The Billionaire's Love [TaaRey 3S] -Completed-

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Hello Guys!

Last night i read my TS- Tera hone laga hu, it had one part written and its been more than a year, so i thought to continue it by doing some changes. And I have also changed the title. 

I have posted complete TS here, in this thread. Scroll down for the Shots.

Enjoy Reading :)



SHOT 1 {Scroll Down}
SHOT 2 {Scroll Down} 
SHOT 3 {Scroll Down}


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"Is there anything serious doctor?" I asked her worriedly as soon as she came out of my room. Doctor neha gave me small sad smile.

 "I won't say lie and give you false hopes. Her condition is really bad, someone has brutally beaten her, her wrist is broken, she hasn't eaten anything from past few days, they kept her starved for food. She needs lots of rest and care. You have to be real careful with her, she is in very delicate state." Doctor neha told me about the condition of a girl who is laying unconscious on my bed, in my room. 

After neha give me her medicines, she left for her home while i walk inside my room, my gaze fixed on the fragile figure laying on my bed, I don't know her in fact i don't even know her name but still i felt a connection with her. Yesterday night i found her unconscious on road when i was coming back from party, her condition was worst,her forehead was bleeding badly, she had many cuts, purple bruises all over her body. She was lying there on road in heavy rain, the sight was heart wrenching. After I brought her home, my sister changed her clothes and dressed her wounds, Because of storm, I couldnt call doctor last night. I dont know who is responsible for her this condition but i know one thing that they are going to pay for this.

I sat on bed beside her, She was beautiful with even all these marks and torture she still looked like an angel. I never felt this concerned for someone in my life. Every time i saw her pale face, her bruises i felt my anger increase for those people who are responsible for this angel's state. I sat there for hours, just watching her. Don't know why but it gave me peace. Neha said she will gain her sense with in 24 hours, means there is still a lots of time for her to wake up. I got up from my place, I didn't wanted to leave her but i didn't have any choice either, I was about to leave but stopped, I steal one last glance at her and left the room to go in my study to do some office work. 

Just when i started my work, my phone started ringing making me groan in irritation, my irritation went on another level seeing the caller name. It was kriya, My friend or should i say my toy of the week. hey! don't give me that look, I know i am player but i am 25 already you cant expect me to be saint all my life. Like every men i have needs too and also i hadn't find the girl whom i will Love unconditionally but I promised myself that the day i will find her I will leave all this player ways of mine for her. 

And guess what, its time that i should end this chapter of my life and start a new because i knew the girl i was waiting all my life was just happen to sleeping in my room, i know you all must be thinking that i have gone mad but i am not, I am talking about her, I know its not even a day that i met her but i cant help it but let my heart feel something for her that i never felt for anyone in my life. I want to fall in love with her and make her fall for me. When last night i held her close to me in my arms, Something in me felt protective over her, want to protect her from any kind of pain, want to make sure she is safe and above that i wanted to spend time with her, want to know her.

"Hey baby, why you are ignoring me from yesterday?" My trance was broken when i heard Kriya's voice from the other side of the call. she was trying to sound seductive but i can tell she is failing miserably, don't know what i seen in her that i slept with her, Now i am regretting that night. I felt disgusted with myself as she start telling me about how much she missed me and all, she was being clingy and i hate it.

"Cut the crap kriya and stop acting like my girlfriend" my sharp voice cut off her rant. God! this girl can be a drama queen some time.

"After what happen between us you are saying this to me" She says, I rolled my eyes imagining her pout which she thought is cute but i find it fake and disgusting.

"It was just a one night stand. Leave me alone, girl and find someone else to be your fu*k buddy" I shouted over phone and cut the call, i know you all must be feeling sorry for her but don't. If i am a man wh*re then she is ten time bigger wh*re than me, She open her legs more than a public restroom door does, So i am sure till evening she will be busy in warming someone else bed, I was not her first and i am sure not her last too.


