raya os : itti si hasi.. itti si khusi by Vartika Srivastav

Posted: 2015-12-17T03:42:06Z

HIEE FRIENDS.. here is a raya os based on jaipur track..


Sun rays penetrated through the ventilator enlightening the beautiful room making the lovely couple aware of the morning who were sleeping cuddling to each other..alarm buzzed.. creating the hurdle in their sleep..Ram stirred , hugging her more tight , in a irritated tone said" priya alarm band kroi na plz she was also woke up by the alarm.. rubbing her eyes , she opened it.. mr kapoor app chodengy to main alarm band kru.. she tried to push him.. and he also  released her .. she closed the alarm which was at her arm length.. as soon as she she done.. he again hugged her tight..she smiled.. his eyes were closed..priya: mr. kapoor.. uthiye na and mughe bhi chodiye pihu ko school ke liye late ho jayega.she tried to get realease fronm his grip..Ram (grumpliy) : priya... aj sunday hai .. pihu ko bhi sone do.. aur mughe bhi.. and he again hugged his life in his arms.. 



she also hugged him.. but her husband had some naughty thoughts ,, he started nibbling her ear.. she squirmed bcoz of his morning torture as his warm breath was ticklish her neck..she adjusted her head to bear the torture..



mr kapoor..!! she said.. its seems u dont wanna sleep..hmm... i wanna sleep but with you..ram said..mr kappoor plz chodiiye ,, i know aj sunday pr mughe aur bhi kaam hai ghar ke..she get herself released as his grip gets loose because of his  sleep..and she went to do her work..



AFTER an hour..



he opened his eyes .. his eyes caught the heavenly sight..  he is soo lucky that he often get the chance a to capture this beautiful moment in his heart ..she was getting ready in front of the mirror.. he with a cat paws went to the cupboard and took out something from it.And then went to her.. he put his right hand on her shoulder..she looked at him through the mirror . she puts the bindi on her forehead..then looked at him through the mirrror.. and with a heart melting smile she winked him..he got it.. and with his trademark  smile he said .. SEEDHI HAI..!! 



both of them were looking at each other throgh the mirror ..she asked: app uth gye..Ram : hmmm nd next second he gently tied a beautiful necklace studded with red stone.. and kissed her neck.. she was surprised and happy .. she touched it.. looking at him through the mirror.. she asked : ye kab laye app? it is soo beautiful.. i loved it..



Ram: noo.. it became beautiful now.. jab tumne ise pehna h tab.Priya : bataiye na kab layee app.?

Ram: pihu ke birthday par..jab hum dono ki shaadi hui to pyaar nhi tha.. aur jab pyaar hua tab zindigi ne humdono ko ye pal kabhi jine ka , unhe mehsoos krne ka mauka hi nhi diya,, isilye  i hd thought to gift you on that occasion but..

Priya: but kya mr. kapoor... app ne mughe diya kyu nhi..

Ram: himmat hi nhi hui.. sirf 400 Rs ka hai.. shop wala to mughe discount me de rha tha lekin maine ye 500 rs me liya..

Priya: lekin kyu apne extra kyu pay kiya..?  Ram: yaar tum meri biwi ho.. THE RAM KAPOOR ki wife ho.. pyar krta hun tumse .. itna sasta gift kaise de sakta tha tumhe..isilye us wakt nhi diya tumhe.. and he looked down..



she was silently looking at him.. was listening his nonsense reason.bas itna hi jante hai na app mughe ...

she said breaking her silencei know you priya .. price does not to you.. lekin main.. he said

she interrupted himlekin kya mr. kapoor .. price does not matter to me.. your gift are precious for me.. chahe wo lakho ki ya sirf 1 Rs ki.. that will always be precious for me.. you know what makes me happy wen bring me a gift that you thought for me.. you spend your time and efforts  to choose most beautiuful necklace, that momment is precios for me wen you were choosing the necklace that which would look most beautiful on me.. your feeling behind it is precious for me.. and i think that feeling cant be measure in price.. she explaind  To ab app aisa kabhi mat sochiyega ..

 he took her both hands in his and kissed it.. said : Ilove YOU PRIYA i luve you mr kapoor.. she reciprocated the same words



and turned to take a glance once more in the mirror ..wrapping his arms around her waist , he hugged her from back..she also puts her palm on his hand...sirf I LOVE U se kaam nhi chalega madam.. mughe mera return gift chahiye..he said with a smile of love she knows what is his return gift.. she blushed ,, her cheeks turned red .. he was looking at her through the mirror... enjoying his beautiful sight.. . she looked down ..Ram: priya.. he called her in a soft voice coated with love priya: hmmm..Ram : mera return gift

Priya: jo chahiye kudh le lijiye.

