SW Symphony 62 -- Faith & Faux Fur - Page 129

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Posted: 6 years ago
Please please lie

"Kya diya rey isko?" Bally demanded

"She" R&B began

II pushed her glass bangles back on her forearm and showed him the delicate bracelet

"Oh teri, so its a girl?" Bally asked feeling the tiny hair bow

"HE wants to believe" II knocked R&B

"Aur kaisa chal raha hai?" he asked looking at R&B

"Great, we missed u yesterday" R&B said, holding the door open for his waddling wife

"Suman's Dad is sick, he cant fly, so I went to Kanpur to get him" Bally said

"Is he better now?" R&B asked politely

"I am going to my desk" II mumbled and walked faster

The men arrived 15 or so minutes later, Bally shook hands again
"Iyer aaja ghar par, hum dono daroo peeyenge, tum dono danga karna" Bally offered

"Aaj raat ko?" II asked over enthusiastically, hoping to patch up that rare friendship she once had with Bally

Bally laughed hysterically

"Nahi aaj raat ko nahi, weekend mein? Aaj raat ko Suman busy hai" Bally said

"To main nahi aa sakti?" II asked hurt

Bally walked inside her cube, tapped her on her head  "Issshh!! Kya karoon tera? Chale beta, le ja isko" he ordered R&B
Dusting his hands.. giving II a hug

"Can it be the same?" II asked innocently

"It is the same Iyer" he said looking at her with a genuine smile

"Kudu" she asked for her laptop

"Lets go" R&B said

She picked up her orange silk shawl and changed out of her comfy mocassins to her "fancy but flat" sandals
Tidied her desk

"U didnt eat ur idlis?" he asked picking up her breakfast container

"Lets go" II mumbled without answering

They got to the parking lot

The attendant came running

"Didi aapko gaadi mili?" he asked

"Nahi" II shook her head with a really sad look

"Do block aagey DLF Melrose  aur DLF Marigold dono se kal raat ko gaadi uthi hai" he informed

II felt terrible when she realized her car is lost for good

"Lets go" R&B steered her towards his car

The race car had bucket seats, getting in and out was a pain, he held the door open

He pulled out noisily, for a man that liked to be left alone and live life unnoticed, he sure loved noisy, attention seeking cars
Ii cringed as 10s of people watched the car slide out of the basement parking, he hit the lights, they rose out of the lil enclosures like the batmobile

"Were u at Spectrum?" she meant Excelsior

He turned to her and shook her head

"So u came for me?" she asked, her insides quivered, she wanted to be wanted today
she had force mended her friendship with Bally
She still wasnt 100% thrilled about the sewing or the strength of the stitches


"I came for u" he said preoccupied

"He kept kicking all day, my back hurts really badly" II let her tears slide, unable to act strong any longer

"U mean she?" he asked looking at her wiggling belly

"Girls are quiet and well behaved" II declared vehemently


"Sure!!" he said struggling to not sound sarcastic

"They are splitting" II stopped when she realized he had ridiculed SW in the morning
She was about to tell him KMPG was looking at a wholly owned subsidiary format
 for selling SW solutions, and fold Transporo as of the products of the new company

"Who" he asked shocked

II shook her head

He drove home and not to D II and found her asleep on her seat, he had lowered the back rest mechanically from the dash, she looked tired and exhausted
He lay back on his seat and listened to music, reading a book

She woke 40 or so mins after they got home, it was 8 ish

"Kya khaogey raat ko?" she asked gruffly in a sleep drugged voice

He let his book fall from between his fingers, and pulled one ear plug out
And proceeded to hover over her

She lay back, looking at him nervously
He let his breath fan her face, neck and body, hovering hungrily
She moved, pulling his other ear plug out

"Who is splitting?" he asked again

"Why?" she asked

He felt her kajal with his thumb, and her nose ring, he was still getting used to all the noise from her bangles

He could sense Nivi move each time II generated that sound

"I knew it!! it is a girl" he chuckled to himself "Cant imagine a boy loving bangles"
They let their lips hover round and round and round like airplanes circling a run way waiting for landing instructions

"Transpro is not a disaster" II insisted

It was, but he wasnt going to argue with her now
The gear poked his lower belly, he wanted to take her upstairs
Having the guards or Ranjan or Manya walk in on them would be a disaster

He bend down on her neck "why do u want Bally?" he asked glad she cudnt see his face

She moved her head allowing him free-er access to her neck

"Older men are better in bed" she whispered,  trembling


He let his palm fondle her curves...
He attempted to caress her arms.. and groaned frustrated

"II" he begged

"U cant be serious...I wore them YESTERDAY" she said defiantly,
not  encouraging his fetish of having smooth arms "I am not taking them off"

He held her chin bending down

He kissed her lower lip, and tasted, and kissed again, hungrier

"Lets go up" he whispered

She let her fingers lace through his curls, rubbing her nose on his stubbly chin and cheek

He helped her out

"Another 8 weeks of kicking, I am getting my tubes tied" she wraned "If u want to have another one, YOU SHUD"

"Good idea" he nodded politely

They went up, without bumping into Manya, her car was parked...