"Sir, Ma'am has gained consciousness" a servant knock on door and told me, i thanked my god and quickly head toward my room, As soon as soon i open the door of my room, I felt my heart stop beating, my throat went dry. I look over her, She look quiet frighten, unaware of her surroundings, She look scared yet innocent. When she notice my presence she stare at me, I know there are many questions running in her mind so decided to clear it.

"You are at my place, I brought you here last night, You were in very bad condition. How are you feeling now?" I asked her in gentle tone which was quiet surprising for myself too, You know, i am not a very sweet spoken person, my whole office staff is scared off me because of my short temper and arrogant behavior thats what they call.

"Better" She mumbled if i wasn't standing near the bed then i wouldn't have been able heard her, i nodded in response and passed her smile in return she gave me a weak smile.

"By the way, I am Reyaansh" I held out a hand for her but she flinch back, she closed her in fear, Did she really think i would hit her but then again I know what she had went through it must be difficult for her to trust people.

"I will never hurt you" I said to her in gentle whisper hoping she would hear me and i was right. She mumbled a quickly apology.

"I am taani, Thank you for helping me" She said in low tone, It was clear by her voice that she was nervous and probably scared. I sighed and sat on bed but maintaining a safe distance from her, making her uncomfortable would be last thing i wanted to do. I wanted to ask her who did this to her but i shut my mouth, I know she is not going to tell me now and also it will make her remember those dreadful moment which will cause her to take stress which is not good for her health. We sat there in awkward silence which broke maid who came inside with a tray of food for her. After she put tray in-front of her she left from there.

"Please eat after that you have to take your medicines too" I said to her in most polite way, Trust me this girl is surely bringing my other soft side which no one has seen till now, not even my own family.

I look at her attempts of eating but since her wrist was broken, She couldn't eat by herself and also her wrist must be paining because was moving her wrist continuously. I stopped her attempts holding her wrist in gentle grip not wanting to hurt her, I felt shiver ran down my spine as i hold her hand, as if she felt it too she snapped her head at my directly, and thats when i lost it, I lost myself in most beautiful pair of eyes, i am first time seeing, I was so lost in her hazel brown eyes that i didn't notice her calling out for me.

"Reyaansh" her sweet low whisper bring me out of my thoughts. 

"Let me" I said to her as made feed her with my own hands, She look hesitate first but when i gave her assuring smile, She ate in comfortable silence. I notice that her apatite is really low, She was really weak.

"Taani, if you are comfortable in taking about who did this to you, You can tell me" I said to her, she shifted uncomfortably in her place, I kept the tray on side table. She seemed to think too much,I know its hard for her to trust me to tell me about her past and even i am not going to force her to tell me.

"It was my step mother and step brother shivam" she said in low tone, all the time staring at her hand which was on her lap. I shifted close to her, i lifted her face to look into her eyes, which were filled with pain and sorrow. 

"You have nothing to be ashamed on, They should feel ashamed for doing this to you" I said to her when i saw that ashamed look on her face. It was hard for me to control my anger, I wanted to go and rip them apart for doing this to her. But in all this i know one thing that i am not going to leave her.

"Thank you" She mumbled and smile at me which made me smile too.

"Don't thank me, I am your friend and friends don't thank each other" I says enlightening the mood, She gave me surprise look.

"You are my friend? Really?" She asked me with such innocence that it took my heart away.

"Off course i am" I stated proudly, She giggled lightly and trust me that was the best sound i have ever heard.

"You are my first friend" She said, her words shocked me. She didnt have any friend, how can someone not want to be her friend.

"Why?" Before i could stop my self i asked her. She gave me weak smile.

"I wasn't allowed to make friends" She replied in barely audible tone, I clenched my fists in anger, You have no idea how much i wanted to go and rip their head off for hurting her.

"Now you are staying here with me so you can do whatever you want, No one will say a word to you" I told her, her eyes widen in surprise.

"I...urmm.. how can i stay he.." I knew what she wants to say but i didnt let her complete.

"You are staying here taani, I am letting my friend go there again. Atleast stay here until you get completely alright" I said to her, Even if i had to force her to stay here i will but i am not going to send her back there in that hell.

