SW Symphony 62 -- Faith & Faux Fur - Page 65

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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by shidin0117

Sonal...how's your FIL doing?...

No improvement Shilpa
Still in coma
It's just wait nd watch...
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by sonalgupta2004

Originally posted by shidin0117

Sonal...how's your FIL doing?...

No improvement Shilpa
Still in coma
It's just wait nd watch...[/QUOTE
Take care of yourself and family...hope you get to hear some good news regarding your FILs health
Posted: 6 years ago
Prayer for Policier

R&B shut the door firmly and walked into the bedroom purposefully
II was in the kitchen making herself rotis

"Can we talk?" he asked

"Prayojaname ille" (no use) she hissed

"Do not hit the kids"

"I wont," she mumbled

He exhaled and grabbed a beer
The floor was still partially icky, he brought out a better mop from the supplies closet across from the office and wiped it clean

"Starting next year, I will just send all of them and take a break" II provoked him

He didnt respond

"Raise them however you want"

"I cant tell my parents weve been sued. Nobody sued Akka or I while growing up" she was ashamed and embarrassed

"Anything is fine attitude is not something I can be cool with, tumhe chahe jo bhi lage"

"One day I will think Sid is a terror, Ved is fine the other day Ved will cause a ruckus, Sahana I shudder to think what she will do when she is four" II sounded angry and frustrated

"Tumhe bahut pyaar ka shauq ho agar, to rakho yaha inko, I will NOT give them a free pass for everything" she stood hands on her hips charring her roti in the process
He shut the stove off

"Will we have to go to court now?" she demanded

He was partly amused by how humiliated she felt about it all

He will most likely talk to his attorney today, and if this was to be settled by Indian jurisdiction since the flight originated from
India and the boys were Indian citizens then he would have Excelsior attorneys talk with the passenger's attorney
He wasnt even sure WHICH  International law covered fuzzy tarantulas

"I am not sure" he said

His first sentence in over 20 minutes

"We should just go back home" she mumbled "Ille avala vechukko I will go home (u can have ur kids)"

It just pissed him off

He turned her around she shoved his hand away

"Enough I said" he hissed on her face

"Oh! no, its not enough, lets wait until the door man downstairs sues us or the younng couple on 8024 sues us across the hallway"

He bent and picked her up

She thrashed all the way to the bed

They grunted and heaved and cursed

"I am not mad about the juice" " I am not upset over the juice" she mumbled panting as he tried to neck her

"U just seem like uve lost it completely" he  pointed out

She stiffened and got off the bed, pulled her tee ends together

"A woman's suing us" she reminded, distraught "Over a 4 year old's accidental non criminal prank"

He sat up arms folded across his chest

"Tumhe koi dar nahi hai?" she asked

He was grim

She did a face palm and began to cry

"II" he warned

"Vendaam... dont say a word" "I cant believe my kids are so naughty, I would encourage
Shravu to do stuff... 10 years ago, I had no idea karma is such a bitch" she clamped her mouth and looked sad

She hobbled to the sofa pull out bed and sat down

"Are u going to be mean to him forever now?" he asked worried

"Someone has to tell him no?" II accused, her eyes red and teary

"He wanted a hug, you pushe dhim away" he raised his voice

"A $15 bottle of juice" she reminded him sweetly "He needs a hug for breaking it?"

"Ur sarcasm pisses me off" he warned

"Ur "every damn thing is OK" pissed ME off" she shrieked

"Deal with it!! I am not going to let you beat him up over a bottle of grape frickin juice II" he challenged

"Keep saying that until hes a teenager and u go to get him bailed from juvenile system"

"Thats uncalled for" he was hugely offended

"U know its the truth" she looked up at him as he towered over her

"Its the truth, they both are out of control. Not sure HOW I had such kids" she asked herself that
"Must have been YOU" she accused finally


"Thats fine. I dont care to pretend to be obedient" he said callously


"Should we call a lawyer?" she asked rubbing her eyes calming herself down a bit

"We have lawyers, at Excelsior and Argent" he informed

"U will use company resources for this?" she was ashamed

"They are on payroll" he said softly "We sign NDAs and draw up papers before we lend, we have a team of lawyers" he explained

She nodded, as if she was a retard

He reached and pulled her closer

"We are going to be fine" he reassured
"How do u know?" she cried

"I do" he said with self confidence

He gathered her close and hugged her protectively

"I shud just send them every year and take a break" she whispered "Tumhe meri fiqar to hai nahi" she cooed

