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This one a special os for my lil .. and special Sister .. who requested me once to write something like that ... but i could not manage time ..even i asked sequence from her..but ..now writing on her request but with my choice hope she will like it ..and it will make her day more special .. as she is for me..LOVE U KUNU Baby .. Happy Birthday .Many many happy returns of the day ...

 This os starts from second Kc after 5 years separation .when Priya was capturing Father Daughter Snoring video.

Priya was taking their video .. with so much concentration even she did not see when ram woke up.. Tum yeha kya kar rehi ho.. sudden Ram's voice took her attention that her ph faelt from her hand..Nehi wo kuch nehi.. Priya was stammering.. Ram looked at her with weird look.. .. Priya got his point and said. Matlab wo Peehu ka school hai so use thane ayi thi ..

Peehu baby come on get up.. its already ur school time baby .. Priya cut her tongue and paid her full attention to Peehu . picking her cell from bed..

Mumma aur thorasa sone do na please..

No baby come on get up.. and  went close to peehu to wake her up.

Peehu put her both hands on mumma's neck.. Pata hai Mumma aap sahi kehte the .. Papa aur mujhme  bohut kuch same same hai .. Papa bhi kharate maarte hai jor se.. Peehu ko to  nind hi nehi aa rehi thi ..

Priya giggle with her Princess's comments .. but Ram did not allow her to do more..

Rockstar.. Papa to so hi nehi paya aapke Kharate k wajaise.. but do u know ..I feel pitty about ur mom.. Jab hum dono ek saath kharate marenge .. what will be her condition..

Though Ram  said innocently without thinking anything .. but it was a great hint for Priya .. somehow still she can feel her man's love for her .. but his simple words are more than enough to live with hope of togetherness again..

Priya looked at him but could not express her emotion as Ram not at all looked at her.. Priya took Peehu in her arms.. and went to door to make her ready for school.. when both reached almost washroom.Priya heard his voice again.. and This time its too strong.. Priya ...

She stopped in her way.. Ho sake to Video delete kar dena ..its private video of Father and daughetr ..not for Public display...king at him Priya innocently asked  which Video Mr. Kapoor  u r talking about ..

You know very much about which video i am talking.. already 5 years gone .. dont tell lie ..after all these..

Morning was started with a ray of hope but his comments hurts her so much.. that she was not able to reply .. her man doest not trust her anymore .. her pain was not unnoticed from RAM too.. but he is not able to hide his pain too.. 5 long years pain of separation.. pain of loosing his life . his sole reason of living .. and his every actions.. words are expressing only those .. to whom.. still who r the reason of his live . his breath  

After few minutes passed.. Peehu and Ram both at breakfast table where Priya was making aloo paratha for both with extra butter ..

Papa ..aapki aur meri snoring same same hai.. Aloo paratha bhi same same hai na..wo bhi mumam k haaton ka.. Priya was listening her cute talks..and anticipating something good from her husband at least this time..

Hmm ..ur Muma best cook..but u know Peehu ..she is after my mom.. aapki dadi jo hai na..wo duniya ki best cook hai.. this made Priya happy so much. After all 5 years back She wastrying to patch up one mother and son.after all in all these grieves.. this one a postive and so much happy site for Priya that Krishna Kapoor the real Queen of Amarnath Kapoor return back her home.. not only that her son is giving her the same love and respect which she actually deserve.. and its also fulfilling Priya's wish to make a happy family with her true in laws.. and somehow Ram is respecting her  too..

Mr Kapoor aap jaldi  breakfast kar lijiye .. aapko to bhi office.. in this moment already Ram made a call to nuts..

Hello Choti . Good morning .. yes.. i am still at Priya's place ..

 Listen.. i need a help from u ..

Yes .. can u take peehu to school today ,,and while returning can u bring one or two of my kurta paijama.. with 2/3 casual dresses..

Yaa i need all these.. ..

Yes.. i have some work choti..

 Ok thank u ..

And disconnect the call. Priya was just a listener of  one sided call.. when Ram looked at her .. Priya was just going to ask something.. but before that Ram  uttered.. main ek do din rockstar k sath rehna chata hu.. hope u dont have any objection.. and waise bhi .. if u really have .. then i cant do anything as i have right on her too and equal.. Priya did not say as Ram is so right but why staying like this way.. it surprised priya but she is not at all allowed to ask anything.. rather she has no right on Ram.. her RAM is a changed man.. her Ram.. is it really true still .. Priya asked this question herself again and again.. but her heart and brain starts to fight with each other .. her heart says RAM is only her.. no one else can claim but her brain is only the spectators of her own sister's status that is Ayesha Ram Kapoor to the world Mrs Ayesha Kapoor wife of Ram Kapoor what ever the reason behind the marriage.

