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Thread One
(Chapter 1 - Chapter 24)

Thread Two
(Chapter 25 - Chapter 46)

Ch 47 : We are Family {Scroll Down}
Ch 48  : Longing For Love {Scroll Down}
Ch 49 : The Birthday Celebration
Ch 50 : Stolen Kisses In The Dark
Ch 51 : Moments To Cherish Forever
Ch 52 : Its 'Spoil-Mumma-Day-
Ch 53 : Pregnant Or Not?
Ch 54 : It Wasn't Your Fault
Ch 55 : Mending Past Mistakes
Ch 56 : Guilt & Repentance
Ch 57 : Will You Forgive Me?
Ch 58 : I'll Be There For You
Ch 59 : The Possessive Son & Father
Ch 60 : For Our Love
Ch 61 : Wedding Bells
Ch 62 : Mr. Perfectionist

Thread Four

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Ch 47 : We Are Family

The pain she had endure in her past, had broken her to an extent that she lost her ability to trust love again. She was scared to love again and when she found herself falling for him, she distant herself from him. Like a coward! Her inner conscious mocked her, taani couldn't agree more. She knew its wrong on her part to play with his feelings like this, go close to him whenever her heart want but then pushed him away when she realizing she is losing herself to him again. 

Her trance was broken when loud, excitement filled voice of her son reached her ear. She looked up and found him playing on sand with his father, They were in backward of their beach house, near the beach as Reyaan wanted to come here to play.

"Mumma! You also join us. See, we made a sand castle-" Reyaan shouted, Taani shook her head at his antics. She got up from the bench she was sitting on, and walked toward the father-son duo. She could feel his penetrating gaze on her as she sat beside reyaan on the sand. She helped them in building a sand castle, occasionally their hands brushed against each other, making her shiver. 

"Reyaan, let go and play in water." Rey suggested while his gaze was fixed on her, Reyaan nodded his frantically. He got up and pulled his mother along with him. Taani laughed at his excitement, she got and held his hand as they walked toward the water. With a smile, he joined them, splashing water on them. Reyaan laughed as he joined his father and splashed water on his mother. Taani gaped as the father-son teamed up against her. She giggled and moved back, trying to save herself. Rey moved behind her and picked her up by holding her waist from behind. She giggled as he twirled her around, both were remembering the time when they came goa for india fest and enjoyed away from everyone, with each other in similar way. 

"Rey! Put me down!" She squealed, Rey obeyed her and put her down, holding her arm in gentle grip he turned her around, facing him. She look into his honey brown orbs, could see only love in them which made her go weak on her knees. The white knee length dress she was wearing was clinging onto her like her second skin, giving him perfect view of her curves.

"Before lovers, we are a family. Never distant yourself from us, enjoy with us like you are doing just now. You are part of us, and without you we both are incomplete. Our every moment is incomplete without." Rey said to her while looking straight into her eyes, she knew by we, he meant him & their son. It made her realize that whatever they both share at the moment, it should not affect Reyaan & his happy family which is hers too. She had accepted him as part of her family long ago.

"We are a happy family." Their trance was broken when their little one shouted in happiness, throwing water on his parents, Rey & Taani look at each other then at their son before they both moved toward him and picked him up in the air, making him laugh whole heartedly which brighten up their world. His one smile mean world to them.

"I'm glad we came on this trip. Reyaan is so happy." Rey said to her as after playing on beach they headed back to home. She look at the content smile on her son's face who was walking in middle, holding their hands.

"He always wanted to go on vacations like all the other kids in his class-" Taani answered him in low tone. Rey look at her with sadness visible in his eyes. 

"Along with us, he too had suffered & miss alot in these 5 years. I wish i could go back in time and make everything alright, could redo those 5 years you both spent without me." Rey whispered, his voice heavy with pain. Taani blinked her eyes, assuring him.

"But you are doing everything for him now, Giving him best life possible. You are the best father, don't be sad." Taani whispered back, Rey gave her a small smile, her words mean alot to him. Give him much needed assurance that he is doing good as a father.


Scroll down for CH 48 :)
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Ch 48 : Longing For Love

Taani walked inside their bedroom with hot chocolate drinks for her boys. They both were laying lazily on the bed, Rey was teaching him to how to play new video game they had bought yesterday.

Your boys? Since when you started calling rey yours? Her inner voice mocked her, Taani narrowed her eyes at her own thoughts. She walked over the bed and cleared her throat, gaining their attention.

"Your drinks, and please, leave this video game atleast now." Taani said to them, Rey got up and took the tray from her hands. Reyaan sat on the bed and pulled his mother, making her sit beside him on the bed.

"Where is your mug?" Rey asked her, noticing just two mugs of hot chocolate in tray.

"Papa, You can share your drink with mumma." Reyaan suggested, which brought a wide smile on his father's face. Taani tried arguing but her son hushed her, giving her puppy face which melted her. She sighed and agreed while Rey mentally thanked his son for giving him this moment with his love.

"Nice idea, Reyaan." Rey moved close to her, sitting infront of her. Taani look at him as he brought his mug close to her lips. Taani hold the mug, placing her hand on his as she brought the hot chocolate mug close to lips and took a sip. Rey smiled, he let his heated gaze roam on her angelic innocent face.

"Now your turn, papa, Take a sip." Reyaan's voice broke his trance, Rey nodded and brought the mug close to his lips, he placed his lips exactly where, she had put when she drank the drink. He smirked when he notice pinkish shade adoring her cheeks, he knew she had noticed what he did. The 'Take-a-sip' game continued until their drink ended.

They were gazing into each other's, longing for love was visible in his eyes. He was longing for her, he was longing for her love. He couldn't believe he had wasted five years of his life in pretending to hate the girl he love more than his life, Now he truly regret why he never confront her before he left for UK.

"For you, from us." Rey picked up a small box from side table and gave it to her.

"Whats this?" Taani asked him as she opened the box and found a diamond studded bracelet, She look at him with surprise filled eyes.

"It's pretty na, mumma, just like you." Reyaan said to him, when he went to shopping yesterday with his father, they both decided to gift something to taani and brought this bracelet for her. 

"Its beautiful, but what was the need for this?"

"We wanted to gift you something. Didn't you liked it?" Reyaan pouted cutely.

"I truly love this, baby. But it's too expensive-" Taani started off but he cut her off.

"Nothing is expensive infront of you. Now, stop talking and wear this." Rey said to her, and reyaan agreed with his father. Taani sighed, knowing they both aren't going to budge, so she did what they both wanted and wore the bracelet, making both them happy.


3rd Thread! Party

This story has reach 48 chapters but your love & support for ths story is still the same and thats commendable, i love you all for this. Your feedback means alot to me. Thank you so much for your support & love. Hug

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as usual it was superb ...
taarey and reyaan family time and their bond was nice...
but its high time rey should say sorry to her for his past behaviours and should correct his mistake...
he should express his feeling for her and make her fall for him...
he should gain her trust...
update next part soon dr...
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Posted: 2015-12-18T10:19:30Z
m eagerly waiting ki taani forgive rey , n taarey be back
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Posted: 2015-12-18T10:23:20Z
Congrats for thread three and awsome updates
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Posted: 2015-12-18T10:35:34Z
congo on new tread
love both part
both are coming near each other slowly
cont soon
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Posted: 2015-12-18T10:39:16Z
Happy to get double update
Loved it
Want swayam and gang to apologize taani
Pls update ASAP
Thanks for pm
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