SS61 Candy Cane & Abhi ke Abhi - Page 133

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Posted: 6 years ago
You are still angry with IICry..
Looks like both the Iyers sister's will go through big realization.. Amma's has to come between now?
War of words.
War of food..
War of texts...

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Posted: 6 years ago
It ok II to react in that way to ur akka...
She is katti with u,u tried to mend,but its not u r selecting the way out as "ok,i m done! Now u start!!"

These happens btwn sisters...its ur akka na,she cant show her frustrations with everybody,but with close ones like u or amma.she will come for you...then u throw a fit and then u will feel better...
Posted: 6 years ago
aiyoo y II? why did you say dimple but then you mentioned Your DImple for her it doesnt matter only dimple matters..
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by sonalgupta2004

Originally posted by avni_19

Omggg cuteee updateee.. can I go hugg the dudeee? How adorable can he get..' Not a thing'! Gives u all warmish feel...!
The novels name...ROFLLL! Lovedd ittt!ROFL

Sonal Di..I saw ur baby's pic..Arshikaaa...Tooo cutee n adorable! HeartNazar na lageee!Embarrassed

Thank you sunita!!
So how's ur exams going ??

Mera kab ka hogaya! I had only remaining two papers to complete ACCA..! 10th aur 11th dec mei the exams! Now bindass free, handling home, kitchen, experimenting new dishesEmbarrassed
Posted: 6 years ago


Deceit she had to resort to, to conceal her pain

Pongal that lasted till night was to her denied

Her food delivery rejected like spurning her love

The Dude's suggestion of hospital visit spurned again

Food treats at her favourite haunts the way shes pacified

Mavvy perceptive queries about shopping bags

Manya is scornful of wares II has piled

The loving caress of her itch bulge is reason for exchanges

Condescending and disdainful to motherhood in general

Exhausted by work and the aching heart rebuffed

He senses her agitation and restless state very well

Careful and vigilant to be by her side

To reassure and comfort them his very right

Manny has contenders arrived and arriving

That have surpassed her position in her Dimpal's life

Food and drink sets them apart but in all other aspects

You can't tell H&H apart

Entrants in the family MM awaits adults and babies bringing joy and delight
Posted: 6 years ago
Nisha I have a request I want a dude special chapter where he is in an introspective mood 
Posted: 6 years ago
Nice one Nisha.

Dude can surely smell all's not well between sisters.

He can sense she looks and feels fragile. It's going to be harder for him to go this time.. Paavam II some issue or the other rocks her boat.

Glad they find patches like this to enjoy time together and her pregnancy.

Btw those smutty novels uebercute! She truly needs a self indulging pause..and let her man pamper her. Heart. If dude goes to Paris send her with him.

I miss home too..Edited by blue5sky - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Idiot Mukund go to Munrika n help your Chitti-Chitappa..Angry
Papa they are juggling between hospital, home, old people and kids..
Shame on youAngry

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