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Posted: 6 years ago
II dude can read through your soul now I feel he just knows everything yet awaits you telling him out loud, everything today resembled the fact that he just knows you and you need to let him in, instead of shutting the doors to where he is already in. He knew you were sad, achy, hungry, hurt, looking for condoms LOL, in need n want of his warmth, you didn't want a sucker, to sum up you needed him to be that silent soul in your otherwise noisy life that he in the truest of sense is.

I wonder how far they have come and yet how far to go, when dude can protect her by being that imaginary shield to her, this time even nivi's presence did not help.

Manya can be all warm when she wishes to. That guy is definitely helping her sort her otherwise tangled life to some extent and that's how it should calming & balming the impaired and unsounding the sound one. Here the guy helps calming the untamed manya.
Posted: 6 years ago
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Pretty Cool! Click the link to checkout the video

A thought... How many gallons of water he wasted to drive home this point?Cry They all looked colored water to me... Not reusable so easily.
So true !!! Exact saMe reaction from a friend back home. Confused

The article before the video says it's rain water that he collected and added paint to.
Posted: 6 years ago
Sam didi ke ghar se aapke waala paneer bhi aaya na?"

"Woh main Akka ko de aayi" she said embarrassed looking at R&B

Mahavir was ashamed he made her say it

I just loved this line and even have a lot of respect for such people. I believe the truest of souls can feel ashamed or guilty for having indicating to sth they never intended to say or have it interpreted the way it is. It's a very small thing with the largest of implications.
Posted: 6 years ago
Looks like posessiveness, jealousy n obsession is in Bhallas blood..
Peanut (half Bhalla)
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Posted: 6 years ago
Nisha, you should ask your son to try out Google Doodle today. Super cool it is. Beethoven's 245th year and music to play with Smile
Posted: 6 years ago
Thanks u girls
Vidya LOVELY TAMIZH verses


Why shud he jump in and punch Manny
II can take care of herself
Shes feisty and passionate she can do it
Posted: 6 years ago
She sifted through the box furiously

"what are u looking for II?" he asked



"Jab kisi ko chot lagti hai when the procedure is done Docs in the US give the kid a lollipop" she lied


He leaned and let her look

"I dont have condoms anymore" he said softly

She dropped a antiseptic lotion with a clank
And didnt look at him, her heart was hammering like a rock in a tin can 
Aiyo - still so insecure. So deeply hurt !! And he exactly knows what's going on in her mind. 
Problem with Akka/Bala, empty stomach, condom ! 

He knows her well than she knows him. 

Not interrupting during Manya's commentary good touch. 

Posted: 6 years ago
It was so heart touching Nisha!
It's now proven that dude know her inside out!!
He came to know she had not eaten ( although the way in which he knew was unique Wink )
He knew y she cried
He knew wht she is looking at
And above all he knew that this liar Iyer is his for ever Clap

II now be careful dear, u cannot tell a lie I front of dude
So will u survive.. Half of the time it's ur lies only that saves u
As wht u think

And many many.. Actually today I like her posesiveness
Towards her brother it was so real. And for a change in a good way!

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