Nuts took Peehu from there and withi 30 min she return with Ram's dresses what he asked for..and also with four sarees Ram did not mention those..but Nuts brought all those and gave Priya .. when Ram was busy with his ipad...

Priya looked at her ..Nuts silently said.. Ask Bhai about those . He can explain u clearly...

Closing the door..Priya took the dresses along with sarees towards living room where RAM was still with his ipad . when Pria kept all those dresses at the  on the couch .. Ram looked at those and seeing all those saree Ram almost jumped and asked.. how did u get that .

Wo nuts gave me right now with ur dresses ..but why r u reacting these way is there any special?

Looking at her Ram said .. yes so much special ..but tum nehi samjhogi.. ...Priya felt bad.. and said.. sayad ayesha k liye hai aapki gift .. sorry from nutz behalf.. i guess she did not understand...

No ..it was not her fault .. she gave these to the right person..but.. the person does not want to ...

Chodo ..let it be..

Priya took the saree and trying to keep althose aside.. when one white paper caught her attention which felt from  one saree. Before Ram grabbing it Priya took and open..

My Lovely Wife Priya,

Today is our first Kc.. yeah i know i know.. its not our First KC after marriage but.. after our love confession as husband wife in true sense..its our first KC..though physically u r not with me..but isse kya.. u r alwys with me ..in my heart .. i know Priya u can listen me..and hear me.. so.. darling ..this one for u ..aaj k baad every year every KC me i will give u designer saree ok..and i brought this from Nutz's shop.. choti is doing nice job na... i just asked one saree from her ..and she diesigned the best and unique one for u.. kyu n kare ..after all meri Priya bhi to unique hi hai na.. acha sunona..iss janam me to.. kc aur mana nehi sakte..I am fasting ta ki aage haar ek janam me.tum mujhe mil jayo..aur hum sath me kc manaye ok.. LOVE U PRIYA..

                    From urs RAM only...

Priya searched for him .but already Ram left for bath,.,.when Ram returned, Priya was trying to say something but Ram did not allow her rather again he grabbed his ipad and took his sit at living area. .

Priya went for freshen up.just a few minute later .. Priya came out from washroom wrapping one towel as she forgot the others necessary things to wear dress.. but just then am entered to take his watch as he forgot it on the bedside table when he went for freshen up.. His sudden entry and .priya state .. made priya shocked and she shouted a lil bit loud . App .. aap yeha kyu.. and turn over asap.. it made Ram more awkward but remind him their first encounter in such situation.. on their reception day.. .. is that the same situation still they belong.. nothing change after Peehu .. after 5 years .. Ram left a sigh and turning in opposite direction he said.. u dont need to shout like this or feeling awkward.. there is nothing that u can hide from me.. i have seen u many times..though 5 years back..but .,each and every details still i can say.. Peehu is its prove symbol of our love .. hope u remember that.. Priya never ever in her dream imagine such a bold reply from her hubby.. yes five years back whom she knew.. he was a more Golu.. who without complaining anything took couch just after confessing  his love towards her.. .

Though Priya was shy with his every comments .. but feeling happy too. Its woman's nature .. shy still love to get comments from her man only from her man.. and RAM is the king of her heart .. who is only ruling her mind heart everything. No Mr. Kapoor . i did not ,mean that actually suddenly u came .. i was not prepared for that .. isliye ..

Hmmm.. Ram said nothing and left the Room.. Priya took the saree from where she got the letter .. clutched it more to her heart.. and smile with blushing cheeks.

Again Ram entered  within few minutes.it was partially intentionally that so asap Ram again entered with some excuse.. and this time Priya got it too..Priya was struggling with her blouse hook too.. it caught Ram's attention and he murmurs .. panch saal hogaya hai.. ek beti ki maa ban gayi hai.. fir bhi ye karna nehi ati hai..

Priya heard all those and she clearly can understand that .. Ram's anger is melting lil bit. Was that really true that RAM was so much angry on her that he started to hate her . or it was another site of his love.. as .. we can show our anger only those persons who r really so much close and means a lot to us..

Mr Kapoor can u help me to tie these..and turned back to Ram.. seeing her uncovered back .without realizing anything Ram went close to her ..took the strings and said in his husky voice .. u dont need to seduce me.. and was trying to tie the  knot it but.. his comments effects Priya though  in reality she was partially trying to seduce Ram.. with her fake anger she moved aside and said .. rehne dijiye .. u dont  need to do that ..and ha maine kabhi kisiko seduce ki nehi ..not even tried too..

