SS61 Candy Cane & Abhi ke Abhi - Page 138

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Posted: 6 years ago
Future bug Nisha..Arent we all obsessed with the fantastic family RB and II have created. The craving to read  more and more about Rb and the kids, especially RB and Nivi is getting out of control. And Nisha what you said about how can anyone fear ones own heartbeats,...stole my heartbeats lovely. One more please...future...want to see Rb's super protectiveness towards his kids. 
Posted: 6 years ago
How do you think RB and Ranjan and II would react if the kids ask about their dadi?
Posted: 6 years ago
simple things i loved :
 R&B's sway like a dance move as he hugged lasya 
Dude agreeing to amma in a heart beat 
The kid like excitement appa showed woth the kiids and tool box
Dude saying "sidd" Embarrassed so mich to scold and that much is enough
II's saperation anxiety
Ranjan's gaurds on both sides of the table
Her imitating the kinds while saying bournvita 
The stolen kiss
ii's worry for home when away and talking to dude all night
Him being at the door 6 am and her blush
And and ofcourse the heartbeat line was the best

Did i summarize the update? Yeah
I loved every bit of it Clap
Posted: 6 years ago
there wasnt much left of her after being chewed on by 4 kids
Haha this is the situation of one who from starting wanted no kids Wink
This state the power of dude Embarrassed

Appa and dude they r so cute first fighting over II
Now kids

Amma she is so sweet!!!!
Dude respect her so much
Tells how much he adores her
Posted: 6 years ago
Heir & Hair

Sahana didnt last too long in the lounge, hunger pangs could be heard all the way back in the kitchen

The boys were outside by the gate, peeking through the juman door as Mahavir chatted with the press wala
 both trying to slither out of the gate, the guard Hari Prakash twisted his moustache and tapped his rifle

the boys stared at him in awe "Does it fire 100 bullets?" Ved asked him showing three fingers

The guard nodded showing 10 fingers

Sid:Can I see?
He stretched out his tiny fat hand wanting to touch it

Mahavir looked inside in fear

R&B leaned on one of the patio pillars, Ranjan tried to pacify Sahana, she paused staring at her brothers

"Unko dekh, kinne shaitan hainge ne, tu tey meri gajar ka halwa hai, na bache na... na na na" Ranjan cooed

"Rasmalai. Petha... laddooo, gulab jaman" he cooed

She watched his lips move and let out a slobbery smile, both hands in her mouth
She wanted him to continue, she grunted

"Umm... woh kya kende ne? French fry? Burger... pizza?" he cooed

R&B chuckled

"Chicken nuggets" R&B offered

"Na jee na... gudiya tey brahman ki ghar ki bachi haigi" he cooed

Sahana heard her Daddee and went beserk screaming

R&B reached and grabbed her

"can u check on them please, they already have one foot out" he worried looking at the boys
They had managed to get out many many times

They were allowed to go out only with family AND help
They were unruly and out of control

Cars sped by in Chanakyapuri, many times at high speed with Delhi Police pilot cars not stopping for anybody

Ranjan called out to the boys

The moment they realized they were being tailed
They stepped out of the tiny gate, like fugitives on the run

Mahavir opened the latch on the full gate, they ran down half way, to the end of the street past the Zambian Diplomat's residence
One the guards from that house sprinted after them too, finally catching up before they got to Neeti Marg
R&B went inside to hand the baby to II, wandered around II's veggies patch, towards the back of the house,
through the kitchen and then through the formal dining, the grand stair case to the lounge, Sahana cooed and dozed on R&B's shoulder

II was sitting with Nivi on the couch, cuddling, braiding her hair

"thatha wud love to see u, but how about we go to Athai's house first, see Nandu na, and then go to Rohini?" she was explaining

Nivi looked at her with awe, and touched her nose ring  "Why did Did Dadiji wear a nose ring on her left side?" she asked smiling

"Amma is from Tamil Nadu kanna, they wear on the right, paatti does too u know?" II explained

"Dadiji was from Punjab? "Nivi asked

"Bhatinda" II spoke softly

"Was she tall like u?" Nivi asked
II nodded

"And she wore a nose ring?" she asked
II smiled

"She had long hair?" Nivi asked feeling the loose end of II's long snake like braid

"She had hair longer than I, her nose ring was shinier than mine, and she was taller than I" II spoke softly

"She will think Sid and Ved are so naughty" Nivi clamped her hand over her eyes embarrassed

"she loves naughty kids" II spoke feeling a lump in her throat
"Have u met her?" Nivi asked

"No" II blew air out of dry lips

Nivi slumped down, looking out the patio door at Ranjan and the boys playing with the sprinkler