"Okay" She answered hesitatingly, I smiled knowing i have many days with her to make her fall for me and also i dont have to worry about her safety as now she is with me.

Taani and i started talking, I could tell she was getting comfortable with me. She told me about her step mother and brother, they were abusing her from her childhood and her father didnt stop them, They would make her do all the house hold chores, they used to give her food only thrice in a week. Then i asked her what happened when i found her on road, In reply she told me that day she didnt make dinner because she was down with fever, Her step mother beat her, She was about to stab her with knife when taani pushed her step mother and ran from there then because of weakness she fainted on road. And in last i convinced her to file a case against them, She was hesitate and scared first but then i assured her i am with her and its important to stop their abuse. 

"You take rest, We will talk later" I told  it to her as i saw yawing, she smiled and nodded, I helped her in laying down then covered her with blanket. While she was taking rest i walk out of the room, Smiling ear to ear, I was having best time of my life with her, I could feel myself falling for her.


Scroll down for Shot 2 :)
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Its been a week, taani is living with me and getting better. She is getting comfortable with me too, which was really big thing for me. In this one week, we had filed a case against her family and now they are behind the bars for abusing an innocent for years.

After getting ready I went in my room that is now hers, Yeah you heard right, I left my room just for her...Surprised! Uh, don't be. I'm more than happy doing these small small things for her. When i entered in her room, She was still asleep, I didn't have the heart to wake her up but i had to, She has medicines to take on time. I went close to her, She was looking so serene, and the calm facial expressions gave me peace, Now she is safe and probably happy too. I could watch her sleeping all day without even complaining for once.

"Taani" With half heart, I called out for her and gently shook her, taking care of not to hurt any of her injury that might cause her pain. She moaned in her sleep then turn to other side, I smiled softly.

"Taani." This time my voice was louder but not louder enough, That might scare her, You know from what kind of things she had faced, she is in very delicate state, So small small things could scare her, Like shouting, violence, Or any kind of display of anger, can frighten her easily.

I could feel my lips curving into a wide smile as i saw her opening her eyes slowly, She passed me a small but real smile which was enough to lit up my world.

"Good Morning" I said as i helped her to sit on bed, taking support of bedpost.

"Good morning, Reyaansh" when she said my name, shiver ran down my spine, My name never sound so good before.

"Taani, here are some clothes for you, My sister brought them for you" I said as I pointed toward piles of fresh clothes kept on couch.

"Thank you, reyaansh" She smiled at him, I shook my head telling not to thank me, I can do everything for her without wishing anything in return. 

I scooped her in my arms and take her inside the washroom, because of bruises she was in pain which was clearly visible on her face because of her injuries she couldn't even walk. I wanted to take away all her pains and give her happiness. 

"Thank you again, Reyaansh." She whispered and giggled softly at the end of her sentence. My world seems to stop when i heard her laugh, it was soothing and most beautiful i have ever heard. 

"You should laugh more often, Taani. Your laugh is as beautiful as you are." And without my acknowledge, those words left my mouth. Her eyes widen and she stare at me with a frown. 

"I am not beautiful. I'm an ugly dork with all these stupid marks." She stated calmly but her angers mattered me. I held her shoulders and made her look at me. 

"Look yourself from my eyes, then you will see a beautiful brave girl. These scars doesn't make you look ugly, they tell how brave you are. How much beautiful you are even after going through so much, you are fighting for yourself. You don't need self pity, don't ever think of yourself any less. You are beautiful, inside out." I spoke in gently soft tone, hoping she will understand me. She was looking at me like a innocent child, then nodded making me smile widely. In flow of my emotions, i wrapped my arms around her and hugged her lightly.

My body froze when she slowly wrapped her arms around me and hugged me. My heart burst with happiness.

"Thanks for taking care of me." She whispered in my ear, a chill ran through me.

"Thanks for coming in my life." I thought to myself and hugged her more tightly but making sure not to hurt her. Today proved to be the best day of my life. A hope rise in my heart that we can be 'us'.


It was late at night when i heard a knock on the door of my room. I got up to open the door, and when i did i found a half sleepy taani outside.

