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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by PriteeMisra

NeelAsma, I am good.
Missing your reviews.

Hey Pritee .. Glad you like them I miss being here too. Well I'm here now. Catching up and waiting for the next update to arrive Wink
Posted: 6 years ago
Nisha update eppo? And did I miss the post spa sequence or are you waiting to give us the good stuff intzaar karake   Embarrassed
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by blue5sky

Nisha update eppo? And did I miss the post spa sequence or are you waiting to give us the good stuff intzaar karake   Embarrassed

Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by blue5sky

Good morning guys!!!
A BIG HUG to all of you here
Namu- how have you been? Glad to know you enjoyed your trek.
EnVee- my Trekker trust life's been good for you!
Ashu- where are you .. Take care my dear!
Sri- the ever energetic poetess I'm sure you have done many more things wig the kids around you Smile
SR- yo-- happy new year
Dristi - missed you my dear.. RnB Mila Kya?
Vikas - Bhai how have you been?
Jas-Jyo - happy new year guys.. Rather late than never Wink
Shev, Shilpa, Kajal, Sonal, Sudhi- how have you guys been you?
Pritee- Heart how are you..
Swati, Charlie, Kavita, Nouf, kala, Kalpana, SR helllooo guys!

Nisha loved the updates.. Have more to dig into. Love the dad dude war. What more can a woman want {{sigh}}.

So happy to be back! Embarrassed
Happy to have u bak.happy new year
Posted: 6 years ago
1 lie, 2 grams & 3 weeks

II picked up Lasya on the lawn and squeezed the breath out of her, as she screamed.LOL
Waddling around the yard in a butterfly patterned onesie
The evening was cold and moist, March barely beginning to feel like Spring

Tan looked away chuckling as Lasya cried for help

She finally handed her to Ranjan, Lasya wore sparkling tiny jhumkas in gold she looked like an Iyer girl

"Thak gaye beta?" he asked

She nodded

"Long day" Ranjan peered down at her bangles, Amma had tied silver and gold wires first, he hadnt seen that at first

"Aapke ghar mein sab kuch reeti rivaj se bilqul" he nodded happily
"Iyers are very finnicky I believe" II chuckled self deprecatingly

"Lada yeh Appa se?" Ranjan asked

"nahi to" Ii was shocked

"Kyon?" she asked curiously

"Isne tujhe waha rehne dena nahi hai, Appa ne tujhe yaha nahi rehne dena hai" Ranjan sighed

"Where is Sam?"

"andar hoyegi beta" he yawned

R&B sat on the swing helping Tan tape some images on the poster board
Nandu's left arm was taped up, the scrape was bad and he looked pale after the shot and dressing and medicating

A lil woozy perhaps
He sat more quietly than usual

II walked over to him and felt his hand

"Shravu pushed me" he told her promptly

II did not know that

She knew Shravu was active and energetic

Tan was horrified

"NANDAN!!" he scolded

"Its the truth Daddee" Nandu whined

"I am sorry I didnt know" II was apologetic

"I dont want to go to his house again" nandu told her "He is mean Chithi"

"Jab Shravu pasand nahi tujhe uski tarah isko Chithi kyon keh raha hai, Mami bol na" Tan mocked the kid

Nandu was more upset

"tan please" II ordered "Ooopar chalogey?" "I think Mahavir Uncle went to Modern Bazar yesterday and he may have bought some Belgian chocolates" she smiled
Nandu's eyes sparkled

""Hes fine II" R&B insisted

"Paavam da, I had no idea Shravu hurt him" Ii was apologetic

"He didnt" R&B was quick

Sam walked up and handed the men finger food, Mahavir handed them liqor

"Tujhe kya doon?"

"Garam garam roti aur subzi" II hugged Sam

"Your Amma went over board, she gave me and Lasya, GOLD earrings" Sam gushed

Amma had bought 2 gram gold... II had seen it last nite

"its not very big or expensive" II mumbled
Sam smacked her"Look at u... Ms stinker"  "Did u see Lasya is wearing?" "I am saving mine for a special day" She nudged Tan

"Beta bahut special days ho gaye" he winked

"Tan please u owe me a trip to South India" Sam whined

"Jao, ab to tumhare paas toor-isht gaide bhi hai" Tan winked nudging II

"We can go in summer, when R&B's here for three weeks, I will leave the lil guy with him"II smiled pointedly at R&B

R&B nodded sincerely, "Its a girl" he insisted
II made a face..

"Manya kidhar hai?" II asked

"Oopar, Mr so and so ke saath" Sam winked

"Oh! I barely saw him" II smiled

Mahavir brought II some juice, she sat by R&B

Manya walked in with Makarand

"Hey how are u?" Makarand asked II giving her a hug

"I am tired but wearing jewelry on every inch of skin", she shook her arms, Nivi floated excitedly

"U look great BTW, Bala was saying his cousin went to 2 market places in Madurai looking for the most rare combination of colors"Makarand said cheerfully

"I have some rare colors," Sam shook her arms Amma gave her a dozen each as return gifts

Manya was not wearing her jhumkas or her glass bangles

"Last nite Athim was telling me all about it" II smiled politely, nodding at Makarand

"He said he didnt visit D II last night" Manya said firmly... and then smiled

Tan, Sam, R&B all looked at Manya piercingly

II lowered her gaze in shame
Makarand looked on...confused

Posted: 6 years ago
A big shout out to Jyo, Sudhi, Namratha, Pritee, Munira, Charlie, Kala, and ASMA, Vidya, Dristi, Shilpa, Sonal

Thanks Asma

Another weekend flew by, I was checking to see if Pongal was early during the week or later

I was praying it was later and turns out its on Jan 15th Friday, my teenager has End of Semseter or something so no school


I can make Pongal leisurely.

Watched the Golden Globes
Jenn Lawrence is the most over rated actor of this decade, I am tired of her already


Hollywood is exactly like Bollywood
All fake
They all put up an act
I read today Shatrughan Sinha has written a tell all book about how Amitabh tried to ruin his career. No surprises there!!
AM is like Lata Mangeshkar, or I should say Mangeshkar sisters that nuked the careers of Suman Kalyanpur, Vani Jayaram, Anuradha Paudwal, Runa Laila, Usha Uthup

At NINETY she acts all very gracious and compassionate

Amitabh comes across as very vain, arrogant and devious, and mean
I bet he will try to burn the publishing house down, or place a call to Dawood Ibrahim and have Shatru shot

Apparently Amitabh called Mumbai airport insisted to speak with the pilot of the plane carrying a honeymooning Rekha and Mukesh Agarwal and asked  Rekha be booted off the plane.

Tomorrow the will fete him with Bharat Ratna

Success trumps character wherever you go
No wonder Politicians love Bollywood

Edited by Nisha0604 - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Arya1991

Here's #TheFeminist v/s #R&BFanGirl - An Eternal Battle, on "Droplets on a Lotus"
Next one will be up. Soon.

Hi! cutie

how are u

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