SW Symphony 62 -- Faith & Faux Fur - Page 120

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Posted: 6 years ago
EnVee what's up? Have I just not seen you when I'm here or has she been missing on the thread!

Do drop in Heart
Posted: 6 years ago
Oh btw happy Lohri and a wish you all a very happy Pongal everyone!
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Errantnomad

Sri thoongaleya?
Sorry Kalpana just saw it...typing up stuff for a training program 
Posted: 6 years ago
[YOUTUBE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5j13vfDKtc4&list=RD5j13vfDKtc4#t=49[/YOUTUBE] Edited by moonwearer - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Happy lohri, pongal, bihu and sankrant guys.
Good morning/evening to All.
Posted: 6 years ago
Do we get an update Day Dreaming
Posted: 6 years ago
Under & Over

He pulled a few pillows from top of the bed, stuck one under her head, she scooted under the day bed, (day beds are tall) and dragged him under with her she lay there
holding her present, "It is sooo pretty" I cant even be mad at you for assuming its a girl" she whispered

He anchored his head on his arm and stared down at her, intertwining his fee with hers

"It is"

"Did u pay Dr Gupta under the table?"(so she shared the gender with you?Wink) she asked attempting to wear it, and watch it slide off,

"Not quite" he whispered, latching it on for her

"Silver hai kya? ITS JUST SO PRETTY" she tried to see it through the 10s of other bangles crowding her wrist

"Its not" he whispered quietly

"Platinum?" she asked in shock

She looked at him afraid  "It must be so expensive"

He didnt respond

"And I dont know the difference between silver and platinum" she whispered and found his stubbly chin and lips land on her forehead

"It doesnt matter" he kissed her warmly

"When Akka would return to pick Shravu up after college on Saturday him and
I would hide under my bed and have the rajai fall over long enough so she couldnt see, and when she would be
just about to lay down we would appear from below wearing some cheap halloween mask" II laughed hysterically

"I am not sure if its a good idea to have you raise our child" he whispered, amused, stroking her lower lip

"Probably not" "Like some one said to me moments ago" she whispered "But he is stuck with me"

"U mean she?" he argued again his eyes twinkling

"I want a boy da" she cried agonized

He smothered her... knocking her breath out... "A girl just like you II" he promised

"Amma wanted us to go see her for dinner vareya?" she asked softly, he knew she had given it a lot of thought

"How about Sunday?" he said calmly

Her face fell

"The anniversary is not Sunday" she whispered, shutting her eyes beginning to doze

He gently stroked her cheek wand watch her fall asleep

Manya had knocked in the morning, and found the bedroom door
open, and hadnt found the couple she had searched R&B's office, a cursory glance at the sun room, the other rooms were shut so she didnt need to look
She went down, and panicked, waking Ranjan at 8

Ranjan called R&B his phone was by the master bed, he didnt answer

Ranjan called Sam...

Manya wwent up again to see if R&B and II had carried their phone with them... she found it ringing by the bed

She wandered the expansive corridor and found R&B's feet sticking out from under the sun room bed
Only to find the couple asleep under the bed

She put his phone by him gingerly, walked out and called him, he woke on one ring and answered

"Hows the weather down under" she chuckled

He slid out getting up

His back was sore... really stiff, he worried for II
II stirred and moved

Her hand striking the metal frame, she woke up startled he was crouched smiling at her, she slid out gently, he helped her up and lay her back down on the bed

Manya returned to the room

Found wrapping paper and the head set and the book on the floor bent to pick it up

"what time is it?" Ii asked

"8:22" he said
"Ayyo I have work, countdown  to B day..." she whispered

She sat up wincing

"bad idea" he nodded

"Happy anniversary you two" Manya spoke in a distant tone

R&B nodded, as she hugged him tight... "U are an OLDD man now" she whispered

"I feel like it" he said rubbing his back

Ranjan came up too

"Tu kithey?" he asked Manya

"I am sorry, I was supposed to be looking for u. Dad, dono day bed ton neeche ghuse pade the, kedi aur jaga nahi mili shaayad" Manya shook in laughter

"Gudiya?" Ranjan greeted her, patting her head

"Dad" II let her legs  hang off the bed

"Khush reh puttar" he blessed her  " kee chaida tuannu dass" he asked her proprietorially

"Some pretty Punjabi phulkari  dupattas" she asked

"U like those?" Manya asked
Ranjan answered a call, opening II's balcony door, and walking towards the rail

"I have ONE from 2009" "When Bala Athim's Ambala Anna bought for me" she smiled

"Where was he Sunday?" Manya asked

"I actually dont know" II smiled politely


"Are they still in Ambala?" Manya asked

"Last I heard" II said getting off the bed still wincing as she tip toed, her legs asleep

"Treat kithe dimpal?" Manya demanded

"Wherever u want" he said politely

Ranjan returned and lingered

And then walked over to his son, and touched his head "Jeeyonda reh puttar.." he said softly

R&B instinctively felt his shoulders slump and body bend so Ranjan could feel the top of his head

He half smiled as he mumbled a "thanks"

II returned "Since u signed up to drive me to work, I will be ready in 30" she said smugly

He chuckled

Amma had hoped "II would be safe driving by herself to work"
Athim had driven Akka the last trimester

"She is going to be fine" R&B had reassured Amma at Malai Mandir

"Paranthe?" Manya asked after II left

Ranjan smiled sitting on the day bed

"Bache ka yeh room karna hai?" he asked thoughtfully

"This room is sunny, she loves it" R&B said

"Karigar nu bulawan?" Ranjan offered

"I believe her family has some restrictions" he said checking his email

"On how the room should be remodeled?" Manya asked accusingly

"On it being remodeled at all" R&B said firmly, (Iyers religiously adhering to the strict custom of not buying even a hair accessory for the baby until the baby is born and lives to the 11th day)

looking straight at his
sister, in a tone akin to "hold ur horses" dont jump to conclusions in painting the Iyers as gold diggers", a tad bit
irritated at his sister's attempts to take every lil thing about II and being so prone to the habit of exaggeration.

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Posted: 6 years ago
Chalo, ii will have r&b by her side for sure when she needs.
Sleeping under the bed for wife. Our dude is real hero. So cute. Ii is going to be his biggest child. I guess he did mention so in one of future updates.

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