SW Symphony 62 -- Faith & Faux Fur - Page 39

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Posted: 6 years ago


Unnai pidikum

Un elimai pidikum

Nee ennai raspadhu pidikum

Un rasanai pidikum

Un pidivadham pidikum

Unudan oodal pidikkum

Nee ennai samalipadhu pidikum

Un adar koondhal pidikum

Un vasam pidikum

Un seendal pidikum

Unnal vandha uravugal pidikum

Nee kaatum parivu pidikum

Nee kaatum anbu pidikum

Un eliya udaigal pidikum

Un arvu pidikum

Manidharai aatkolum vidham pidikum

Nee virumbum paris pidikum

Matravar ennai pirar pol ninaipadhu pidikaadhu

Dadidam nee nadakum vidham pidikaadhu

Nee sadithadhai nadathi kolum pidivadham pidikaadhu

Nee ennai piridha en thanimai pidikaadhu

Unnal varum adambaram edhum pidikaadhu

Unnai pirarudan pagirvadhu pidikaadhu







Posted: 6 years ago
inka kya hoga?? the classic clash over money and wealth and status and pride. for her its imposisble to imagine herself in the role of a wife who  would profit from being hitched to a super wealthy man and for him the frustration at not being able to genuinely gift his wife anything that has a price tag of more than afew hundred bucks - that I am sure must suck. 
but in whatever scenario the combinaiton of fire and ice that they are absolutely rock! 
Now with him gone and their communication at its lowest level, the milan whenever that happens got to be explosive indeed. 
poor fellow he's working his butt off so that he can take time off when the baby comes! at leats I like to believe that.  
Posted: 6 years ago
The "Best" Librarian

Akka hadnt called Amma until later that Sat evening to get her shopping updates
Sam had taken II back to Shanti Niketan, after bringing Amma Appa back from South Ex
Appa drove his new Hyundai home, which they had left at Sam's to go shopping

II took a nap upstairs with Lasya on her side, Sam fretted over Lasya kicking II's belly while asleep

"Its fine" "I will just pretend this is my second" II smiled rubbing her belly

"Cho chweet" Sam kissed her forehead

"You can take her home with you if you want. She is what you would call "Rakshasi"" Sam cooed kissing her sleeping darling

"Shes like me she talks too much and has an attitude" II said without laughing

Sam burst out laughing

"You are a trouble maker" she warned, kissing II on her forehead

"Your mother is so intelligent and mature" Sam sighed sitting down by II

II slid up, leaning on the head board

"Appa's like me emotional and impulsive, Amma is practical... mostly" II sighed

"Mostly kyon?"

"When it comes to us, she lets it slip" II chuckled

"Must be niice" Sam tried to fight tears

II reached out and hugged her

"I am sorry"

Sam wiped her tears "silly me" "Meri khud ki beti hai ab" she laughed at herself

"So what? u cant miss your Ma?" II argued

"Ma had no sense of pragmatism when it came to the three of us, like if we asked her at 2 AM to bake a cake, SHE WOULD DO IT" Sam said

"DO BAJE?" II asked

"She made cookies frequently past midnight when it was summer vacation. She would drive 40 kms sometimes to get Manya's fave leechis" Sam gushed

"She sounds adorable"

"Tum jo saara din bolti rehti ho. Ma would LOVE THAT" Sam said

"R&B tells me,  I cud have made Ma do anything" II sighed

On January 15th, II had organized a Guru Granth Sahib paath at MM
She had gone off to the Vasant Vihar Gurudwara opposite the Sankara Kendra and made arrangements

She had invited Chachu & Co and Sam
Only Chachu and two of his sons had come Samar and Trehaan

The meal was all vegetarian with rasamalai

When Chachu had left, Ranjan Sam and her watched home videos on the first floor theater

R&B had gone upto the swing and went off to read

She had gone to get him
Standing exactly at the same spot she stood a year ago

Clutching the curtains

"Wont u come watch with us?"

"I cant" he said looking at her... troubled

He was married now, his wife was pregnant, he shouldnt be watching
home videos of his Mom, it was a Friday, they should all be readying to take II to her Doc visit
No matter how many years go by, "It will still not be OK" for him

II walked over and sat by him wearily

She had cooked all the food, with Mahavir & Co
She looked tired but wouldnt admit it

She was eager to please, she wanted to make it known to everyone, that a woman she had never met meant as much to her as it did to her husband and two kids

Manya had left well before Jan 15th, She couldnt bring herself to "celebrate" "offer prayers" to her Ma though it was five years

Not being in MM, she could some how fool herself into thinking it never happened??

Ranjan hardly spoke that day.. just listened to the paath, paid the Granthi, and generally wandered like a lost child

Pacing, sitting down and pacing

"You had a swagger in 9th grade" she chuckled

"Did u see how disrespectful we were to our Modern School uniforms?" R&B chuckled

"I always wondered why the Modern School kids wore their shirts like that, untucked and crushed" II smiled

"She would always say "When u have kids I am going to make sure they wear their shirts this way too" he chuckled

"She was OK with it?" Ii asked startled

"She was OK with anything I did" he sighed, leaning back

Gathering her close...

"Awww!!" II groaned

"Do u know how many vacations you took?" II quizzed

"100s? 1000s?" he shurgged

"She has them all catalogued, she says" II said startled

"She would get teased about being a unpaid Librarian" he said laughing

Sam came up with chai... II pulled away slowly

"She made the best chai no?" Sam said handing him his cup
Sam had just shut off a video of Ma making chai, she had to go make some, to relive those moments

"Best" he said as he sipped

Posted: 6 years ago
We mallu girls first!!!!LOL
Posted: 6 years ago
The best thing that happened in this last the five years of MM is that rnb got Someone to hug closer when he get uneasy about the things happened years back...
Posted: 6 years ago
aww...sweet bhi sad bhi...how painful it must be for all...Savvy loved her family so much...Cry
Posted: 6 years ago
Good night sosy and thanku nisha for this late night update...lasya kutty,i love u more in the past two updates...dont know why...Smile
Posted: 6 years ago
was refreshing and waiting for the update...dil bhar aaya...why shld Savvy have died? just imagining how much more II would have been pampered had Savitha Bhalla been alive?...sigh...the discussions amma and savvy would have had...Day Dreaming
Thanks for the update Nisha..Smile
Good night/morning...
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