SW Symphony 62 -- Faith & Faux Fur - Page 64

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Posted: 6 years ago
All seems to be normal between Ii and R&B.
They will have enough reasons to fight in future.
R&B is going to be like Maa, he likes whatever his kids to do.
And Ii is like amma.Edited by PriteeMisra - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
What perfect parents they are.Ii the mom, a strict, no nonsense disciplinarian and Rb an indulgent dad. Kids need both - someone who cares by showing them the right thing to do and admonishes them when it's required and someone who cares and loves by indulging them their little childish pranks and naughtiness. Super super Nisha and yes the bhindi you get here is sometimes  the most horrible uncookable types. 
Posted: 6 years ago
II Herself will feel guilty for hitting her shaitan' shut beechari Kare Bhi to kya?
On the other hand R&B when away might actually be so much worried about his kids.
Bahut mazza ayega future mein.
Posted: 6 years ago


Paris seemed a welcome break for me

With the Dad around to attend to our needs

What I never expected was troubling others, Nonstop excitement , colds and messes

The flat was tiny for the eight of us

Grown accustomed to the spaces and distractions galore of MM

A purple stream or an orange stream or red river seems exciting to the core to the brats

A few summers back olive oil pesto chocolate syrup had excited us for sure

One with his love for cars another with his tavan-chula and the Angel is an avowed bibliophile

A whack now and then is the way I can rein my twin terrors in

I hear a mouthful from the other twin terrors who turned my chellams to super brats

With their growing pranks, antics and growing up ailments I seem unwelcome everywhere

A handful they are with exuberance and energy unimaginable

My life with the angel twin terrors and the sakarai katti are far more exciting when shared



Posted: 6 years ago
Gooddd Lorddd Nishaaa! I was ROFLing thoroughout the updateee!ROFLROFLROFL
I can totally imagine II's state..Bechariii! Strict mother..I loveee thttt! 
Posted: 6 years ago
Super funny!!!!
I feel so related with II at this time ...
Being a mom I can say that sometimes u feel so irritated with the kids
But u can't do anything due to ur love...

Intentionally Hitting kid in butt or place where it will not hurt him or her is so motherly
Hats of to u Nisha
This was so true and aptt.. Clap
It's a secret only mothers can understand Wink
Posted: 6 years ago
Disciplinarian mother and indulgent father and grandpa...but R&B gets a break from the kids whenever he flies of to Paris...though he missed them...but II is the one who is there to see the kids and all their pranks day in our...so it's normal for the temper to be on short leash...and it will be so tiring for her after the travel...cooking ...trying her best to give Mavvy a break...so sweet...but it's always good for one of the parent to be strict.
Nisha we crave for the updates...be it future or present...it's the most pleasurable confusion...
Monday...school starts. ...main headache is what to prepare for breakfast...it's the most important question for me daily...Confused

Posted: 6 years ago
Sonal...how's your FIL  doing?...

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