"Everything is changing" she mumbled

"How come u dont say anything. Oh! but wait... tum kabhi kuch nahi kehte" she panted pausing at the end of the flight of stairs to the 2nd floor

She sat down and leaned back

"So many changes, I am married, pregnant, a new boss, a new company" she mumbled

"For who" he asked silkily, Bally had mentioned about the SW spin off

"What I did I will be doing the same for a diff company" II said very unhappy

He sighed
He had no idea how to reassure her, he had never "worked" for any one
He couldnt even begin to understand her turmoil
He sat by her she moved her bangles fluttering like a bird
"I mean there is only  10,000 food worlds" she smiled

He could tell she wasnt crazy about it

"Didnt u talk abt moonlighting for Excelsior?" he asked politely

She squirmed, she could only imagine how Manya will receive such news


"That would be"

"Did u talk about LOA?" he asked

She nodded and smiled, he said "I need to "log on" after 13 weeks" "Iska matlab I can work from home too"

"Do u miss Bally?" he asked softly, his face inscrutable

She nodded
"Great!!" "You dont wnat to lie NOW?" he thought

Posted: 6 years ago
Ayyo is Dude jealous of Bally?
Really wish II quits her job and start working for Excelsior...Ranjan will be the most happiest. 
Too sleepy to think ...thanks for the update Nisha
Happy SankranthiSmile
Posted: 6 years ago
"she had force mended her friendship with Bally
She still wasnt 100% thrilled about the sewing or the strength of the stitches"

How significant na? Loved its depth .

And II needs to have the last word Embarrassed . Why do people get great pleasure in having the last say in an argument Big smile .
And dude did better this time. He did not bite the bait. LOL .

The sense of ownership about one's company and it's product for a committed and hardworking   employee as if it were their own is something that will always be a pull a catch 22 situation.There's enough to be disillusioned there but we learn to take that in the stride as well. It's very difficult to just put in 8 to 5 and come bk home and be able to detached about it.

During the labour dispute Manny did want II to help Ranjan
But the way she will look at II if she were to have a long term say in the scheme of things at excelsior
Will be sure interesting and yes it's 700 times bigger than the 5 cr apt.
But put chachu and his sons in the front and Manny will sure root for II .

And II don't sit in the stairs or you could have Manny looking out for her Dimpal.
Chalo chalo andar.

Embarrassed LOL
Posted: 6 years ago
Lets see what unfolds post pregnancy for ii
I don't know if you (nisha) still think ii working for Ranjan would be filmy. But I think she can propose certain things to Ranjan and join excelsior.
Posted: 6 years ago
Oh I forgot to add!!
Dude is disappointed that she chose not to lie reg Bally when he actually wanted her to lie!
The pulses we send to our brain is sure intriguing
Posted: 6 years ago
Awwiee! Lovely update! 
Dude is jealous! Omgg! How cute tht is! I wish if II could join some tax consultancy job ya auditing job! 

Tht ittu sa scene inside the car...Heart

Dude thinking.."its a girl, I knew it"! LOLZ! Tooo adorable tht was!HeartDay Dreaming
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by jasminechick

Originally posted by Errantnomad

To an onlooker as Bally pointed out and agreed by II, their conversation was laced with innuendos but what was striking to me in the last update was the loss felt and expressed by II in particular on her missing the camaraderie and the warmth that was just special between them.

Things before we realise that it is slipping out if control just slips out before we can do anything abt it.
II misses being in the inner circle and is absolutely firm in expressing it vocally to her friend
Something that she is hesitant to do it with her husband.

When it matters too much as regards to how most special the person is, cats do get our tongue LOL

But I need one clarification. What is Bally referring to when he talks about deployment and that if he was II he would be not careful to repeat what happenned earlier. It's a pretty loaded stmt.

If I am right that he is referring to her going off to Paris for a week or taking off from Amritsar,
then it's a pretty loaded stmt from Bally acknowledging II slipped and I feel that's the moment that led to the change of equations between them where maybe Bally also feels II is in a different circle now .

We don't get everything that we desire in life.

Or stalling the installation due to pregnancy Shocked(may be he thinks she influenced Ranjan's decision).
I dont really like that Bally character anymore - too close to real "boss" characters. He is showing the "cloud" carrot to herAngry. II,it is the same old sh*t - Just server in a different location (with a bunch of machines) and has high availability yada yada. Dont fall for it.
<div>What happend to II's "tax" department job search ? I dont remember if she paused or is left off in the story.

Jas reg that tax role after being sounded off to hold off a little bit given her state by her amma
She did not end up applying after her return fro
Paris and let it go thenEdited by Errantnomad - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
To all those that ODed on chakara pongal and vada
The chapter will be foochar part
Asma tempted me to do that with her review yesterday

Kalpana, Bally doesnt want her to start sharing the news that KMPG is going to spin off SW solutions into its own company, the news is not official yet, so he wants II to keep it under wraps

And I agree we find it most difficult to be vulnerable with the ones we love the most

No she didnt apply to the tax audit role after Amma admonished her saying "Get over ur drama"

Shout out to all those that ate the purple sugar cane

My Thatha would painstakingly peel and cut them into uniform 2inch cubes for us.

The sweet juice dripping from the side of the mouth

I would help Amma draw the chariot outside the house with rice flour and craft a sun moon and stars inside, border with the crimson dye
 and would be very bummed when my Dad would pour the holy water while chanting during the pooja as he did bhog to the Sun Gods, my art work would turn into a red and white mess...

The dancing around the Lohri fire in Delhi, one year I managed to eat 100s of revri the lil sesame treats.
I used to farm the bowls of all family and friends, avoid the moong fali and popcorn and go directly for the revri.

Clothes used to smell of smoke when we went to bed that night.

Give ourselves as many excuses as we may, life in Americas sucks when its a festival back home

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