SW Symphony 62 -- Faith & Faux Fur - Page 63

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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by taramira

Update no today???

Me too waiting
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by PriteeMisra

Originally posted by taramira

Update no today???

Me too waiting

Me too
Posted: 6 years ago
Enikum venam update...
Posted: 6 years ago


A heart filled with love for him and eyes brimming with dreams for them

A soul that yearned for his company at all times she stepped in as his wife

A house reeking of luxury and comfort, a house bereft of company to chatter is what she walked into

A heart filled with yearning and love and eyes brimming with pain and longing

A soul filled with music and ideas and desire to be tied down he shifted gears of his life

A nomadic life his comfort silence is his attitude a lass so unlike him he gathered into his arms

A heart filled with hope and care and eyes aglow with a future of laughter and commotion

A soul that wished to be ordered about and surrounded by affection

He welcomed them into his home. One compliant and eager another reluctant and reticent

A camaraderie settled in a warmth and serenity wafted a transformation had begun

A willing couple to standby two adorable kids to love an occasional Southerly Buster the home is soaked in

An Andhee had swept them off their feet five years ago

A thendral had arrived and predicts of angels descending on them had lifted the gloom

Eagerly they all await the stork that would bring them a bundle of joy and delight

A wish fulfilled dreams unraveled and unraveling.



Posted: 6 years ago
"Trane" & Tarantula

Back to the foochar


My goal is to confuse the heck out of the readers...
Its a story after all

Back to that summer holiday in Paris
Sorry I was WIA all day, trying to clean house, get organized, clean book shelf, tidy everything up for Monday


Ranjan booked Mavvy on a day tour with a English speaking guide, he returned with a big smile across his face

"Sir hardam aaye rahe na, eephill taawar mein, aaj hum dekhen hain" he said

II rolled out paranthas, R&B set plates for the kids

"Kal kidhar ja rahe ho aap?" II asked

"Bus ghar" he joined his hands in prayer, shaking his head vigorously, to indicate he was done

"Main bhi French kidhar bolti hoon" she reassured him

Ved showed Mavvy a picture he drew, except the plane didnt look like a plane, neither did the family, even though they were only stick figures

He kept pulling Mavvy's sleeve

"Ved" R&B scolded, as he held a sleepy Sid in his arms

"Do u want to garnish the raita? I am going to call Velan and give them a piece of my mind about the bhindi" she vowed

Ranjan had asked for bhindi, R&B  had bought it in the morning, most of it was unchoppable, coarse and stiff

He chuckled...

"Koi nahi betaji, paneer tey shava shava haiga" Ranjan drooled

"Dadoo Amma likes paneer too" Nivi shut her mouth shyly with her hand and laughed

"Nahi nahi... paneer sirf MUJHE pasand hai kudiye" he cooed, sitting down by her gathering her

Mavvy held Ved

"Hamara sar bahut bada bana diye rahe" he laughed looking at Ved

"You have supawowas" Ved said firmly (for "super powers")

Mavvy had no clue

Ved made flying and crashing and flipping sounds with his chubby fat hands

II brought a plate of fancy rotis, shaped like planes trains and automobiles, with paneer on the side, and went to carry Nivi from Ranjan's lap

"Dad mujhe den" she ordered

"Na gudiya"

"Feed the boys for me please" she begged

"Apne miya nu keh" Ranjan laughed

"Unki Sid duty hai, if Sahana wakes up mujhe jaana hai usko dekhne" II argued

Ranjan pushed the plate away and looked at Nivi and cooed "Hawai jahaaj? trane? bus... hame badon waali roti do amma" he cooed at Nivi

"This is for babies" Nivi chuckled and nodded

"I made you round ones kanna" II offered

"Amma I wanted ones like flowers" she made a face

II went off to roll more
She had fancy kitchen molds, and scissors, roti making was no longer a simple task of round or triangle
The kitchen turned into a zoo and many shapes were produced

"Amma can I have grape juice?" Ved scanned the frig as Mahavir grabbed a bottle of lemonade and poured himself some

"Absolutely!!!!... NOT"

"Amma Mavvy Uncle is having maam-onade"

"Well he spent all day sight seeing" II dismissed preoccupied

Ved pulled the bottle out any way, it came crashing down splattering all over the kitchen floor breaking into 100 pieces

Purple river flowed every direction

She turned off the stove after burning a flower roti, R&B was in the slim balcony showing Sid II's pigeons as he attempted to feed paneer slivers
They fluttered really close to R&B's apartment window grill, 10s of them

Sid was terrified, he buried himself in R&B

R&B heard the crash and peeked

Ved began to cry

Sahana woke and screamed

Mavvy quickly began to clean up

II whacked Ved on his butt

Ranjan quickly pulled Ved away

"Ay kee kitha puttarjee

"I am TELLING him to stay off the juice"

R&B let Sid slide down

He wanted to float his hot wheels in the purple river

"II" R&B was pissed

"NO I dont need a lecture" she warned

Sprinting into the bedroom

Sahana was usually place on the pull out bed during the day, because she hated her crib, and the master bed was too high for her

She woke in a really bad mood
Ribbing her eyes and face and ears, pulling the lobe

"Onakku colda tiruppi?" (again a cold?)