"Dont" he warned
"U only love and care for them" she reminded

"Uve been here less than a day and a half" he went on the defensive

"So it takes a week now for you to get in the "mood" for sex?" she accused hurting

He half smiled and bend down on her moles on her breast

"Making out is the last thing on my mind right now" she lied as she fought

"Too bad, cuz its the first on mine" he whispered pushing her back on the sofa bed

The monsters returned like clowns withe their faces covered in a different colored ice lolly
Ved was orange from orange popsicle, Sid was purple, Sahana was... umm well.. multicolored, she was bathed in colors actually
Her clothes her hair, she was stuck to Ranjan like glue, the sugar syrup pasting Ranjan's fingers
together She sucked on his index finger to get the last of the mango flavor off

It was 10:45 when they returned

II was asleep
When R&B got the door

The house was quiet

"Where is my tavan chula" Ved enquired, afraid it was eaten or something

R&B found it in the kitchen and handed it back

"Gudiya kithe?" Ranjan asked, thinking his son must have pushed her off the balcony or something

"shes asleep" he mumbled self consciously

"Kha baithi?" he asked

"Umm no.." he shook his head, cooing to Sahana

Mavvy yawned, poor chap

Sid came out of the bedroom

"amma is sweeping (sleeping) on Nivi ka's bed" he said as if he just discovered a ET in the house

Thank fully II was fully clothed, unlike 10 years ago

When they cuddled after making love, he teased her about it

"I am not sure if I miss those days" she cooed on his chest

"Being naked?" he asked kissing her head

"the lil devils are all I think about... them and my angel" she sighedEmbarrassed

"Wouldnt you want to go back to a time when you just had me for an opponent?" Tonguehe asked laying her down, sliding over her... curious
if he was going to score a "second home run" rubbing himself between her legs
That famous glint in those eyes

"We love fighting a stronger enemy" she whispered arching

"We?" he enquired nibbling her chest

"Nivi and I" she whispered

He laughed throwing his head back, hysterically at being given Sahana and the twins

"The rest are mine?" he asked eagerly

She nodded sincerely, nervous at some things he did with his hand down below

"They are onnery and wicked and devious like you" she gasped

He opened his mouth on hers

They all gathered around her bed... except Ranjan ofcourse
He had walked over to R&B's office quickly

Mavvy was curled up on the living room couch

It was hard for him to be treated like he was a "maalik"
He had no responsibilities he had no duties in this house

Sahana moaned and leaped  "Vaa dee rakshasi" II whispered

Gathering the sticky sugar syrupy infant

She gurgled laughing joyously

Her orange frock a discolored mess

Her diaper heavy... II gently wrapped her under her sheet and began to nurse
Cringed when she realized her boob was sticky as the baby clutched her boob with with sugary hands

Nivi and Sid jumped on the master bed

R&B brought his laptop and sat on one of the plush padded chairs by the balcony and
began reading up about prison terms for 4 year olds... no really... about rights in such cases
"Amma" Ved cooed tentatively

"Vaa da... rakshasaney, u got what u wanted no?"Evil Smile she asked softly

He smiled and leaned on her free boob, she crushed him closer

She kissed him, adoringly, taking on some of the icky sugar stains

II sent a prayer up for the French men in uniform

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Posted: 6 years ago
Clap loved it
She is worried for cops LOL Wink
Posted: 6 years ago
Really cute update nisha I loved the way ii was all concerned about the kids but still wanted her dude she was jealous tat he was spending time with the kids more than her... 

Are we getting one more update now nisha please 
Posted: 6 years ago

Yesterday a set of twins came to our house and when they left all I said to my mother was had they been my kids I would have either committed suicide or have them tied up to a pole and just opened them for having food not letting them to step out of the house. All this when the twins were girls I can totally imagine how II would be LOL karma definitely hits you back LOL

Dude being that typical father running up to find solutions instead of sitting and grieving upon karma and how naughty his products are ROFL Sahana is the baby that I need love want and will devour when I get one Embarrassed Heart I can totally imagine II's rakshasi which must come out as a result of overflowing emotions Wink
Posted: 6 years ago
is the lady really going to sue kids??
is it that bad Shocked
Posted: 6 years ago
Hey Nisha.
Hello folks

Happy new year everyone.

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