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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by PriteeMisra

NeelAsma, how have you ?been

All well. Neck deep with family and commitments and no internet. All good now back home and happy Smile

Hope all you guys enjoyed th holiday season.
Posted: 6 years ago
Akka was quite OK with II n her wealthy status until few months back ... I guess .. what's happen to her now Confused but its kjnd oilof human nature . So we understand anyway!
R&B and II Day Dreaming this is what I missed!! Their erotic conversations Embarrassed
NISHA .. I know we are back to present (which is actually itself future LOL ) but whenever next time you write a footure than please just give one update PURELY ON R&B-II CHEMISTRY .. like how it will be after 10 years from now Embarrassed
Posted: 6 years ago

" I know...You dont need anything from me" he said deeply hurtCry

Sho!!!paavam di ur hubby!!!Unhappy
Posted: 6 years ago

Thaniye thandhaniye

Thanimay ennai vaatum podhu ninaivalaiyidam saran puguven

Pechu thunaikku yaarum indri vadum ennai un ninaivu varudi idam tharum

Akkavirku neram illai manamum illai, Ammavuko pala velai pala poruppu

Manam pona pokkil sutrithirindha kaalam poi pin seatil amarndhu sogusu savari

Nee illai Akka illai shravu illai yaridam murandu pidipadhu? Athi pootharpol un chittiinn azhaipu

En edharku endru puriyadha oru azhaipu eninum enakku swarasiyam thandhadhu

Amma, Athaigal enakku pala arivurai vazhanginaalum udan irundhu ennai gavanikka indha parandha veetil yarum illai

Sorndhu pona manadhai thatti enzhupa vandhan nam chellam

Amma ena azhaipaana? Gundu kai kondu en kannam thoduvaana

Avanai pirindhu eppadi velaikku selven?

Caar vazhimarandhu selgiradhaa endra ennam thondra idhu un thittam ena arindhu

Kobamuttru un varutham unarndhu

Envarutham pokka eniya un muyarchiyil silirthu

unvarutham pokkum muyarchiyil naan

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Posted: 6 years ago


When loneliness haunts me I seek refuge in reverie

When I languish alone with none to chat, reminiscing  soothes me

Akka has ni time of thought of me, Amma is burdened with several duties and responsibilities

My carefree days of wandering are a think of the past...now I am driven around in luxury

You aint here, Akka isn't available, Shravu inaccessible whom do I throw my weight around with?

A once in a blue moon call from your Aunt arrived

I can hardly reckon why or what for yet it was a welcome distraction

Amma, Athais have all been hand holding me through my pregnancy yet

It is not the same as having someone watch and dote over in this huge mansion

Our lil one entered my dream with his baby talk and fat arms as a comforter

How do I leave him and go to work ...I worry

The car seemed to have lost its track but I learnt it was your doing

I raved but sensing your pain momentarily desired to comfort you

You longed to wipe my distress with your care

I am moved by your care and strive to reduce your pain of being away


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Posted: 6 years ago
I am actually feeling bad for both...
I felt really bad when Dude said "you dont need anything from me"...you want pamper and give everything to her...but she selectively takes from you...your love and adoration she needs completely...your family's love and affection she wants...but accepting your wealth, riches, comforts selectively she accepts...Smile

Posted: 6 years ago
The ladies of Doordarshan news Smile

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