Ii was frustrated

She sat down, Sahana screamed and screamed

II shut the bedroom to corridor to kitchen door and soothed her

"Engeyem poha mudiyadu (we cant go anywhere) u guys dont know how to behave" II mumbled

R&B had let himself in and had his arms across his chest

"Stop it Sahana" II rarely called her by her name, it was usually "gum drop, lollipop, kanna, pattu (silk) chakarai (sugar)

Sahana got the vibe and sobbed

R&B straightened up and walked over

"Poor chap, he cant get one day of rest no?" II fretted over Mahavir's misery

"Hes fine" R&B said flatly

"Its Sid's fave juice, he only likes orange" II accused "Its not like Malcha Marg, har cheez ke liye train mein jao" Ii was jet lagged and frustrated

"Is that why you hit the kid?" he asked grimly

"ADIKALE DA" (I did not hit him,) II raised her voice "Hes wearing pull ups"

"So?" R&B was befuddled

"I DIDNT EVEN connect" II hissed some more

"Hes barely FOUR II" he gritted his teeth

"Do u see the mayhem they cause?" II demanded

Sahana began to cry again

He grabbed the baby from her

She cooed and drooled on his neck, and rubbed her eyes

"He broke a EUR 9 bottle of juice I am supposed to hug and kiss him?" she challeneged

"How about you DONT hit the kid" he asked walking up to her

"How about you watch them 365 days a year" she challenged

They both blew steam off their nostrils

Her chest rose and fell agitated

Her eyes were burning, she was jet lagged...

"II" he warned

Ranjan knocked on the door

The couple pulled away

Sahana whined LOUDLY wanting to go to Ranjan, he accepted her

Nivi and the boys and Mahavir walked through the room going off tyo the living room

"Dad NO MORE TREATS" II warned

"Na jee na... main tey, neeche bas sair karan waaste le jaa raha si" Ranjan nodded

"I know you are lying, you will take them to Champ Elysees  and buy them ice cream" II responded cynically

"Na na na" Ranjan lied unable to meet her gazeLOL

"Did they eat?" she asked, hands on her hips

Ved walked over with a teary fat puffy face

II was unmoved

"Ek ne train khaayi... osne plane" Ranjan got mixed up

"No thatha, SID ate the plane" Nivi informed

"Sorry gudiya" he noddedEmbarrassed

"Thatha and Mavvy Uncle are SO GOOD to you, why are u such a pain?" II bend down, kneeling on the floor held Ved's hand
He wanted a hug

She gave him none

Ranjan's phone rang, it was some one in French

He couldnt speak much, he handed the phone to R&B as Sid and Nivi and Mavvy wore their sandals

R&B spoke calmly for atleast 20 minutes and handed the phone to Ranjan in the living room
He asked for seat number from Ranjan in English

II was curious and worried
She followed him when R&B ended the call in the master bedroom balcony and followed him to the living room

"Kee kaindi see?" Ranjan asked, cooing to Sahana

"The kids traumatized her with the fizzy tarantula, and so she wants compensation" R&B was rather amused

II was stunned

At the mention of tarantula, Ved freed his hands from II and messed up the study pull out bed and found it and brought it back
"Heres my tavan-chula" he said handing the fuzzy creature to his tall tall Dad

R&B took it politely, and gathered him lovingly and kissed him on his cheek, Ved immediately slid down and wore his  flip flop, and chased his siblings to the elevator

Ranjan walked out non chalantly leaving a husband wife and fuzzy tarantula to sort it all out

Posted: 6 years ago
Nisha future aur present ka keema hogaya LOL LOL

Mammonade LOL French lady wanting compensation LOL

You had me rofling today throughout ROFL ROFL
Posted: 6 years ago
All I can do is laugh and laughROFL
Although if I was II, I would be reacting the same way. These kids remind me of Dennis the menace. How I enjoyed that series!
R&B and Ranjan has one principle in common - no hitting the kids. Embarrassed
Mavvy ka ho gaya. One day sightseeing in Paris and he wants to go back home. LOL
Lovely one Nisha.Heart
Posted: 6 years ago
These kids are like rats...one free moment and the house is a tsunami ridden place LOL
Phew!! How is she able to handle them?
Paavam mavvy pavam ranjan 
And then everyone comes to fight a war for them when II yells at them...woooh.

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