pretended to be bent over trying to straighten out the sheets on the sofa bed

"Do u need a refill?" R&B asked

Sahana watched her Dad talk with Dadu, and chattered incessantly, grinding her two front teeth

"Mainnu gall samjh aa gayi gudiya" he teased the fatso

"Nahi puttarjee main refill karwa laaya India toun" Ranjan replied, a spring in his step and a dance in his gait
he walked back into the corridor leading to R&B's office

Ranjan had never taken the most important things in life for granted, yet... paid a  enormous price
But may be life would give him a second chance now?

Posted: 6 years ago
II had chosen someone like HIM for her own group, claiming "Nivi is like ME" and so had
given him MANY like herself for his team, claiming "they are like YOU"
The three younger brats were like her actually, loud, and nosy and talkative and trouble makers... full of energy

Clap Embarrassed
Just awesome!!!
Posted: 6 years ago
This tale is like wine- just gets better with time.. 
I can only sit back and relish it.. No other thoughts... No words eitherDay Dreaming
Posted: 6 years ago
R&B obsessed over her too He knew his wife wont have any more

He wanted more?? Shocked
Like moooreee after four kids and kids like twin terror!!
Dude u r really something
I can so imagine II shouting to tie her tubes
It would hen been hilarious
Coz at the OT after c-section all u can think of is of baby and u able to get out of the place as its too scary!!!
Posted: 6 years ago
Ii has learned to live with it.
She doesn't push R&B to make peace with ranjan nor makes a big deal if he does take a step ahead.
Posted: 6 years ago
Ayyo...Sahana is such a cutie...Nisha whoever is the inspiration behind all these absolutely cute antics of kids..thanks to them and you...what delightful imagination you have and in turn you turn as all into all laughing mass of people...these future updates takes us all into such a amazing childhood...makes me want to go back and turn my kids into more younger versions and teach them all this naughtinessLOL
Posted: 6 years ago
Thank you Sonal, Dristi and Pritee

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