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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by monalisa123

Bajirao Mastani or Dilwale or neither???
will be Dragging my poor non hindi husband to go watch it

Nirali I don't know what to say..

Both the movies will be above two hours..
Bajirao Mastani
I have watched this director's previous movie Ram-Leela couldn't sit in the theatre till interval.. Found it very loud, violent and over dramatic...

You need to leave your brains in home to watch this director's movies.. Basically they are brainless movies..

Now based on your husband taste choose the movie..

This is purely my opinion.. Others may have different opinion...

Posted: 6 years ago
Good morning / evening everyone.
I can so relate to ii's guilt of unable to be there for whatever reason.
its only your siblings and parents you can say whatever and get away with. Not a big deal in the way vandu reacted. Yes she should understand and I sure she will.
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by putti77

Akka you should understand II is not single now and show up at your door whenever you are in need. She as her own family n moreover she is pregnant...

What do? II is also at fault here, her over caring is nature backfiring now...

Feel bad for Vandu's problems also..

This wouldn't be a big problem if II hadn't offered to help her and not only didn't show up, but even didn't msg or call she won't be able to. That will rile up anyone's anger especially with the kind of situation vandu is in.
Posted: 6 years ago
Battle Scars

Shravu talked breathlessly challenging to surpass Nandu's score in the game

II wondered how she will face Akka back home
Her keys were up there. Akka clearly looked upset

She wasnt trying to pity Shravu
She knew that

akka was upset or overly sensitive or both

A bunch of Moms smiled and tried to make convo

"Tum Vandita ki sister ho na?"

"How is Vandita's baby?"

"Vandita'sbaby is so cute"

"U are so pretty. Wow!!"
"U married a Punjabi no?"

"Ur husband is so handsome usne hamey pic dikhaye"

Some Moms she recognized, at Akka's Haldi Kumkum events many she didnt

Some Dads looked at her curiously

A slow winter drizzle started

II had an umbrella thankfully
Nandu wanted it all to himself, to twirl ofcourse
"can I come to ur house until Paati comes home?" he asked sadly

She nodded eagerly

"Do u have Bournvita?" he asked


"Lots raja"II lied


"Nandu had Nutella in his house will u buy that too?

Paati only gives me Kissan jam" he said somberly


"Can I come tonite?" "Will u pack my clothes?" Shravu was insistent

II nodded smiling

"can we take Shubhang?" he asked

"achooo!! "Cho chweet" she whispered kissing his cheek

"Athai doesnt pick him up when he cries, I HAVE to tell her" he said smugly

II felt horrible


"she is old no raja?" II pacified

"SHE IS 100 Chitheee, she is always sleeping, or watching TV" Shravu said

II felt bad for Kamakshi Athai too

She wanted to be of help
But her body and mind were not allowing her

She worried for old people every where they werent up to that job but yet were expected to

she suddenly felt a sharp twinge of anger for Athim

"Did Veni stay the whole night?" II asked tentatively

"NO AMMA SENT HER. amma said YOU were coming and u never came" Shravu was really upset

"sorry da" II begged

"so can I come to ur house tonight?" he asked

Rakshasan's face appeared

"Really II?"
II blushed & squirmed

The DPS bus stopped 30 feet from the bus stop

II tried to stepon to the side walk, an auto wala tried to dodge Shravu's friend Soham running to the bus stop in a tearing hurry, and veered towards II, II avoided the oncoming bus

Nobody followed the concept of lanes in Delhi in side roads
This one was no different

II's elbow scraped on the concrete lamp post, tearing her skin

Through her shirt...

"where do u buy ur maternity clothes?" A Mom asked

II's arm was on fire, her heart raced, at the thought of escaping being crushed by the DPS bus

"Chithiii are u OK?" shravu looked terrified

He saw her arm, there was an ugly gash

"I cant remember, mostly Saket Mall" II nodded

Sss... sss sss" II blew on the wound


They boarded the bus, Shravu forgot to return her phone, he flung it from the window and she caught it

He had hugged her tight... and kissed both cheeks

"Chitheee my bagsss" Shravu spoke in code language

II was in a lot of pain
She walked slowly in the rain, the spray hitting her peeled skin, and licking the flames

Her Navy cashmeere sweater and the pearl colored shirt all ruined


He had taken the morning off and he was going to take brunch for Athai, it was some special Iyer fasting day and Paati refused to eat hospital food

Akka was making Pongal

Baldie cried, softly

II picked him up

Appa saw her arm

And panicked

"Onna bus stop la vidu nu sonna what did u do?" Akka asked angrily (I only wanted u to drop him)

"Soham was late he ran in front of an auto, I was on the road I stepped on the sidewalk, and scraped my hand" II excplained

"My FIL is 75 HE GOES EVERYDAY" Akka was unhappy

"Akka I am sorry about last night

Appa was inside talking with Akka's FIL

He came out

"Thangaya kootindu sutharan, avanukku enna kavale" (He seems to be roaming with his sister) Appa mocked

"How did u know Manya is here?" II asked wrapping the bandage on her arm

"I SAW HIM in Malai Mandir light" Appa mumbled unhappily

"He doesnt know Pa" II explained

"even if he knows he will either be in Paris or not with u" Appa said

"Go to the Doc" Appa ordered
"He DOESNT KNOW PA. PLEASE" II hissed angrily

Bala walked in, they all looked at each other uncomfortably

II followedAkka into the kitchen

Akka began serving pongal and chutney

"U go to work, u dont have to take time off, Appa is" she said kind COLDLY

"Akka I am sorry..."
II wanted to eat, but she didnt

She decided to go home and grab a bite and head out

"Onn tapp ille di, I am overly helpless" Akka said philosophically

"dont say that ka, please" II said

"I have an infant, an aging deaf Athai, and in laws, and hospital visits and and a 11 year old" "AND A JOB" Akka dropped the cooker lid in the sink

Bala peeked

"Are u OK Vandu?" he asked

"How are u da?" Bala asked II

Ii smiled weakly

"I am fine kanna, its soo hottt, Will u serve? I will go feed the baby" Akka CHOSE BALA over II

II let herself out, and went home

When she entered, she encountered R&B in the lounge

"Hey what happened to ur arm?" he asked
She shook her head unable to speak, her lips trembling, her voice quivering

She wrapped herself around him and leaned on the wall by the Monet and cried

He held her warmly, in a secure grip

"Battle scars?" he teased, cooing softly... since she was an "Iyer warrior" according to himEmbarrassed

Couldnt have been more appropriate today...

Posted: 6 years ago
Can there be anything greater than a warm hug from a dude to soothe away the battle scars?

Vandu!! Not fair. II has always offered help and Bala has refused. So it is only fair that you face the consequences of your choice. Poor II.
Posted: 6 years ago

"I have an infant, an aging deaf Athai, and in laws, and hospital visits and and a 11 year old" "AND A JOB" Akka dropped the cooker lid in the sink"

Wht to say she is in bad position but not be coz of II
So why taunt her

I sympathise with akka but u can't be rude to ur sis who hav always done good corny wether it's day or night , and once she didn't u r all over her Dead
Posted: 6 years ago
Since they are sisters they will get over it, we over expect from our loved ones and hurt them mercilessly and love them crudely. It's just the brunt of all other pain and stress she is going through.

That warm and protective hug from her guy should take it all Heart
Posted: 6 years ago
Dude take care of your Ii now.
This might be most vulnerable moment for her. She can't share this grief with dude. He will be mighty pissed with akka as well then.
I guess all married girls might in middle of such situation and make choice which might hurt someone from your in laws side or your mayka.

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