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Posted: 6 years ago
Nice update Nisha.

She lets the "clothes" not obsess her and he Doesn't pick th cudgels at Paris and can I got to D II. Will be interesting to see II and RnB learn and balance baby work fights and romance.. And all that child birth brings in... Not to mention sleep deprivation and nursing sores :(

But the tiny being is a fresh lease of life for tired souls and the reason for exist eve for her parents. It's so wonderful how much space we create in our busy or Super busy lives for that tiny bundle!

Sigh can't have another one now.. Day Dreaming want II to have hers now..

The way you describe RnB and Nivi is too good to be not dreamt about! Some parts bring back memories and and some give you ideas of what one can do to the next baby in the house Wink

Clap that's for awesome grade fiction. Take a bow and keep us stoned LOLEdited by blue5sky - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by modernfamily

I have also read the book. It made me enthusiastic about trekking. But never got a chance to go.

I hope you get to go. It opens a new world, and a new way of looking at your own world Modernfamily.( so so sorry not sure of your name and I don't want call you by the wrong one..moniker was kinder I thought )

Talking of alternate worlds this weekend I was invited for a meal over to a friends place and he lives "aboard" here in Singapore. He and his Wife get to work and back home like all of us do except they live on a boat. And weekend outings include sailing to the Philippines when the weather is good.

Their reasons for living there - he loves his work and the pace at which things move here and dislikes the " no adventure" life and the commutes. And found the Rents on land exorbitant!!So they think they have the perfect solution - he spends on his own boat and not line some home owners pocket!

To me I Guess the best part is he makes his own electricity and his own garbage disposal. And I think I get altitude sick a lot lesser than sea sick Cry I could never get through living in a boat... Luxury liners are a different cup to tea though Wink
Posted: 6 years ago
Hello Ladies..
Have a great week ahead..
Why so silence?
Monday blues?
Posted: 6 years ago
Hello! Good morning / good evening!

Nisha, I have not seen the movie as well. Smile

Asma, Sudhi: Yes, trekking is a great experience. Sudhi, don't work yourself up. It will happen if you keep the interest open.

Putti, I think everyone is still in Kasauli, waiting for the sun to show up LOL
Posted: 6 years ago
Jokes & Greetings

They returned Wed mid morning and she literally almost got off at the roof of Spectrum
Wearing the outfit she wore to her Doc appointment on Sunday
Without her laptop, first thing she did when she entered was to walk over to the IT guy and beg for a loaner

It wont have the tools settings or reports or bookmarked cloud systems, but she will have to pretend to survive
Her work tablet was in the drawers too but not much could be done with it

She wanted to get herself a surface one of these days

She checked her back statement first thing "No" I dont dont the computer to remember my passowrds" she said making a face


Akka informed her her MIL was in the hospital after feeling "breathless"

II felt like a heel, at not even being told that

Her trips and her family's well being seemed to be at cross purposes
She went to Paris and Periappa ended up in the hospital
Kasauli had sent Paati to hospital

II barely listenedto the "all employee" quarterly meeting and worried about how Akka was juggling, home, baby, college, MIL and Kamakshi Athai

She had NO time off left, even by "grace" it was all taken between her third trimester and post partum

II sat there wringing her hands in helplessness...

She called Amma a couple times, then realized it was Wed Nov 18th, Amma had  monthly Eco tests for the kids on the 3rd Wed each month


She texted Appa

"In a meeting kanna" Appa texted back

II texted R&B

"Are u busy?" she asked

He sent a half smile

"Paati is in hospital, Amma Appa both seem to be at work" she texted

He called her immediately

"I am in a all employee meeting" she texted

"Is Vandita home?" he texted

"I am not sure, Akka has NO time off" II sent many teary emojis

There was no text for a while...

"Busy aa irukeya?" she texted when the call was over (are u busy?)

"No back at the airport" he said

"why?" she asked "Cant leave u alone for a min can I u sneak off to Paris" she teased

"Manya is here" he texted

The phone slipped from II's hand


She cudnt waste time past 8 PM, she wanted to go to Munirka first
She was sure she was expected at MM or Shanti Niketan

She hadnt responded to R&B's announcement of arrival

Her belly churned and twisted, and Nivi didnt help the cause

Akka finally returned her calls saying, MIL was a Max Saket, and Athim had the day off
Athim hadnt returned II's call

II asked who was watching Shubhang, she was told between Kamakshi Athai and her maid

Baldie's favorite activty was to roll over she was told

II's eye sfilled up with tears of joy, she wondered how the skinny chap looked like

It was remarkable how Akka was able to keep her cool and talk about the baby faced with her MIL's health challenge

"can I come stay over?" II asked

"CAN YOU?" Akka squealed, "ingeye iru di" (stay for a while)  "ask him to come too" Akka gushed

"What about Shravu's activities?

"amma is taking him after school. Appa is coming to the hospital, my FIL cant hear anything, its
 useless to have him be my MIL's companion, she has to shout and that may not be good for her"

"Is Ambala Anna coming?" Ii asked softly

"Good joke" Akka said hanging up

They were all at Sam's R&B texted

Ii went home, showered, changed into a navy cords and a mauve cashmere sweater and a navy & orange floral silk scarf

He had left the rooms a mess, II worried if Manya already saw

She had skipped lunch so she was really hungry

Ranjan texted her asking when she planned to arrive

she got to Shanti Niketan around 10 PM
Tired and hungry

Sam greeted her, and stopped her

"Will u forgive me?" she asked

"For whattt?" II asked shocked

"For what I put u thru?" Sam whispered

II nodded, somberly

"we can talk more, but mujhse please gussa mat hona" Sam's eyes glistened

"Did he even tell u we were in Kasauli?" II asked confused, wondering if Sam was under the impression that II was upset thats why she hadnt reache dout in 3 days

Sam gently smacked her"Thank God" she nodded, sniffling

Manya helped Nandu do a trick, R&B sat with Lasya on his lap, Tan was fixing a drink for Ranjan and R&B

they all seemed happy and together

Manya turned to look at her and just smiled

Tan whistled

"Mannn... pretty hot while pregnant I am telling u" he chuckled

Ranjan smacked him

"sorry Dad, I dont think Sam minds" he winked

"shut up. Only my  pig headed ass of a bro is allowed to have nefarious intentions about her" Sam hugged II

R&B made room on the couch

II hestitantly walked to Manya, to greet

"Hey" Manya smiled, getting off the bar stool to spin Nandu for his next circus trick

"good to see u" II smiled with out stretched arms

Manya had her back to II

"Manyaaa GREET HER, U DUNCE" Sam shouted

"I welcome greetings too" her husband, Tan offered

"But only after she "greets ME" R&B whispered

Everyone trying to take away the sting of Manya's aloofness
Thats when II realized she had promised Akka she wud show up after work!!

Posted: 6 years ago
Very realistic situation! Loved that, Nisha :) Lets see what's balancing act.
Also, please look at your PM inbox,whenever u get time :)
Posted: 6 years ago
Hey Nisha a big warm hug for you...Hug
And for II too. Paavam Vandu she could do with another 24 hours in a day...being practical about her mil's illness well  she needs to survive.. It might appear cold but there is only so much one can do!

Never again should one be worried having/being a single child i guess.. the ones who help don't need to be a sibling..Ambala anna just drives me up the wall..Angry

Nice chottu one - action packed..

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