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Posted: 6 years ago
A warring RB and II are the best
A passionate RB and II are the best and a caring RB and II are the best...
They are just simply irresistibly the best in any form  and in any which way. 
Bring it on Nisha, they need to hurt and to fight a bit more to realize they are actually inseparable. 

Posted: 6 years ago
The Art of Estimation

Since he wasnt talking much with Ranjan, there was no way he could chase her down, she ate with Ranjan didnt call Akka or Sam and went up
Amma called her to say, March 4th or 6th was going to be her ceremony day

Her heart skipped a beat when the message registered in her brain
From being married to him on March 8th last year, she was ready to celebrate the arrival of the first child
Such unbeleivable happenings
Just as unbelievable as being married to a man who spoke 10% of how much she spoke, a man with multiple relationships in his past
A man who did not see eye to eye with his own father
A man who lost his mother tragically and continued to reel under its aftermath

So many unbelievable things all wrapped up and tied in a bow and presented to her as "II's married life"

"I just want a pretty saree ma" II cooed

"You will get kanna, what color do u want green or black?"

"Can I go shopping with you?" she asked eagerly

"I called Sam, she is going"

"Is Appa OK?" she asked

"Umm... ya" Amma didnt want to bother II

Appa had a meltdown, admonishing Amma for undertaking such a task with with "one of the in laws"

"She will like some designer saree for Rs.50,000 Madhu, we cannot afford" Appa said ashamed

Amma hadnt thought of that
Appa was right, she got so carried away when it came to her daughters she could no longer see or think straight

"Ippo enna panradu? Nambale poyittu varalama?" (what shud we do now? can we just quietly go?)

Appa squirmed, yawned removing his glasses and rubbing his eyes

"My Rs5 lakh FD is maturing on Thursday, we were going to encash it to pay house broker fee etc, let me get that" Appa spoke somberly

"U are right! I do get carried away" Amma whispered

Appa had teared up "We have jobs and money today, lets do it grandly. She didnt want even one kid,
avanoda pidivadam (his stubborness) she is having a child." Appa grunted (secretly he was happy his enemy was stubborn)

"She will not have two or three kids, lets do it grandly" Appa whispered

"We also have new car loan no?" Amma reminded

"We helped Bala out so much in the first three years" Appa said shame faced

"She wont ask. They are rich people" Amma sighed

"He spends very recklessly. What is the need for a Rs 40 lakhs Mercedes car?" Appa shouted

Amma waved her hand shushing him so the nurse cudnt hear

"She is his wife" Amma said with pride

"Her FIL was going to bring home a Maruti Ciaz" Appa grumbled

"U know him... he doesnt get along with that man"

"To spite him he bought her a Rs 40 lakh car?" Appa challenged

"Lets talk about Saturday" Amma cleverly steered him

"We have to buy something for Samyukta and Manya" Appa reminded

Pulling his laptop from the coffee table wearing his glasses and starting to load a budgeting app

"Mr. Vaidyanathan at the temple said he can give us a discount for the event"

"That is not very much Madhavi" Appa said thoughtfully

"Pinna enna yojanai la irukkel?" (what thoughts are you lost in?)

"We did Vandita's at home in the terrace, we are doing Ishita's grandly" Appa spoke sadly

"For Vandita's marriage we paid for train and air ticket for so many in Bala's family
We flew them to Chennai, the hall was so expensive" Amma spoke bluntly

"Kooda porandavo aval, aval tappa nenachukka maata, Bala tappa nenachukka koodadu" (she is a sibling she wont feel jealous, Bala shudnt misunderstand us) Appa spoke haltingly

"Ammaaa" II shrieked

"Yes kanna"

"so what time?" II squealed

"Inga vandudu, for lunch, I will make coconut rice for u" Amma smiled

"Niiice" II smiled

R&B was calling

She ignored

"are u getting a call?"

"Bally ma" she lied

"how is he?"

