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Posted: 6 years ago
The tragedy of the daily drudgery unfortunately looms larger in comparison to life's bigger tragedies until it knocks the very life out of you in your gut when one least expects it and then comes the awareness of the real pain that's out there to atleast the people around them to appreciate what they have.

All those prayers of thanks I find myself making now to a superior power, I silently oflate have started questioning myself over it if, that prayer is a sincere thanks or is it born out of fear and selfishness to sort of shield me away from being exposed to the real pain out there that I'm painfully aware exists as regards to the fatality that irrefutable mortality brings in you , more so now than before.

Vandu's transformation from her mockery to cynicism to appreciation to guilt to gushing and finally to laughter in a single conversation centering around her father in law was a nice touch specifically today .

I recently read that situations prime different parts of a person in the sense that situations expose the different identities that exist in you and identity cannot be singular .

Couldn't agree more .
Posted: 6 years ago
The fact wwith Life is that NO ONE'S LIFE IS PERFECT!! So one should be always thankful for what is given to them by the lord, just remember others won't get what have been given to you! Akka has got the warmth of a middle class family, something II won't ever have .. a MIL .. the care n support of her Cry akka likes what she can see from outside, she doesn't know what II craves for ..

PS: I hope Niaha you'll continue the footure update of 'the twins arrival' Embarrassed
Posted: 6 years ago
Sonal Di...! Hug
I am so sorry for your loss. My heartfelt and deepest condolences! 

May his soul Rest In Peace. I pray that God give you and your family enough strength! 

Love and Hugs!
Posted: 6 years ago
Sonal dii ..
Hope you are doing well there .. sorry to hear about ur Father in law .. may his soul rest in peace.

We miss uhh ! Plz come back soon .
Posted: 6 years ago
Good morning guys!
ER loved your review.. Kajal what a cute video Heart
Sonal, Pritee, Namu, Jas, jyo hola!
Jas loved that Coimbatore vs Columbia share.. Power to you Thumbs Up
Posted: 6 years ago

Enactment scripted by the heart

Life is not a script to play on cue

Life has moments of surprises and mysteries to unfold

We view life from our standpoint and bicker and rave and rant

We think life meted out to us a raw deal while others rejoice

We bond with some, we reject others we nurture grudges trigger tears

We miss those that have moved on, their shoes we try to step into

The memories impel us to rise and soar though sometimes despair is all we have

Each relationship is unique, the bonds we forge are rare

Taking some for granted , painting some in keeping with our mood

We crib, we seethe in imagined slights and insults

We scar with words and lash out with tongues, pens and keys, that

Does not seem to behoove us well.

Tired minds and weak bones and sinews need a caring heartfelt smile

Words are the balm, the salve offering respite , the whiff of fresh air we crave

The search the eye persists in, inspired by deep seated desires

It meets a soul , captures the frequency of your pangs and fluttering of your ideas

A bond is forged, a story unfolds , a symphony begins anew

Inspires the entire  you to step into the performing area

Armed with resources you draw from within

Nimble fingers dabble in colours, choose and gather the yarns

Dexterously weave patterns and give shape to thoughts

Patient eyes and ears, await the tidings and the emerging form unfolds

We watch dreams take shape and throb with life

We listen for notes and tunes, the sonata that plays,  hope is kindled  anew

Some day, some moment peace will be restored all will be well

Distances between those we love will be bridged, the differences and pain assuaged

We cease to judge , when realization dawns, that what each endures

Is a story we heard or thought each ones pain in the heart is felt in unique ways and rhythms

All that we can do is listen with care, wipe or kiss a rolling tear with arms wrap in an embrace.

Edited by moonwearer - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Morning Sri!

Loved your take on life.

Bond with some, reject others nurture grudges and trigger tears really appealed.

Was reading an article this morning hat got me thinking about quid pro quo relationships do look through the link if it interests you. An old article was reading to get some facts straight. Here's the link

US-Iran who benefits with the embargo gone

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