SW Symphony 62 -- Faith & Faux Fur - Page 101

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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by PriteeMisra

SR Hug , where have you been?
How are you?

Putti it's so good to see you back here.

O, Hug
Preeti...Hug...I'm good...had been away on a long vacation. Am planning to read backwards, starting from the baldies' fraternity Confused
Posted: 6 years ago
Pallavas & Madurai NayakarsLOL

He saw imprint of the curve from the steel chair on her back, her braid was a lil untidy now, but nevertheless heavy and silkyEmbarrassed

He couldnt imagine any of Chachi's bahus lay in a corner and be so unpretentious on their big days
Or any of their Jor Bagh Golf Links friends. Many traveled with an entourage to events like their own baby shower and child's birthday
Most had stylists and nutritionists on their payroll, and even had phony "will manage my time"
like humbug secretarial service employees that trailed them, as if they were Corp CEOS

"My feet hurt so bad" II mumbled

"I could carry u to the car, but it wud scandalize the priest" he chuckled she turned and looked at him

"I know ur only life goal is to shame me" she whispered
He nodded

"Polama?" she asked yawning

"Shud I text Amma?" he asked
She nodded looking for her purse and or phone
Neither in the vicinity

"Amma put a bunch of bags and gifts here" II panicked "I hope they didnt get stolen"

"I am sure they were not" R&B reassured

"Periappa was here too for the longest time" II smiled

"Do u want to go see him once?" he offered

"Appa wont let me leave" she blurted
Then laughed, and looked away and smiled... and shook her head

"Then we better not flirt with danger then" he whispered

she smiled, and swayed getting up

She was much bigger today for some reason, the tiredness pouffing her up?

She saw Appa chatting with Sitaraman...

Amma and Akka were chatting animatedly with Janaki Athai by II's fave florist

Vetri came running to her

"Veetukku poriya ka?" (are u headed home?)

She nodded dazed, the sun hit her eyes as she got down the steps of the south facing convention hall gingerly

"Enga veetuku kootitu variya kutti papa?" (will u bring ur lil one to my house?) he asked smiling toothily

She smiled "Enn da onakku enna 12 varushama teriyum innikki daan koopadreya?" (uve known me 12 years NOW u invite me?)
The boy scratched his head sheepishly

"vaa ka" he smiled "Mama kootitu va" (bring ur hubs)

He began describing a national geographic he watched on the Alps... and asked if he had ever climbed it

R&B nodded and smiled

Amma sprinted to where they were standing  "Kelambareya kanna?" (are u ready to go?)

II nodded "I want to go sleep for 6 hours ma... I have to go to work tomorrow"

Amma nodded compassionately  "When do u take time off?"

"Not until end of April" II said sadly
And tripped on the next step, Amma and R&B held an elbow each  "U are still half asleep raja"

"Let me call Mr Iyer" Amma promised

Appa flew there instantaneously

"Sam is there no?" Appa asked R&B sternly

He nodded
II looked up at him worried "Why?"

"Arti edupaale" Appa reminded they wud do arti

II nodded "The aunts are so sweet" she smiled

"One has promised to stay with you if u want until" Amma swallowed mumbling

"thats not required we are bringing her to D II soon" Appa looked at R&B
He had no retort, he acted like he did not hear it

"How is Nandu ma?" II asked afraid

"Hes fine" Amma nodded sadly

Nandu and Shravu wudnt quit and finally stopped when Nandu fell  on top of the hill, outside the sanctum, in the wide open rocky, viewing area with rail
"He got an ATS" Appa nodded "Dr Hegde is very efficient" he declared

He was Appa's friend, not Batra family's doc, Appa was passionate about everyone he loved

"He was part of Dr Kalam's staff docs" Appa told R&B

R&B nodded politely

"Delhi bureaucracy has a lot of talented, ethical people, these politicians are unscrupulous" Appa waved a finger "Not all of them" he nodded

R&B listened politely

"Pochu da, Appa central govt puranam arambichachu" (Ur Dad has begun work politics)

"He should know, I say... they are business people, they deal with politicians too" Appa defended his freedom of speech
Amma rolled her eyes

"Mr Gupta, the Paharganj Councilor that came here today was saying the tariff on"

"Let her go home no?" Amma begged "Ne kalambu raja" Amma hugged her warmly

"I will talk with you in two days" Appa warned his enemy, setting the agenda for the next battle

