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Posted: 6 years ago
Red Garnet
Happy Holidays to you, too! Nice to see you here after so long. Embarrassed



NISHA is green peopleDancing
Posted: 6 years ago
Congrats on thread 62Clap
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by EnVee

So true Clap
Posted: 6 years ago
Dirty & Alive

Not sure who asked, last night for a foochar part with Manya in it

So here you go!!
I will not reveal where she lives or who she is married to or even if she is,
or how many kids she has, because 9 years from now Manya will be pushing 40
Lets keep wondering about all that...

II rearranged the fancy potted plants in the back patio, changing the direction of the tallest rubber plant

They had a clear awning now, covering much of the patio, unlike 10 years ago when it was open and sunny
The rattan furniture was different too

II liked to serve dinner outside on summer evenings, the kids played around the various musical fountains and artifician streams
Ranjan chased them around the backyard or followed them around the house
The BBQ unit was bigger too, with a shiny marble counter, with seating for 15 people

Sahana waddled, fell, and rotated on the floor, she was too fat to make much progress at 8 months
It was amusing to watch, she had too much hair and she was too fat
She was almost always in a diaper or some fancy bikini, II gave up on changing her after a point during summer

There was only so much laundry she could do
The boys went through half a dozen tees and shorts every day

II sympathized with the help

One guy constantly ironed or folded laundry
His job was to basically walk around the house and pick up things

Sahana tried to trick the poor chap and make him leave the gate by the grand staircase open or the back stair case open

The man looked terrified when she screamed, demanding the door be left that way

"Aaap jao please" II would apologize "I am sorry" "Yeh saara din Sid Ved ko oopar neeche karte dekhti hai na"

"Hum le jaayen inko?" he asked politely

"Nahi jaayegi" II said sadly  "Usko khud chadna hai" She handed him the baby

Sahana squirmed and kicked the man with her fat anklet clad feet and cursed him

"Bahut bigdee hai, iske Dad aur Dadujee ne isko ekdum" II grabbed her back and smacked her butt

In blue jeans and a orange skinny tee, she looked much like the II of "2014"
Simple, unpretentious, with the diamond nose ring and Amma's wedding gift the Iyer diamond ear rings and gold jhumkas

She had a singing event at Malai Mandir last nite, she hadnt changed out of her earrings or nose ring

It was a "OK" sat morning... not too hot for August

The gardner came back "Sola to hata diye hain, aur tees ke qareeb hain" he reminded

"Siddd" she squealed as she stepped on a hot wheels car

Sahana wanted it the moment she picked it up

Ranjan walked out of the lounge into the kitchen

Sahana bobbed like she was about to dive into water

He reached and accepted her

"Kitthe jaana hai gudiya?" he cooed
She told him all about the evil help and how he wouldnt leave the gates open

"achha jee?" Ranjan listened patiently

"Mavvy jara ek gudiya ke sar ka band laayin" he ordered

Even he addressed Mahavir as Mavvy now

Mahavir opened a kitchen drawer and handed him a purple flat two inch fabric elastic band

"Dekh jara, gudiya orange pehni hai, orange deen ya phair golden" he gave fashion advice to Mavvy

Mavvy smiled sheepishly

He handed a orange and a gold

"Gudiya?" Ranjan offered both

"Idu romba too much" (this is too much pampering) II scolded Ranjan, tidying up the kitchen

Sahana turned away, not wanting either, kicking her feet furiously wanting to be gone from
the boring kitchen, her brothers were turning the hose on each other in the back yard

Ranjan sat the squirming fatso down on the marble kitchen counter

Clad only in a orange diaper, she oozed fat like  a leaky toothpaste tube
He patiently wrapped the band around her head

And kissed her fat cheeks repeatedly

The cheeks were dirty and muddy, dirt caked up in her body between every fold of flesh

"Veddd" "Go give this to Daddeee raja" she begged one running soaked 4 year old

He ran unmindful
Crashing into a fancy tube like bin in the lounge which guests set their umbrellas in

It contained 3 or 4 umbrellas already
Sending all of them crashing down

Sid walked in crying, since he didnt expect Ved to run inside the house to escape the spray of water, he apparently lost the water fight

"Ammma... he broke the rules"

Mavvy furiously wiped the wet foot prints

Sahana enticed Sid from her perch, cackling

"Gudiyaaa... bhayaa nu bula... Siddharth aayin jara puttar" he cooed

"thatha Ved cheated" Sid screamed

"Aidar aaja mere bache... na jee naa" he cooed blowing air kisses

Sahana immediately climbed on Ranjan's lap, she knew the seat wud be gone if Ranjan gathered Sid into his arms

She was chalooo and manipualtive

II placed tiny wedges of toast in plates and bomeeta cups

"Does this creature belong to u?" Manya walked in removing her sun glasses, she carried a half naked  dirty Ved
She gently smoothed Ved's hair off his face and kissed his cheeks

Ved blushed and squirmed

"Athai da" II cooed,

"they are all mine, there shud be 4... some where around here" II said shyly

Sid continued to cry, Ranjan tried to pacify him as he held on to Sahana

"they are all soaked in dirt, u are right, they must be siblings" Manya chuckled, Ved played with her sun glasses

"Hey Dad" Manya attempted to hug Ranjan

Sahana growled

"U are feisty!!!" Manya poked the fat belly

Sahana chuckled and laughed

"My Daddd!!" Manya provoked poking Ranjan

Sahana smacked the hand using her fat slobbery fist

"How was the flight?" Ranjan asked

Manya nodded and yawned

"dimpal kitthe?" she asked pulling a tall stool closer to her Dad sitting down and leaning on Ranjan's shoulder

Sahana pushed Manya's head off

"sassy arent u?" Manya kissed the dirty fist

sahana cooed

"Oh well... if u are going to coo to me then I guess u can lean on my thatha. Otherwise dont even think abt it!!" look


"Dimpal and the one like him" Manya gently indicated she missed Nivi

II smiled turning away towards the stove

"These three are like her" Manya declared


"Ammma.. punish him Amma" Sid continued to milk his grief

"Go get Daddy... and Nivi ka, tell them Athai is here" II whispered to Ved

"U told him a secret? I want one too" Sid started crying again, even LOUDER this time

"ayyyo!" II hissed...
Manya noticed Mahavir, he did a shy namaste

"I see HE's still alive" Manya nodded chuckling again

"He has protection" II informed her SIL, amused but not laughing, but nevertheless not arguing
 her SIL's assumption that her three youngest would some day kill Mavvy

Posted: 6 years ago
I didn't read yet but mera naam dekha toh I'm posting Embarrassed i dont know who asked nisha Embarrassed
Posted: 6 years ago
Ayyoo these kids Nisha so naughty it's unimaginable...
And cute too ( unless my kids r not this much naughty)

And manny oh now she is jealous of kids also LOL
So much like manny
Good she has not changed as too much sweetness is not good for health
Posted: 6 years ago
What an amazing journey it has been, a part of life. Holiday season and back to back updates what more to ask for!!

Ps: Please Please please please please check ur pm inbox. I have a long story to tell u Big smile

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