SW Symphony 62 -- Faith & Faux Fur - Page 12

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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by dristi64

Who will be able to resist these blobs of cuteness?? Not even Meanie Manny. They are just plain adorableDay Dreaming
So Sahana is a Lasya junior in the making LOL
She's already turning out to be my favourite! 

I'm a little confused. Wouldn't the kids be calling Manya Bua? Ranjan I understand loves all the things Iyer about II and wouldn't object to being addressed as Thatha. But Manya okay being called Athai? A bit strange.

Mavvy Uncle is alive- for nowLOL


I bet Manya hates being addressed as Athai, its obvious
She hates any reference to Tamil or Iyer culture

Lets face it, Manya is not around MM regularly and they are II's kids, and II does what comes most easily to her, use Tamil and explain biological connections using Tamil wordsLOL

Afterall they are HER kids

Manny can hate the word Athai all she wants but she cannot control what language II talks to her kids inTongueWink

Mavvy is kept alive for nowLOL
He hopes to be ADBUKTED some day by aliens

We all have dreams dont we?ROFL
Posted: 6 years ago
very heart touching must watch
Posted: 6 years ago
Manya at the mad house

Nivi walked down with R&B, wearing a musical note motif night suit, her long braid coming loose in places, silky strands framing her face
Absolutely beautiful and elegant at not even 10 years of age
A remarkable calm in the way she walked and smiled

She had a fat 400 page book in her hand just like dude
He was listening to music as usual

The twins didnt go to get him, II sent a help up since R&B rarely answered the intercom in the balcony if him and his daughter were buried in books

Nivi tripped on the last step, her fuzzy Tweety bird slippers tripping her

He held her immediately, picking her up

She smiled shyly

"I am too big Daddy" she whispered

"Not to me angel" he whispered kissing her forehead setting her down

He heard loud shouts and clatter from the kitchen

"U said u will tell a secret too" Sid scowled, sniffling

"I will if u finish ur bomeeta" II ordered

R&B's eyes lit up when he saw his sister, she was holding Sahana now, as the fatso played with her gladiator sun glasses

A river of drool flowing from the edge of her mouth, as she chwed on the ear hook biting furiously with her gummy molars

Nivi leaned on the kitchen door shyly

"OMG!! she is beautiful" Manya sighed

Nivi smiled

"Manya Athai" she muttered

"Hey darling" Manya stretched her hand out

Nivi shyly looked at her Dad first

He nodded

Hugged her bua

Sahana dropped her sun glasses and reached for the glittery hand made book mark on Nivi's book
And began to scream trying to reach it

"This is not food" Nivi whispered softly

"Amma kutti papa wants my book mark" she chuckled

II hugged her oldest  "she is a rakshasi" she cursed  "Where were u kanna?" II cooed

"dad was showing me an early program he wrote

"I sent three guys up, what is this?" II scolded her husband

He caressed her back  "I told them I wud go down soon" his tone was apologetic

The boys drank their bomeeta
It was not even 11 and they looked like they had a rough day

Ranjan cut up fresh fruit for them
They fought over berries

Ranjan ordered a help to go get more from Modern Bazaar

"How was ur trip?" R&B asked softly hugging Manya

Sahana eager to jump into dude's arms

II had picked her up from her crib and brought her down
He was on a work call then
Father and baby hadnt cuddled

He picked up his dirty slobbery baby from his sister

Manya watched as he cradled the 8 month old

"I like it! ur head band matches love" he cooed

She smiled, he kissed her softly

He held her horizntally like she was a new born
She held her foot and jibber jabbered
He felt her fat thigh folds with his thumb

"Where were u playing this morning?" he asked softly

"VERA ENGE? (where else) in the vegetable patch, killing my last tomato plant" II smacked the fat butt

She squealed

"I am surprised u guys try to grow something. I wud just lock myself up and let myself out only if the kids arent around" Manya shuddered

"they arent scary" R7B inhaled his fatso's neck

She giggled enjoying the whisker-y chin

II served breakfast

"sid, get down from thatha's lap raja, let him eat" II begged

"Koi gal nahi gudiya" he cooed cuddling

"Its always kutti papa" Sid was mighty jealous

"Oye shabaash, aap to meri jaan ho raja" he cooed cuddling the lil boy

Ved's mug clattered to the floor

"Did u go to many places?" Nivi asked Manya curiously

"I did, next time u shud go with me" Manya smiled

Manya lookedat II
II looked at R&B

"If u can bring her back at night" he chuckled

"U cant stay without her for a week?" she asked shocked

"He hasnt gone to Paris in 3 months" II chuckled

"Oddar kee rakha hai, kuch vee nahi." Ranjan nodded smugly

"Are u moving back to India?"