"Thank you sir!" R&B said politely

They walked over to the Ferrari with the young couple, gawkers surrounded,  pan handlers begged for money, started asking questions if it was a godh bharai
Appa shoed them away.."Bala kitta Rs20 bills kuduthachu" (I gave Bala a Rs.20 wad to hand to everyone, so we can seek blessings, we cant be handing more money)

R&B pulled his wallet out and handed a Rs.500 to Vetri

"Come" Vetri said reminding him of the promise R&B made to go to his house in Seelampur

Ii smiled

"Vetri is a good boy" Appa declared "He got good percentage in 10th, I am hoping he can finish the NIIT and apply for Banks" Mr Iyer worried about all those he liked

"I heard he like databases" R&B explained

Appa was startled at first then smiled..."He shud talk less, he talks a lot like our Ishita"

"Enn paa?" II was hurt, in jest ofcourse

Vandu came running

"Enn dee odarey? Cant u wait?" (Why are u running?)

"I am too tired ka" II moaned

"Jhoothi, u want to go be with ur miya... do mahiney baad dekha to man nahi bhara na"

"Umm... no I dont care to compete with books and music tonite" II obliquely mocked him for returning home and going off to the balcony with a book

Vandu hugged him "Lekar aa ghar" she smiled

"Will do" he smiled politely

They watched as the couple pulled away

She got yet another arti and teeka, and one of the aunts gave her chai, and snacks, Sam was over seeing dinner
Tan was helping Nandu build a poster board for school on the ground floor patio

Lasya waddled on the grass
Ranjan trailed her, smiling happily upon seeing her

"Chaliye jee, shehzaade qile ki fateh kar aaye" he said smiling, winking, joking smugly,appreciating his son's victory over Iyer enemies
He half suspected Mr Iyer to kidnap II and hide her in the Malai Mandirs' dungeon

(The author deploys dry humor in asserting Ranjan is a well read widely traveled man that borrows a page from
Trichy's Rockfort temple history with its secret passages and underground
hallways used extensively when the Pallavas fought Madurai Nayakars in the 16th century... Pallavas in this case being the Bhallas)

Posted: 6 years ago
The reader appreciates the author deployed dry humor of the pallavars and Madurai nayakars.
The reader would like to add to it , more like another kind of the history associated with the rockfort temple.
It's the battle between lord Adhiseshan (king if snakes)and lord vaayu( wind god). Vaayu lost the battle to Adhiseshan and one of the pieces that flew was rockfort. Yes Appa conceded defeat to the dude and have no doubt Appa, your daughter has been charmed by Adhiseshan. Appa , this is the spell cast that you were wondering abt. LOL

( this is from my faint recollection of bed stories narrated by my paati . Another one that I fondly recollect is of bheem and Bhakasur). So to my dear paati, if I have messed up your narration, then I'm sorry paati ).Edited by Errantnomad - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
King of snakes and King of wind apt as always Smile

Lean and sexy and swirling like a reptile and Appa as usual kahan par baras jaaye and when he might blow up on someone only he knows Big smile

Appa is like that character that happens to be the most serious character but ultimately turns comic, his love for his daughter and his resentment for the one his darling daughter loves is always a treat to read.

"Then we better not flirt with danger" LOL LOL

Dude as always does his charm with his quick wit and humor and ofcourse he broods upon his wife's every step that holding her from both the elbows by amma and hubs is so symbolic like I have got you and I have your back one who brought her to this world and the other one does it selflessly for she brings a part of him now Heart
Posted: 6 years ago
Then we better not flirt with danger! OMG! This Dudeee!LOLLOLLOL
I loveddd this updateee!
Posted: 6 years ago
intresting update nisha
Posted: 6 years ago
Good morning guys!!!
A BIG HUG to all of you here
Namu- how have you been? Glad to know you enjoyed your trek.
EnVee- my Trekker trust life's been good for you!
Ashu- where are you .. Take care my dear!
Sri- the ever energetic poetess I'm sure you have done many more things wig the kids around you Smile
SR- yo-- happy new year
Dristi - missed you my dear.. RnB Mila Kya?
Vikas - Bhai how have you been?
Jas-Jyo - happy new year guys.. Rather late than never Wink
Shev, Shilpa, Kajal, Sonal, Sudhi- how have you guys been you?
Pritee- Heart how are you..
Swati, Charlie, Kavita, Nouf, kala, Kalpana, SR helllooo guys!

Nisha loved the updates.. Have more to dig into. Love the dad dude war. What more can a woman want {{sigh}}.

So happy to be back! EmbarrassedEdited by blue5sky - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
NeelAsma, I am good.
Missing your reviews.

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