Ram forcefully took the string again and said .. u dont need to seduce others.. ur husband dont need all these.. and tied the knot .

Priya turned towards him and said .. actually i dont know what my husband exactly need..

Exactly its ur problem that u never bother about ur husband.. everyone matters for u much more than myself..

Its not right Mr. Kapoor.main humesha se aapki hi ...

Yes everytime u think about me.. that's why  u left me. Then gave me divorce paper .. and isse jab nehi huya to khud ko mar hi chuki thi paanch saal k liye..

No Mr Kapoor i did all these with different reason.. 14 saal mujhe jail me aap baradast nehi kar pate.. ..

So funny Priya 14 saal main tumhe jail me bardast nehi kar pati but tumhari maut ki khabar wo to main haas k manli na.. and gave sarcastic smile..

 Not like that Mr. Kapoor..

Ye nehi to kya Priya bolo.. majak bana kar rakh diya hai tum sabne mere life ko.pehle meri Maa who left for my happiness. Then main shadi hi nehi karna chahta tha.. ki wo bhi Nutz k liye .. then nutz k liye start huyi humare beech divorce .and after that tumhari ye maut ki drama.. and aab main fiirse jina chati hu  according to me.. wo bhi nehi kar paa raha hu..as because i married to ur sister ..who is crazy for me..not me..my name .my frame..

Priya looked down..just with a soft voice she said Sorry ..main..

Sorry.. kabhi socha hai Priya .. iss paanch saal me agar main kuch kar baith ta to.. do u really can forgive urself..even i tried ...

Priya put her palm on his lips.. and angrily she said.. dont dare to touch my life.. i am warning u. Its my life just.. u r taking care of it.

Removing her hands.. Ram removed from there ..u prepared urself.. .. will order lunch or if u want Picking up peehu from school we can go for outside..

I am almost ready .. so peehu ko Pick up karke.. we can..

Ram got her point ..making his way towards washroom he said.. ok i will be ready in few minutes..

Ram's ph was ringing.. helplessly Priya took the call but seeing Vikram's name.. she did not feel bad more .

Kyun be mote ..kal full day fasting k baad Priya ki haat khana kahkar aabhi tak so raha hai kya .. Ofc kyu nehi aaya aaj..

Hi . Vikram its me Priya.. .

Oopps sorry Priya i thought..

No its ok.. but full day fasting means..

U did not know.. Ram ne kuch nehi bataya tumhe..

No.. actually.. ..

H,mm.. every year he uses to do this only.. tumhare liye fast karta hai ..then tumhare pic k sath karwa chauth manate hai..and nutz ko every year koi saree bhi order deta hai.. even this year too he ordered one red one.. i guess u got yday..

Priya was total silent.. she used to think she loves him more that's why she could did all these sacrifices

But Ram.. his every action amazed her .. not only that proving her wrong that .. he loved. Still loves her the way that no one can even imagine its extend..  

Her chain of thought broke when she heard Priya's voice and also.. Ram's footstep..

Giving him his ph.. she said Sorry ..I picked up.. as u were..

Ram did not allow her to complete ..its ok though u dont trust me..u dont have faith on our love but i love u and trust u  more than myself.. so u dont need to explain.. and went in others room with the phone..

 rest part.. if all of u like then only i will post.. 

Again Happy Birthday darling.Many many happy returns of the day . thank u Jyothi di for the title 

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superb. absolutely brilliant. ram is in pain. that's why wo kaise behave kar raha hai.
thanks for pm. pl continue
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2015-12-07T10:56:49Z
Beautifully written so far...please continue soon!
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Posted: 2015-12-07T11:08:02Z
very well written
pls continue
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Posted: 2015-12-07T11:08:18Z
very nice... awesome
pls continue soon
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Posted: 2015-12-07T11:11:26Z
Originally posted by iluvusakshi

superb. absolutely brilliant. ram is in pain. that's why wo kaise behave kar raha hai.
thanks for pm. pl continue

 thank u buddy .. yup... next i am writing just waiting for birthday girl's comments
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Posted: 2015-12-07T11:12:20Z
Originally posted by DiehardRaYafan

Beautifully written so far...please continue soon!

 thank u dear 

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Posted: 2015-12-07T11:32:11Z
Awww i miss raya hope all misunderstand dur ho jaye btw Raya pls update soon di
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