. Ram: aree mai kaise le sakta hun.. mughe aloo paratha banana nhi atta.her expression changed... she was schoked..he was cotrolling his laugh seeing her changed expression..app .. app aloo paratha ki baat kr rhe thy.. she said :haan aur kya .. ab aloo paratha se achha gift aur kya ho sakta hai.. he said controlling his smiled..kyu tumne kya socha... he continued.kuch nhi thik hai banati deti hun apke aloo ke parathe.. she streched the wods "aloo ke parathe" to show her irritation...she removed his arms.. and about to leave the place wen he clutched her wrist.. and her to look at him..jo mera hain vo to main le lh lunga.. but i would love if u give me whats is mine.. she bit her lips blushingly.. (STwala style..)chodiye mughe.. pihu uth gyi hogi..she tried to released her wrist..and he head to leave as they bith heard their princess' voice .. "Mamma Papa"



at breakfast table..



priya served them their favorite aloo paratha..Pihu: waooo aloo paratha .. she excitedly expressed her her joy seeing her favorite breakfast..but papa just yesterday at noon we had aloo paratha.. phir mamma kaise aj aloo paratha ke liye maan gyi..ram was thing what to answer her.. but before he could say anything.she said: i know apne muuma ko huggie kiya hoga tabhii mamma maan gyi..ram and priya both were surprised at her speculation.Ram: nhi rockstar papa ne aisa kuch nhi kya hai.. priya was lookin at them. and whispering.. bilkul apne bap pr gyi hai.. 6 sal ki hai aur dimag dekho.. kaise chalta hai.but pihu's next speculation was out of their imagination.

.kissi.. haan paap ne mamma ki kissi di hogi .. pihu said looking at ram..

ram and priya were just listening her schockingly..pihu 's mouth was full with the paratha.. nd she was blurting innocently..

papa jab mamma nhi manti hai na meri koi bhi bat tabh main bhi aisa manati hun mamma ko.. thank u pappa..and got busy relishing her favorite foodRam was staring at priya who was stealing her eyes from him..

Ram: rockstar papa ne aisa kuch nhi kiya hai..

pihu: phir mamma ne..priya interrupted.. pihu , papa ne mughe aj ye necklace gift kiya hai.. isliye mamma ne soacha ki..

pihu: mamma bhut pretty hai.. ap par bhut achha beautiful lag rha hai .. haina papa..

Ram : haa rockstar..

 priya: pihu batien band kro aur  jaldi breakfast finish kro..pihu finishes her breakfast and left to play with her school friend who lives near her house..

Ram: priya par mughe chaiye..Priya: kya ek aur aloo paratha.. Ram: nhi jo pihu ne kaha vo chahiye mughe.. he said with a grin..chup chap breakfast kijiye.. apka return gift apko mil gya, she scolds him and left to finish her kitchen's work.



after a few minutes..



 Ram was talking oever phone with vikram.. when priya comes and hugged him tight.. started kissing his cheeks..then his jaw line.. sometimes kissing ,, sometime nibbling.. priya what are you doing ... am talking with vikram.. he said

subha apne bhi to mughe pareshan kiya na.. now bear it..she didnot listen him and continued her nuaghtiness.. and nibbled his ear lobe.. she was disturbing him.



vikram: ramm thik se baat kr na ..

Ram: hello vikram ... mai tumse baad mein baat krta.. ek zaruri kaam kr lun pehle...he cuts the call and priya tried to run away because she she knew what is about to come..she tried to leave but he wrapped his arma around her waist .. they were looking at each other..

haaan to kaha thi tum.. continue kro na. he said with a slight grin..she bit her lips and lookind down..dont do that its mine. only i have a right to do .. he said.chodiye na mr. kapoor . priya tried to get release herself..

RAM: maine kaha continue karo.. jab mai baat kr rha tha.. tab tumhe bhut pyar aa rha tha apne pati pr.. her cheeks turned red with shy..i am not going to leave you priya until u return my gift.. not even in front of pihu.. think once more priya.. he said



haa to es trah dhamki kyu de rhe hai.. mai to waise bhi apka return de deti.. priya said.haa to do.. mai kabse wait kr rha hun.. she stands on her feet to reach his level.. first she kissed his both cheeks .. then took his lips in her.. and kissed him passionately.. 


plzz do comment.. how was it..??/ 









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Posted: 2015-12-17T04:08:57Z
so nice n romantic.

do write more

hayee hayee pihu is so smart.
ram is so naughty.
loved it.Edited by iluvusakshi - 2015-12-17T05:50:16Z
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2015-12-17T04:09:42Z
first anna chatiti bt second ayi...Cry
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Posted: 2015-12-17T04:26:01Z
thank u everyone. .. its means a lot...
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Posted: 2015-12-17T08:39:01Z
Lovely OS!!
Do write more!!
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Posted: 2015-12-17T09:50:37Z
Sooo sweet n romantic os kaash yeh show mein dikhate plsss keep updating
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Posted: 2015-12-17T11:12:10Z
simply superb and romantic...

pihu is awesome
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Posted: 2015-12-17T23:32:07Z
Very nice simple n romantic update...
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