SW Symphony 62 -- Faith & Faux Fur - Page 103

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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604

Originally posted by Arya1991

Here's #TheFeminist v/s #R&BFanGirl - An Eternal Battle, on "Droplets on a Lotus"
Next one will be up. Soon.

Hi! cutie

how are u

I'm alive!
Work's been hectic... But I've been catching up with the chapters as and when I get the chance to... Wrote a review last week too (Which is what I've posted here). Let me know what you think of it... It kind of ended up being one of those endless internal debates about where the lines of feminism need to be drawn Tongue

How have you been? How was New Years? Did you see the anniversary gift I'd put together?

The last few chapters have been brilliant... light-hearted fun, with the heavy undertones of realities. 
Vandu, Bala and their sudden cutting off from II. Her failed attempts to cover it up, to hide her sorrow from her in-laws. And, #MannyTheMeanie throwing that in II's face. 
And, Nividances... Cry

Posted: 6 years ago
i love tan
Review for the last three updates
love how tan is...he is so dam awesome
his makes people comfortable
and ive read it somewhere
"the biggest gift you give to anyone is letting them be comfortable in their own skin"
he does it best
let it be vandu or sam or II

and dude and his caring attention to every detail about his wife always wins my heart
which man is so bothered about details??
or does every guy pay so much attention?
novice in that case anyway

vandu..whats up lady?
u seem normal and happy but looks like its too normal...
i genuinely liked that fact that she was open to her parents..how upset she was..its best to express rather than hold things within yourself and let them build up

ranjan's superior intellect and the line about his son winning over the madhuri raja's was a great touch
i see appa like an army all the time LOL
i hope the pallavas and the madhuri empire can make a peace treaty
after all they are related by marriage now.

Manny manny...tera dimag bachoon jaaisa hi hai...kitna ladti hai...LOLLOL

nandu and II and lasya and II moments were adorable.

and the tiny touch about dude and tan helping with his project made a big statement to me...that they are amazing fathers..Clap

i wonder how amazing it is to see a baby move in a mothers tummy...wohhh..cant imagine the beauty
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604

A big shout out to Jyo, Sudhi, Namratha, Pritee, Munira, Charlie, Kala, and ASMA, Vidya, Dristi, Shilpa, Sonal

Thanks Asma

Another weekend flew by, I was checking to see if Pongal was early during the week or later

I was praying it was later and turns out its on Jan 15th Friday, my teenager has End of Semseter or something so no school


I can make Pongal leisurely.

Watched the Golden Globes
Jenn Lawrence is the most over rated actor of this decade, I am tired of her already


Hollywood is exactly like Bollywood
All fake
They all put up an act
I read today Shatrughan Sinha has written a tell all book about how Amitabh tried to ruin his career. No surprises there!!
AM is like Lata Mangeshkar, or I should say Mangeshkar sisters that nuked the careers of Suman Kalyanpur, Vani Jayaram, Anuradha Paudwal, Runa Laila, Usha Uthup

At NINETY she acts all very gracious and compassionate

Amitabh comes across as very vain, arrogant and devious, and mean
I bet he will try to burn the publishing house down, or place a call to Dawood Ibrahim and have Shatru shot

Apparently Amitabh called Mumbai airport insisted to speak with the pilot of the plane carrying a honeymooning Rekha and Mukesh Agarwal and asked  Rekha be booted off the plane.

Tomorrow the will fete him with Bharat Ratna

Success trumps character wherever you go
No wonder Politicians love Bollywood

From where do u get all this information nisha yaar

Coming bak to my favorite story 
Manny meanie is bak 
Mostly jab bhi moh kolti hai toh ll ka kabhi nahi sochti 
Usse bas apne padi hai-totally selfish 
Thoda meetha bol lay,kadva bol kar apna moh bhi kadva hota hai 

Wen u can appreciate markarnd  gentleness even in disbelief 
then learn something from that .hadd hai teri-i don't think this 
was what ur maa taught u at least hold the values she gave to u.
Quite shameful 

Posted: 6 years ago
I just love nandu.. 

This kids a proof that you don't have to be spoilt if you are rich.. 

He is grounded and looks for small pleasures in the love he gets from his chitti. 

I love the way sam and tan have bought him up 

Amma and appa seem to have gone completely out of the way and done things for ii.. No wonder vandu is so pissed its not a nice feeling when your own parents difdrentiate between the siblings I am sure amma appa would have not got any gold for vandus relatives during her valakapu.. 

Nisha I thought ii was having a Punjabi godbharai aswell is she going to have one.. 

Manny please use the same ammunition against appa when he argues to take ii with him.. 
Ishita's own sister did not come as early as the bhallas did 
Posted: 6 years ago
Hi NishaBig smile and to all othersSmile
Hi Asma...welcome backBig smile

Nisha  ...you give us so much information...i knew something was going rgds Shatrughan...
I just don't care anything about any celebrity and Hollywood seems no less but this back stabbing or dragging down others exists across all film industries...

Lovely updates. ...thanks for all the detailed descriptions...I never knew about the iyer seemandhams...Star

Posted: 6 years ago
How have you been??Hug
I'm doing well. Holiday season for me and I'm actually busier than usual LOL
R&B ki khoj jaari hai. Mil jaye toh pehli khabar aapko milegiEmbarrassed


Hello ji! it's pongal for you and Bihu for me. Food, bonfires and dancing. Thankfully this time I've fun neighbors so looking forward to a good celebration.

I love the reference to history in the previous update. The moment I read the word 'Pallavas' I knew it would b something to do with the never-ending battle between Appa and SIL. Loved it. Clap
As for Lasya looking like an Iyer girl, with the onesie and golden jhumkas, I kept reading the words again and again. Day Dreaming
Manya has let the cat out of the bag. II is in a spot now. She shouldn't make up such elaborate lies either. But I do get why she did it. Aage kya hua???Embarrassed
Posted: 6 years ago
Makarand sounds like someone perfect for Manya LOL though hez 'clueless' look tells that he didn't say it 'intentionally' .. which means he doesn't have the brain to mouth filter .

I can't wait anymore for the anniversary Day Dreaming so I actually hope this day ends soon Tongue or if otherwise the day ends on romantic note ?? Wink I'll be delighted Embarrassed

And thankyou for the 'shout-out' Nisha Smile first one for me .. active during exam days LOL Edited by munira053 - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Duh nice warm updates
Except manya. Don't like her :/

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