"What happen, taani?"

"There thunderstorm outside, can i sleep with you tonight?" Taani mumbled and i could sense her hesitation & fear.  I held her hand and pulled her inside.

"Sure." I led her to my new bed and made her lay down on my bed and covered her with blanket.

"sleep beside me, Please." Taani pleaded when i was about to walk toward the couch to sleep on.

"Are you sure, taani?" 

She nodded in confirmation, I smiled at her and slipped inside the covers. That was the bested moment of my life till now, the trust she showed in me was enough for him.


Scroll down for SHOT 3 :)
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- After one year -

"Reyaansh" Her soft tone caught my attention, I looked up and saw her entering my study room with a wide grin plastered on her face. She was no more a sacred girl. She has transformed into a confident girl and now attend college. In this one year, i had seen her growing up individually and it was such a proud feeling. And about us, We have come more close to each other and now can be tagged inseparable. We spent time with each other, I help her with her studies. We have formed an emotional bond, and can't even think of spending a moment without each other.

"I got something for you." She squealed excitedly as she pulled me into a bone crushing hug, sitting on my lap. Though i haven't confess my love to her yet, but i love her alot and she knows that too and i know somewhere she does love me too. It's visible in the beautiful pair of brown orbs of hers. She took out a envelop from her pocket and gave it to me, I knew what it was already, another poem written by her for me. It's her way to show how much i mean to her which i really love. 

"Thank you, Sugar." I thanked her, kissing her softly on her cheek.

"Reyaansh, I want to say something to you-" She whispered in low tone, I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close to me. It has become normal for us to be so close to each other. 


"You know about my past, it was you helped me to come out of it and stood beside me in my thin & thick times. After you entered in my life, it has changed for good. You know, you are my angel, my savior and I love you alot-" She confessed shyly, and trust me, It gave me biggest shock of my life. The sound of her giggle brought me back in to reality. I look at her and smiled widely.

"I was dying to hear this from you since i met you." I whispered, hugging her close to my heart.

"I love you too, my sweet taani-" I finally said it to her, it was something i was keeping inside me for so long, but today, I couldn't control. And i was happy that she had accepted me with my past, she knew i was a player before i met her, but she says, it was my past, it doesn't matter to her what i had done in my pas, She thinks I'm an angel which always makes me laugh, she should talk to people in my office once, that will surely change her prospective then.

"Can i kiss you now?" I asked her, smiling at her softly. She look at me shyly and nodded in yes, making me heart jump in joy. I leaned and pressed my lips softly against her, kissing her softly, letting her comfortable with me as i knew it was her first kiss.

Soon we were kissing each other passionately, she had wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling me close to her. It was the best kiss, i could feel my heart beating loudly in anticipation, I finally have the girl of my dreams in my arms. 

"WOW" She breathed against my lips, and seeing the look of pleasure flickered through her brown orbs gave immense happiness to me, and somewhere satisfied my ego.


"For the best boyfriend ever!" She sang loudly as she placed the chocolate cake she baked, before me. I leaned and peck her lips softly, this girl always know how to make me happy with her gestures.

"Thank you, Mrs. Singhania." I thanked her, taking a piece of cake, I fed her.

"I'm not your wife-"

"You will be, very soon. And I like Mrs. singhania better. Mrs. Taani Reyaansh Singhania." I replied, making her blush which is my weak point. I can never resist blushing taani. So, I leaned and captured her lips in a short sweet kiss. My happiness knew no bound, I'm with her and my feelings are reciprocated by her, I couldn't ask for anything more.

"I love you, Reyaansh." She said it again and took my heart away. I can never get tired of hearing those four words. 

"I love you too, Taani."


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Nice...great update 
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Beautifully written and as I said ,you are obsessed with billionairesLOL
Loved how they grew closer slowly and ultimately how she told him about her love for him ,that we very cute!Embarrassed
It was a nice story..Clap
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cute story.. loved it.. thanks for the pm
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Posted: 2015-12-08T07:31:09Z
Adorable 3shots!
So cute and nice..
Loved them
Keep writing
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