SW Symphony 62 -- Faith & Faux Fur - Page 3

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Posted: 6 years ago


Vellai vetti illamal vettiya pozhudhu poka vaipirundhum

Vellai naduvil thavikum Akka kudumbathai gavanikum Aval

Vai pechiruku kuda varutham illa Akka oru puram

Kudumba poruppu kavalai edhum indri puram pesum Manny oru puram

Yar phone Ipad kidaithaalum vilayadum Shravu oru puram

II seyum ellavatraiyum kutrakannil paarkum Manny oru puram

Kuzhandhaiyaga avalai ninaithu kan kanikkum periyavar oru puram

Oyvindri oor suttri aval nillai patri sindhikaadha Manny oru puram

Avalirkaga padhari thudikkum Avan manam oru puram

Thulaitha car kidaikuma , kadan katta en seiven endra aval kavalai maru puram

Avalukkaga padari ezhum pudhu kudumbam oru puram

Avalai kuttra koondil nirutha pogum Aval Kudumbam maru puram

Avalai  seendi badhilil vaai adaithu

Aval seigai patri Dadidam vambu pesi adakka patum

Samidam  thambi manaiviyai vimarsithu kutta pattum

Aval patriya puram pesalil thilaika mella avalai(beaten rice)tholaindha caar

Posted: 6 years ago
Two updates in a row Dancing
Posted: 6 years ago



The opportunity to idle around and fuss over her state she has

Juggling her working and pitching in however she can in running her Akka's home she busies herself

An Akka who hasn't had a kind work acknowledging all the ways the pregnant girl strives on one side

A sister in law with no care in the world for a person on thing on the other side

Shravu who just waits for a person to lay down phone or I pad on one side

Manny who is critical of every word and action of II on the other

Panicking and rushing to her aid the patriarch on one side

Tirelessly gallivanting around with not a worry for II's condition Manny on her side

He with a heart that beats in care and concern for his warrior princess

Will my lost car be found? How do I pay back my loan a fretting she

A new family that rises to the occasion in caring for her

Her family that will accuse her and blame her for being careless and irresponsible on the other

Taunting her and getting a quick retort in response

Judging her care and being censured by her Dad

Discussing II with Sam and commenting on the way she runs around with her Nephew in tow

Providing fodder For those that want to judge II for all that she is and does the lost car

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Posted: 6 years ago
Really lovely words Sri...I really don't know how you write poetry so beautifully and with such ease!!!!Clap
Posted: 6 years ago
Congratz 62!!!!i read the first update yesterday itself but slept as i hit like...abhi got an update as a wake up call too!!what a day!!!Embarrassed
Thanks nisha!!!
Posted: 6 years ago
Congrats again :)
Car got lost? :I

Yaaar this manya is annoying. I know she means her brother's wellbeing but...she should leave..nahi? After a while you need to accept New additions in life..yours and your loved ones lives. 


When is she leaving? Just asking :P
Posted: 6 years ago

The evening of Black Friday I made a quick trip to Target and bought 25 bags of Lindt truffles (IVE NEVER SHOPPED FOR CANDY ON BLACK FRIDAY OMG!!) They had $7.99 bags for $2.99 or something

I got 25 of those to hand to the presswala, dhobi of this country, from garbage guy, mail man, school teachers piano teacher, tennis coach, violin teacher, 15 school teachers in all, the janitor at work, the receptionist at my office so ran through the 25 boxes before the end of the week after Thanksgiving

I have two neighbors, the ones on the sides, one family is retired couple from LAX, in their 70s, he is a very nice guy always helps out, so I did a assortment bag for them from TJ maxx, Chai, honey from Belgium, Jam from France, olives from Italy, Biscotti from Britain I think, basically 5 or 6 things for $20

Our really close friends at work got such $20 assortment bags too, so three more of those

The other neighbors weve had them for 10 years, they are wonderful

They usually do $100 in gift cards for us, along with chocolates

So yesterday I had to go to the Apple store at the Mall to see if they will fix my teen's phone, he threw it in the washer accidentally

So anyway I got a See's candy one pound box, 10 mins ago went to Target got $20 Subway, Target, X Box and Starbucks cards and sent it over with my 7 year old

They sent back $50 movie gift card and a $50 arcade gift card


I am happy we didnt "under gift"

They are great people

Theyve helped me a lot in the last year during difficult times.
So we go above and beyond and they do also

One of my 7 year old's sitter and her Mom were here I am told, when I was at Target, to hand a jar of fudge


Its like I cant say anything decent about it

Its creamy and soft and sweet

Anyway I have to go buy for her, I forgot

For not being Christian we spend $300 on gifts this time

Posted: 6 years ago
Yayy!!! 62 it is! Congratulations Nisha!!!
Hardly able to believe how far we all have come. Embarrassed
Enjoy your holidays (at least try and relax a little. The elves wil clean up the house tonightLOL).

HELLO everyoneHug

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