R&B picked up Ved's mug, fed a straw berry to Sahana, she squished and spread it all over her face and sucked her dirty fingers
Her chest was all red now... oozing berry juice

R&B gently dabbed it with a towel and handed her a grape, she was a hungry troll

She grabbed with both hands

II sat down with her upma...
R&B gently fed crumbs from his plate

"I cant believe how this house has changed" Manya shook her head

Nivi pushed Sid's hot wheel car under the kitchen table floor
Sid pushed it back

"This house wud be so quiet, Mahavir wud jump out of his skin if I showed un announced

"Veddd" II ordered

"How come Nivi ka and Sid can play?" he argued

"siddd... EAT!!" R&B hissed
The family wasnt even paying attention to Manya's rant
There were too many kids and too many accidents

R&B sat Sahana down on the table. She reached for the bowl of upma and sent the kadchi flying splattering curry leaves and red pepper all over the kitchen

"Dont put her on the table, she treats everything like a catapult" II begged

she served Nivi another fruit spread toast

"Aapke liye espresso?" II asked

"How do u keep it all straight?" manya asked worried

"I am used to it

"Dad aur lenge upma?" II asked refilling the bowl by the stove

"Betaji main tey smoothie peyanga" he said

"Me too amma"

"Me too amma"

"Me too amma"

the ones that cud talk spoke

Sahana took a handful of blue berries and shoved it in her mouth as R&B chatted with Manya

Quickly turning to her and getting it all out as she screamed

"PEEE UUU" sid grabbed his nose  "The baby is throwing up "

"siddd... enough!!!" R&B ordered huskily

"Yuck eee" Ved cooed

Dabbing the crsuhed blue berries with the spoon and painting Sahana's naked thigh with the stuff

Sahana loved the attention from the "cool" ones

"No... thats bad" Nivi scolded Ved

"II" R&B called out

Ranjan got up

"Can u hold her please?" he handed the baby covered in pasty fruit to his Dad
And took Ved on the side

"that was not nice" he kneeled on the floor

Mavvy cleaned up everything...

"U shud just hose her down" II whispered to R&B
He was getting frisky, he felt her jhumkas flicking them  and then her nose ring... longingly,
letting his thumb slide down her tee, pausing on the tip doing some things he did to her jhumkas moments ago

Father and daughter were alike, they touched and rubbed and fondled when they needed to be fed
Sahana did the same too, perched on R&B
She rubbed her eyes, cursed and joined her fists, blew spit out in a spray and pleaded in agony, begging for food

"Mmm mmm" she cooed indicating what she wanted

"U are a rakshasi" II went on her toes and kissed the baby's cheek

Sahana turned her face grabbed II's nose and sucked loudly, suckling

To a hungry baby everything was a boob

"Thats right!! tell her" R&B coaxed his lil fatso

"Enna velayadreya, Manya is here" II smiled, telling R&B through her agonized groan she wished she cud make out like 10 years ago
With no care in the world

"Puttar jee, tamatar to aur aayenge nahi, woh saari side clean karwa doon?" he asked II

"Dad there are 7 good plants, until the rains kill them I want them up" she said throwing fruits in the blender

"Amma... moo-dee" the boys banged empty bomeeta mugs on the table demanding a smoothie
Sahana rubbed her eyes and moaned

"she needs a nap, shes been up from SEVEN" R&B rocked, laying her down

"Let me make her bottle, u take the boys and Manya and go help them practice that back to pre school song" II instructed

"Come up" he whispered "U can nurse her first"

"Rakshasaney!! U wont let me nurse her" II whispered
They wrestled by the sink

Ranjan quietly slipped away, smiling secretly

II had to pry herself from R&B's hold and turn on the blender red faced

"Do u guys want to go to a movie?" Manya offered

The boys jumped all over Manya

Nivi looked up from her book

"Can we go now?" she smiled

Manya reached and gathered her close

"U are so pretty" she whispered

Nivi nodded

"U remind me of someone I love a LOTTT" Manya said softly

"do u love MEEE?" Sid interrupted

"Who?" asked Nivi

"My Ma looked like you" Manya's eyes glistened

"Dadijee?" Nivi asked, Manya only nodded

"She was pretty, elegant, and poised like you" she said

"did she read the Spiderwick Chronicles?" Nivi asked

Manya chuckled borrowing her book and reading the back

"U know what?" I bet she did" she smiled

"Lasya ka gave me these, " Nivi mumbled turning red

"U are too lil to be reading such fat books"Manya sighed

"I love to read" Nivi said firmly

"I also know someone who says THAT" Manya hugged her warmly

she loved Dimpal's kids more... she wud be dead before she ever let his Iyer wife discover that

Posted: 6 years ago
Too cute to handle that future MM aka warfield!!!LOL
Posted: 6 years ago


Mud pies and mud cakes they reminded her of

She delighted in them as much as she delighted in the company of him that fathered them

They each reminded her of her growing up years

Each a huge blob of adorable mess

The way the house had been transformed by their arrival

The way they held sway over the Bhalla men

The way they spoke and moved stole her heart

The carbon copy of her brother reminded of their Ma

The possessive little tykes that clambered all over her

The way they troubled their Mavvy Uncle and the rest

The eerie silence that shrouded MM had been lifted

She still resented her that ushered the change

Dimpal's babies were adorable and he seemed content

That's what mattered to her above all else




Posted: 6 years ago
Merry Christmas.
Good morning/ evening all.
R&B defending his kids in front of manny.
Nivi looking at dad befor going to manny. R&B be seeking for Ii as ever.
I wonder how did they find time for each other when Ved and Sid were toddlers.
Posted: 6 years ago
I wonder what will be II's talking with manny's lasya,when she get one??Wink
What will she tell to thee baby when the baby try to catch her nosering?Smile
Manny is not a fan of iyers na!though her mother has one nosering,the long braid n nose ring at MM now goes with II...
Posted: 6 years ago
I was posted at immunisation clinic two days back.as i sawmany newbie parents bringing their children for vaccination,i was wondering how these two will react when their kids get injection???Smile

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