"Thatha showed me videos of Daddee and her, Daddy one time sprayed her with a hose" Nivi chuckled

II nodded

"He is just like Sid and Ved, so next time Daddy tells u Sid and Ved are naughty u must tell him. LIKE YOU DADDY" II whispered conspiratorially

II's tears were gone now, Nivi relaxed

"Sam  Athai says, Manya Athai and Daddy wud trick her when they went on vacation" Nivi whispered chuckling

"Ur Sam Athai is like me, very innocent" II lied

Nivi smiled, her eyes sparkling

"Ur Daddy is like Sid and Ved, he always tricks me II hugged her tight and kissed her many many times

"Macy says our house is too noisy" Nivi said sadly

II laughed  "u shud tell her, u have two brothers and a noisy sister, thats why"

"They are never quiet" Nivi said astounded

"I agree, they are all naughty like Daddy" she lied

"daddy is quiet" Nivi challenged her "He only listens to music and reads a book" Nivi smiled

"Like u" II whispered, for a change admitting honestly... kissing her tight on her cheek "I cant believe u"

"Who is kutti papa like?" (Sahana?) Nivi asked

"Amma can I go with u for 10 mins to thatha's house?" Nivi asked again, she loved Amma, she trailed Amma quietly, listened to everything Amma said

"I will ask Dad OK? Lasya said she has a new make up kit she wants u two to try" II whispered

"I dont like make up Amma" Nivi said guiltily

"Maybe u two shud put some on Sahana" II chuckled

"She never sits still" Nivi said

II nodded

Sahana screamed

"vaa dee! Rakshaseee" II scolded

Nivi shyly hugged R&B

"Hey angel" he cooed, sitting down and grabbing her and seating her on his lap
As II proceeded to nurse Sahana

"Is she going to wear the new pink tutu swim suit?" Nivi asked

"sure" he nodded warmly

"She only wants to be in water" Nivi said smugly

"She is a fish" he smiled and nodded "did u have fun with thatha last nite?" he asked

"Ya... they did the circuit diagram thing u showed me once" she whispered

"We shud do it one day" he promised

He had turned one of the ground floor bedroom into a makeshift physics chemistry bio lab for the kids

"Will u teach me to solder?" she asked
He nodded

He relaxed and something poked

It was a hot wheels Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, Sid's most favorite of all

R&B smiled and tucked it into his pocket

"He holds it tight all through the night" R&B whispered to Nivi, and pulled teh car out and let her look

"Dad says u held Lego things like that when u were lil" II gently caressed his fist

R&B chuckled

He felt Nivi's neat braid... Nivi threw her head back hoping her braid touched the ground like II's when she sat on the lounge chair

"Not quite" R&B smiled and kissed her forehead, Sahana stopped suckling, grabbed and pulled Nivi's braid

Nivi cried soft tears

II whacked the fatso in her butt

Sahana began to cry shrilly

Ranjan paused and looked worried

II covered up and handed the baby to R&B

"Bas!!! Now he will prosecute and jail me" II hissed softly

R&B nodded "someone needs to!!"

"Gudiya?" Ranjan thundered... "Haath  na lagayi puttar" he warned, waving a finger at II

"Dad she is a handful"

"Oh jee...Theek hai jee... tey hamey de dena...  ham kis waaste baithe hain. Na gudiya na" "Ma tey teri thaanedaar haigi, na gudiya na" he blew air kisses to the fatso
he cooed grabbing Sahana

Sahan LOVED to be held by a soaking Ranjan, he wiped her tears and hugged her

The boys turned the hose on everyone in the lounge

R&B ducked, Nivi was sprayed fully, they soaked the furniture, and the walls

"They are all urs" Dad" II shook her head wearily making her way up to go take a shower

The downstairs turned into a cacophonious mess, but she went up unmercifully letting the Bhalla men deal with it

Posted: 6 years ago
Amazing updates as always Nisha.  Thank you!!!!!!

I love seeing the is as amazing as we hoped it would be for II and R&B!!!!  

The kiddos are such personalities..not just Nivi-even Sid and Ved and of course Ms. vennai katti Sahana!!!

Lovely to see II and R&B as parents and Ranjan and the Iyers as grand parents to a huge brood...  

Posted: 6 years ago
So much energy in the kids...I was tired by the time I imagined everything till the end 
Phew!!! Where does so much energy come from
I wonder how II dude and ranjan the help manage.

Daddiji talk made me fell so nice... Like she is no more a mystery like ppl openly talk about II saw her.

An old request represented : can we see ranjan showing II dude's childhood and Ma's memories?
Posted: 6 years ago
Butter phir se?!?!?!? 
Lottery lag gayi meri toh!!!! 
Can we have only BUTTER the whole weekend????? 

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