"As usual... sly and smug" II spoke of her husband

"I have to go make a guest list, vei dee phone" (hang up) Amma ordered

She didnt answer the 2nd or 3rd call

"Have the bravado to dish it out and not take it II?" he texted

She was hopping mad

"Really?" she hissed agitated
Her heart was racing in anger

"Answer the f**king phone" he hissed

"Why? So I can get inane prescriptions of how to cheer myself up?" she asked

"It was a good one (going to Sam's for the night), you were too overcome with your fricking sense of duty" he hissed

"I dont insult your nonchalance for your family, I will not allow you to insult my feelings for Dad" she shrieked

"I am doing the best I can, MANY men have jobs that take them away from home"

"I KNOW THAT" she hissed through gritted teeth "Dont give me a lecture on thoughtfulness and sacrifice" she swallowed the lump in her throat

"Thats YOUR job II. I get reminded in alarming frequency on how I renege on my family's responsibilities"

"Oh please, DONT frame me for your guilt"

"I have none II" he said bluntly

"So it shouldnt matter should it? if I throw Dad on your face ?" she asked him caustically

"For someone thats so self assured usually, you are so needy" he said  with gleefull satisfaction (you need Ranjan's praise and appreciation constantly)


"We were done for the night over texts, why did you call me?" she asked, deeply hurt

"II" he said when he had a moment to catch his breath? exhale? and realized what a colossal ass he had been
We often under or over estimate people in a rush to arrive at a conclusion...
Appa had over estimated Akka's feelings of compassion and generosity for her sibling,  
and so had R&B... with his over estimation of his wife's self-confident nature...

Posted: 6 years ago
OMG! I just saw the first page of the celebration thread. Been having network issues of late. What talent you girls have! And the patience!

I hope I got everyone's name right. Such fabulous work. N so much love for SOSY! You girls manifested our imaginations so well! Great job and THANK YOU!
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Posted: 6 years ago
Intresting updates nisha loved them I loved them the dude not taking shit was something I just love about him its a sad thing though tat ranjan was at the receiving end... 

Amma and appas conversation was really beautiful 
Posted: 6 years ago
Phew! That was some fight fest. N I'm glad it happened. I so wanted the Dude to know that this confident veneer of II is most of the time a facade, a defence mechanism to not get hurt. We all have those. When we tend to take things in our stride most of the time, people think that we are so self-assured and capable so as not to need any kind of help or support. Whereas, the opposite is true half the time. The more vulnerable a person is, the more he will hide it. 
The Dude isn't wrong either. His view point regarding his father is his alone. It might prick him at times that he has to be at crossroads with his wife here. As it is he doesn't like confrontations. He's getting to know her better though.

Awaiting to see more of Vandita. It's been a while since she was around. How is she going to tackle her feelings about the grand ceremony? After all, she does love II to bits. But when life deals us tough cards, it becomes difficult not to turn cynical.
Posted: 6 years ago
So Akka continues to seethe in the grips of the green eyed monster and is not going to take the extravagance kindly...Amma is now trying to play the mediator between the two daughters and their families and pointing out the reality.  So it was the dude that got her the car...NICE.
How the two scathe each other i find it hard to conclude who has a more scathing tongue Akka or the Dude.
The dude is missing his warrior princess and this is the only way he can get back to her it seems.
So the valaikaapu preparations on...somehow the karuppu and wearing 26 bangles in one hand and 27 in another seems cute...how will she go donning it with her water melon for another two months?
We have a saying thalai vali pochu thirugu vali vandhudhu...that seems to happen all the time for II.
Appa over estimating Vandhu's generosity...
Posted: 6 years ago

THATS EXACTLY what I was thinking

It takes a hermit or a person practicing the art of Zen or a  wise Buddhist monk not to feel betrayed or cheated or jealous

I was wearing my Akka hat to steer the story forward and the thoughts you wrote in your post ran through my mind.

Akka adores II, but is unable to strip away II's wealth that seems to tag long and take center stage

NOW Amma Appa are also "treating II differently because she is wealthy, so her family deserves a grand ceremony"

It just reinforces the feelings of "baby sister lucked out by marrying the ultra rich dude"

For Amma Appa and II there is no winning or losing because... in their minds there is no battle

How do u concede or rejoice when there is no conflict?

Extremely difficult indeed

Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Arya1991

Hi Nisha,
Software Symphonies turned a year old today!! 

We've obviously created a Celebration ThreadLOL
And. Here is a small gift from me LOL


Reposting as it was buried in an earlier page.

Pls take a look. Or two. Or three. Tongue


Since Nisha has already looked (and commented), I'll reserve this space for my next review Wink
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