SW Symphony 62 -- Faith & Faux Fur - Page 133

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Posted: 6 years ago
Last line is so r&bish.
All said and done Ii is awesome mom.
Posted: 6 years ago
Intresting update nisha 
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by taramira

I am worried for Ranjan and II post 4 babies. They both seem like they are the primary caregivers to these children, jabki hamare RB Sahab seems to be breezing through life enveloped in love from bwi and bachchasWink

Posted: 6 years ago
Good observation Shru

By nature he is a loner
He wouldnt trade wife and 4 kids... and Dad for anything
But his first love is to be by himself

And all those that claim they have EQUAL marriages in every sense of the word are faking it mostly

I mean how to quantify it

Every marriage is unequal

OK husbands do dishes and laundry and take garbage out, and pick up kids, some wives dont cook so husbands do that, but its never EXACTLY 50-50

II has all the help in the world FOUR full time helpers, a nanny, a mansion, parents 15 kms away
And a very nice SIL

99% of the girls dont get that

So I think II shud suck it up
Maybe its me, but if II whined I would be very offended
Sure, R&B can do more... but she is an extremely lucky chick
Posted: 6 years ago
Oh my! Shravuuu..yeh tune kya kia??? 
Interesting future update! While reading, I took ths as present later realised nahi future hai..LOL I got carried awayyy!LOLWink

Posted: 6 years ago
"Dont bother Dadu raja, he is taking a nap" she ordered as the boys shot through the cavernous 1st floor corridors towards the back stair case leading to the kitchen
She texted a help, locating her phone
"How do u know hes asleep?" R&B asked
"Its his fave thing to do on Saturdays" II said smiling fondly
If he felt a lump form in his throat he dismissed it as imaginary"

Needless to say since I am a sucker for this kind of " pheelings"
this will be marked as one of my favourites .
The male pests can do something adorable like this when you don't expect it and take / melt / kill your heart away.
There's hope for salvation for both these men I guess! Embarrassed
Posted: 6 years ago
Very well said Nisha. U cannot divide nd say that these r mine or those r ur duties
Or doing things in this manner will make us equal in all aspects!!!

As raising kids in itself is a 24/7 job
And according to me no matter wht how many help or people u hav at last it's the mother u hav to take lead!!
And unlike me II is a working woman and on top of that managing four kids is not that easy
It needs lot of patience,, which is a bit short in II Wink
And dude has loads of it!!
Posted: 6 years ago
"I am sorry I ruined ur day" she said biting her lower lip

"Enough II" he warned, in a gruff tone

LOL LOL Clap some things never change!! Do they!
Both in their elements, the way we've come to know them!!
One extremely dramatic and the other exasperated by that kind of dramatics

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