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Posted: 6 years ago
D'ohNisha - Why this torture ? No explanation yet from dude !!! Confused
Why do u put your pregnant wife thru such torture ? When he is so hurt for years the way they found his dad which led to his mom's fate,  Is he a nutcrack to put himself in a similar situation like dad ? Did he ever think about the consequences of losing II ? Her pranks were to keep him around. He took it to a different level and emotionally hurt her. Pissing out of the bowl vs other woman D'oh
II is a middle class girl like many people here. You hear about open relationships yada yada.
I dont think any of us are ready to see some other lady's boobs in your husband's hand. 
Gosh !! Too emotional about this Cry
II should stay put in DII for a week or more.  I am ready to choke him to death now even though I love him !
Edited by jasminechick - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
It's difficult to be in amma's place
Same time akaa is also rite in her place...
When u see ur child crying u tend to forget every explanation regarding it only remembers it's the cause of it!!!

Dada, dadi, nana, nani , are only meant to love Big smile
There way of expressing may be different
Raped under scolding but it's love only

Amma appa ready to take her to doc. And then
Dude came... Well he hav to how can he leave his two angels in DII for long!!
Posted: 6 years ago
isn't it dam eaay for us to tell and show all our frustrations and irritation at our parents and direct it at something totally pointless??
I think Akka went beyond a line...maybe it was all her frustration from a while...but it waa beyond a line.

Looking at the parents POV i think she was being protectvive of her son...she might need a while to realise what amma said wasn't all thay wrOng.

Ia shravu getting affected by the variations between spending time at MM and shantiniketan and living in DII? 
Most likely
With self pity or with stubbornness he could get spoiled.

And here he is!!! To take her...and here he is...not touching her without her permission
Good effort to make up for things.

Loved the line about her deeply thinking that all kids shouldnt inherit all characteristics from their parents
Maybe somewhere she is also doubting ranjan now
Or maybe the supressed doubt resurfaced.

But the question is
Do kids inherit everything from parents
How does one choose what to inherit and what not to?
Does survival of the fittest apply to manetalities aswell??
Posted: 6 years ago


When bludgeoned by the unconscionable attack on her insecurities

And all that is tenuous ...gentle ... lies deeply ensconced

And ugliness of the prank the worst  assault on her sensibility

She turned to those Nostalgic moments ... Hoarded glimpses of time past

It warms her heart , baby like she falls asleep in minutes and his assault on her in vain

A pain seemed to have descended on her the two pools threatening to overflow any minute

Tragic is he ...unable to rewrite the prank he scripted

He cannot transform the lost evening she had joyously looked forward to 

All are so deeply saddened by what unfolded

 An ache in their hearts that cannot find the words or relief

She conceded to the invitation to stay over

Akka fuming at the manner Amma chastised her first born

Dangling a disciplining  prediction out in front of II

A heart laden with the hurt of the prank has to be suppressed to accommodate Akka's rant

Amma's defense and II firm in the perception her Amma can't err.

Unmindful of her exclusion of him from her plan, the persistent dude trails his dame

Appa displeased at his sight, II surprised and not delighted at the visitor she beheld


Posted: 6 years ago
One trait in II i loved is...her preference to sing in private and use it as a mode to relax rather than make it a profession and feel obligated to pursue that beloved hobby even When not in a mood for
Somethings are great when not practiced as a profession but kept to themselves and occasionally passed on EmbarrassedSmile
Posted: 6 years ago
Moms, kids and grandparents! 
Gosh... So II has nowhere ro go after she deivers and has a fight again is it?? 
Posted: 6 years ago
NISHA 2 more please... please... Star
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Ashu25

Moms, kids and grandparents! 
Gosh... So II has nowhere ro go after she deivers and has a fight again is it?? 

Oh God! You're so protective of II that you are practically on a militant modeLOL
I'm just waiting for you to fall madly in love! Tab pata chalegaEmbarrassed

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