SW Symphony 62 -- Faith & Faux Fur - Page 132

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Posted: 6 years ago
So cute... Refreshing update Nisha
But how can any kid be so much naughty or I say terror
These two r too much

And poor Ranjan... Looks like age is catching up
Drink nd drive
So kids hav grown up Smile
Posted: 6 years ago
"Is Appa OK?" he asked
Mr. Ayer hav become appa now Clap
Posted: 6 years ago
Amazing updates nisha 
Posted: 6 years ago
Too soon to say Shravu and Nandu were mature LOL. RnB and II as parents are as stressed as some of us are minus MM though. Nisha as always you paint a pretty picture!

But looks like the kids need a bunch of people with them overseeing then and "actively engaging them". Ranjan feels feeble like a true thatha. And yes Sonal it does look like Mr. Iyer has become Appa Smile I Guess guys change once they become dads of daughters Big smileEdited by blue5sky - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Waiting for THE Anniversary update Cry Cry
Posted: 6 years ago
I am worried for Ranjan and II post 4 babies. They both seem like they are the primary caregivers to these children, jabki hamare RB Sahab seems to be breezing through life enveloped in love from bwi and bachchasWink
Posted: 6 years ago
Visible & Vision

"Who was driving?" R&B asked almost in a whisper

"Shravu" II whispered stifling a teary gasp

Quick pools formed in her eyes

Sahana realized the room had gone quiet she woke and stared at her Daddee and Amma, and uttered some gibberish

R&B patted her back down

"Who called you?" he asked curiously

"athim" II swallowed
He didnt have to ask "Was Bala upset"
He could tell

"where are the boys now?" he asked

"Nandu Shanti Niketan, Shravu Munirka, Athim sema kovathla irukar" (he is hugely upset) II switched to Tamil

"Do u want to go?" he asked kindly

"where?" II asked panicking

"Umm.. to Vandita's?" he offered

II lowered her head, tear drops flying... "Appa doesnt know, if I go so early he will know. Paatti (Bala's Mom) will promptly tell Appa"

II talked about navigating delicate Iyer politics

"Do u want to talk with Tan?" R&B exhaled

"No" II refused vehemently

"So u just want to cry?" he asked, clenching his jaw

II looked up at him upset

"I am sorry I ruined ur day" she said biting her lower lip

"Enough II" he warned, in a gruff tone "I am going to call Bala or Tan and have a word"

"No no no... dont do that" II begged

The twins came back in

"Amma can we have one more pos-pickle?" they asked innocently

Their faces caked with sugary dirt, their jammies even dirtier

"No kanna, Amma is making aloo curry and roti" she smiled cheering them up

"Daddee Sid pushed me and my pos-pickle fwell" Ved complained
He kneeled down and began to legislate

Sahana woke and stared at the boys, and then spoke for a monute or two

"she doesnt look like she is tired" R&B suggested

"Dad kitta kudu avala... I have to cook and start laundry

Ranjan came in, shutting the backyard door

"Abhi bhi bahut garmi haigi" he muttered

R&B walke dover to Ranjan and handed the baby

He accepted without a peep

"Dadu paas soyegi?" he asked, still limping

"Dad kya hua pair mein?" she asked

"Mainnu samjh nahi aayi puttar... kee hoya" he shook his head

"Mujhe denge Sahana?" she asked, politely

"Vaa dee" she ordered, the girl didnt want to, being closer to the old man will take her closer to her two idols Sid and Ved

SOME DAY she will be like THEM


"Nahayi nahi gudiya?" he asked abt Sahana

"Pochu da" (thats it) II cursed "Water and daughter"

"Dad uska kaan chipka hai" she reminded

"Doctor nu call karaan?" he asked

II squirmed  "Ennada solrey?" (what do u want to do?) she approached R&B for advice

"Ya?" he stood up lifting the monsters, one weepy, the other with a long face, Sid kicked as he cried, Ved punched as he sulked

"ENOUGH" he ordered, seating them on the breakfast counter, his phone rang, starting to talk in French

"Try solvents" "Or a Doc" he nodded
Ranjan dialed Sahana wanted his phone

II made a bottle and handed Ranjan

The boys started fighting on the marble counter, copper saucepans and pots hung on top around a wire ring,
clattering them as they kicked each other furiously

II smacked Ved and dragged him down...

"Mavvyyy" she yelled

Mahavir showed up reluctantly

"Isko please le jao aap

"Dad, aap isko le lenge?" she asked dragging Sid

Sahana squealed in joy as Sid approached wiping his snot, and pulling his jammies up

Ranjan sat down and began feeding Sahana

II felt terrible, she took Sid away. "Get showered, and behave urself and I will take u to Rohini Thatha's house" she offered a carrot

"JUST ME?" Sid asked smugly

"BOTH" II scolded "Sid listen to me. ONLY if u get ready and be in ur best behavior, do ur Math Works for 30 minutes"

"TEES MINAT gudiya?" Ranjan interjected

"Dad.." II warned

Ranjan leaned back cowering

She let Mavvy go and took the boys upstairs

R&B finished up his call and offered to take a napping Sahana from his Dad as Ranjan sat on the Louis chairs in the lounge watching Mavvy and Nivi

Ranjan smiled patiently, and smiled "Sotey hue ek dum doll" he smiled. Koi shaitani nahi, kuch nahi, shor nahi" he kissed the fat face
And sighed and leaned back

"Jayin puttar, koi hore kaam karin" he ordered

R&B nodded with a half smile... Ranjan and his kids were inseparable

He lingered watching them snooze, they had the same nose and eyebrows and chin with a cleft, slim long fingers, the same toe pattern
Visible links to the Bhalla gene
Sahana''s Bhalla cleft  pronounced even under folds of fat

She clutched Ranjan tee with a fat fist

"Sam Adams laayen?" Mavvy asked

"Nahi, oopar hai" he smiled and walked up the grand stair case

II brought two more of his extensions, now dressed clean... one in navy check shorts and a white Lacoste tee and the other in a
orange and red check shorts and a orange tee
They looked handsome and insanely cute

II parted their luscious hair on the side and combed it
She took them down and placed a speck of vibhuti on between their eyebrows too

She appeared in a soaked tee and track pants with a comb stuck in her hair and towel on her shoulder

Sometimes he truly thought his mind was playing tricks

Showing him impossible visions... visions of lil kids, and visions of a gorgeous wife

It wasnt a vision afterall

His was sulking assuming he had called Bala

She chased the boys around the day bed applying lotion
The day bed where he had tackled and kissed her one rainy and cold Dec? Jan? afternoon, when she stopped by to pick Shravu up
The boys were in the theatre watching a movie while  him and II explored heaven's lobby

The boys were older now and had run ins with the cops
And so were they...

Two creatures dodged her around the exact same day bed

She nabbed Sid first and rubbed all over his face, trapping him between her thighs

she let go of the other one too

"Amma can we have cookie?" they asked
Their weeken post shower snack

She nodded leaning

"Dont bother Dadu raja, he is taking a nap" she ordered as the boys shot through the cavernous 1st floor corridors towards the back stair case leading to the kitchen

She texted a help, locating her phone

"How do u know hes asleep?" R&B asked

"Its his fave thing to do on Saturdays" II said smiling fondly

If he felt a lump form in his throat he dismissed it as imaginary

"So u called Athim?" she accused

"No I didnt" he said coldly

"I have to go dont know where to, first" she spoke aloud

"I could go with u" he said

"Nooo they dont know YOU know abt it. Athim asked me not to tell u" she shrieked

"They expected u to go visit Shravu in jail by urself?" he whiplashed

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