TaaRey 2S : The Billionaire's Claim {Completed}

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The singhania mansion was decorated beautifully on the occasion of engagement ceremony of Rey's brother, Swayum. There was hustle-bustle between the guests as Reyaansh singhania made his way inside the house. All the eyes were on him, girls were drooling over him, shamelessly. 

But he was in sore mood due to some business matter which his family could see thus none stopped him when he walked passed them and went upstairs in his room, ignoring everyone there. Unknowingly, ignoring his life too who was standing there with his mother & few other ladies.

"Stupid Singhania." She huffed cutely, staring at his retreating figure with annoyance as it was first time he had ignore her. She had come back from hostel after a year and was excited to meet him, but he was too lost in his own world.

"Taani! Baby, he is in bad mood. Go, talk to him. He will be happy to see you." Naina, Rey's mother spoke to her sweetly, knowing how much Rey is fond of taani, and also, it's only taani who can bring him out of his sour mood. Taani's mother, anita too agreed with naina.

"Aunty, Are you sure that Rey will come for her?" Kriya snickered, pointing at taani. Taani glared at kriya, Kriya was Sharon's sister. Taani walked away from there, not finding her worthy enough to waste her time on, when she had better things in hand.

With smile, she ran upstairs. She stopped outside his room. Taking a deep breath, she pushed the door open and entered inside. She found him standing near the bed.

"Rey-" She called out for him softly. Rey's head snapped at her direction, his eyes widen in shock when he saw her there, she was clad in beautiful lehenga, looking heavenly beautiful. His sour mood changed into happy seeing her there, taani walked toward him and hugged him tightly.

"Taani! Love, when you came back from hostel?" Rey asked her, hugging her back tightly. He buried his face in crook of her neck, inhaling into her sweet fragrance. Her presence brought peace to him.

"In morning, I was so excited to meet you down there but you didn't even looked at my direction-" Taani complained, Rey broke the hug and gave an apologetic look.

"Sorry, love. I was in bad mood, I lost an important deal today because of my employees stupidity." Rey explained it to her, Taani gave a nod in return.

"Hope you are happy now?" Taani asked him, staring at him with shy smile.

"I'm super happy now. My cute-little love is here, so happy hona toh banta hai." Rey said to her, making her giggle. Rey leaned and kissed her forehead. Taani leaned on him and rested her head on his chest.

"Rey, when we will tell our families about us?" Taani asked him suddenly, they are childhood lovers but there families always thought of them to be great friends.

"Now your college has ended, i guess we can tell them now. I want us to get marry soon-" Rey answered her, Taani hummed in response, happy that finally she will be able to be with her love as her college has ended and there will be no distance between them.

"Lets go downstairs, swayum bhai's engagement ceremony is about to start." Taani said to him, she pulled away from him only to pulled back to him with jerk.

"We will go, but first, let me love you little. You have no idea how much i have missed you-" Rey breathed, nuzzling his face in crook of her neck, a sigh escaped her lips feeling his lips against her skin. He trailed soft feathery kisses down her neck, Taani smiled shyly, she wrapped her arms around him, pulling his more close to her.

He started giving open mouthed, moist kisses on her shoulder leaving his mark over her skin. She moaned sensuously with her eyes closed in absolute pleasure he was giving her. 

"I love you, Rey." Taani mumbled, making him look at her with love in his eyes. He leaned and captured her lips in aggressive kiss. She buried her hands in his hair, pulling him close to her she deepen the kiss. His hands were roaming over her body, caressing her curves that had him wanting to slam her on his bed and pound into her till she was nothing but a screaming mess, but he knew it wasn't time for that thus he controlled himself.

As he broke the kiss, he rested his forehead against hers. His hands traveled and rested over 
her bare belly. Her heart rate picked up as he played his fingers over her belly, she shivered under his soft as feather like touch. Unknowingly, A soft moan escaped her lips causing a urge to crept up in his heart.

"Lets go before i lose my control over myself and make love to you." Rey breathed, taani nodded, blushing furiously. Rey adjusted her clothes properly and they both come out of the room only to get bigger shock of their lives when they saw her mother standing outside, her mother was looking at her in anger, Taani bit her lower lip in fear, she knew her mother had witness everything that happened inside the room between her & Rey. She tighten her grip on Rey's hand as Fear gripped her heart, not knowing how her mother is going to react to her relationship with Rey.


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Awesome or should I say a very romantic start
I totally loved it 
Edited by princess_tara - 2015-12-16T02:44:20Z
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Posted: 2015-12-16T02:46:31Z
Awsome concept but its seems like his inocent doll
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Posted: 2015-12-16T02:52:12Z
superb concept and update
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Posted: 2015-12-16T02:55:31Z
Interesting start...
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Posted: 2015-12-16T02:56:10Z
Loved it
hope their love life will not b effected by their parents
awsm storyline
hw do u get so many ideas nd come up with something new before ending if ur current work
bt anyways i just hope tht u l b lyk this always
luv u nd ur all works by my heart
take care
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Posted: 2015-12-16T03:02:49Z
Really awesome concept
hope their families accept their relation
update soon and thanx for pm dear
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Posted: 2015-12-16T03:12:24Z
Loved it..just amazing.. I Loved the way Taani said "Stupid Singhania " Hehe..it was the most cutest moment.. This Kria.. Urghh! Irritating.. Nevertheless secret relationship.. Oho.. :p ka romance tha..but sara kachra ho gy last m.. Now I m scared for her mother's reaction...update soonishm... :p
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