OS : A Moment Of Life...

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The scene starts with when Ram dances 4 Priya with Neha on song 'O Re Piya'. I wanted 2 write an OS on how Priya thanks ram 4 the dance nd the beautiful 7 days. Here u go,

Priya was really happy seeing Ram fulfilling her every small nd stupid wishes. Her happiness know no new bound. She had never imagined that some1 would rule her heart 2 such an extent. She had already confessed her love 2 herself bt now it was the time of ultimate confession 2 her love of life,Ram. Now it really even didn't mattered 2 her even if her life ends the next day bt before that she had 2 confess her love.

In Raya's Greenland of love,

Ram had already changed into his white kurta nd pajama nd was looking as hot as ever. He was standing beside the bed removing his watch. Priya slowly tiptoed the bedroom nd threw her arms around him from back. It was like a sudden sweet shock 4 ram. He turned himself 2wards her without breaking the hug. Both of them were loosing themselves in this hug.
Ram's hand reached her bare back. Slowly nd slowly feeling each of her curves. His hand reached the hook of her blouse. Bt he didn't had the courage 2 make the 1st move. On the other hand, priya's happiness had no bound. She was in another world enjoying with her love. It was an ecstatic moment 4 both of them. Slowly gathering the courage ram brought his nose close 2 her.
His mind knew that this was wrong but his heart said 2 continue. His heart won the conflict. He slowly nd slowly started nuzzling her neck. Priya felt goosebumps nd a slight shiver of numbness ran down her body. His hand were roaming on her back.Breaking the hug priya turned 2 leave. Ram held her wrist tightly nd pulled her 2wrds himself.

Priya: Mr.kapoor ye kya... He pressed his finger on her lips.
Ram : Priya chup bilkul chup..aaj nahi Priya ... Aaj mat roko mujhe... Itne saalon tak kisi aise ka intazar kiya hai mein ne.. Aur vo tum ho sirf tum...

His one hand on her waist while the the other hand reached 2 cup her face. This was their 1st kiss. Both had never imagined that this day would come in their lives bt now they just wanted 2 live this moment, enjoy this moment in each others arms. His upper lips took the charge of her lower lips. Slowly nd slowly he started kissing her. Intially Priya was nt responding. Slowly her hands led their way in his hair. She was pushing him more nd more inside. Their tongues were meeting each other. Gasping for freedom. But no 1 wanted 2 break this kiss. Ram's tongue was discovering each nd every taste of her mouth. His other hand which was then on her waist now reached the Dori of her blouse. His hands started untieing the Dori of the blouse. The dori opened exposing her bare shoulder.
Both were out of their breaths. A sweet moan escaped from Priya's mouth. They both broke the kiss feeling the need for breathe. Priya was breathing heavily while ram started 2 do his next move.He started giving sweet kisses on her left shoulder. He further pulled her blouse a lit down while his other hand unhooking her blouse.The hook of the blouse opened. Nd he started kissing her further. Slowly he pulled the whole left side blouse of her while right one was still there. He gave numerous love bites on her shoulders. He again started nuzzling her neck. He could clearly see her clevage. He kissed her passionately yet a little hardly their. Priya's heart was beating very fast.
He reached the other side of her shoulder nd gave enumerous kisses there. This time he pulled her blouse completely from her body , drooping it down. He could clearly see her breast through her transparent pink Saree. She felt shy seeing his intense gaze on her. Ram wanted to move further bt not by making her uncomfortable. He picked her up in his arms carrying her up to the bed. Priya encircled her hands around his next. Both had an eyelock. Ram slowly put her down without breaking the eye.
He came on top of her. Started nuzzling her neck. Leaving numerous love marks all over her body. His lips again captured her bt this time hardly. While his legs started to move her Saree upwards. His chest rubbed against her bare one. Both were in another world forgetting about everything. His hands reached down the sari nd started undoing her sari. Her sari opened nd fell down on the floor.
While all this time Priya was opening rams kurta button. Both were enjoying in each others arm lying close 2 each other. It was an ecstatic moment 4 them. A little later Ram was lying close 2 her with his one hand on her waist securing her in his warmth. Priya could feel his hot breathe on her neck as he snnugled more to her. Priya was well awake. She so wanted this moment 2 happen btw them be4 her reports come. Now she was completely relaxed. She didn't had the fear of what will be there in her report as this was the best moment of her life which she will live 4 years.

Priya : I luv u Ram nd thnq u 4 this beautiful moment. She kissed him lightly on his lips. Ram lips curled into a smile nd she realized he was nt sleeping in fact was pretending 2 hear this from her. He slowly opened his eyes with a naughty glean in his eyes. Priya frowned like a cute kid. He came on top of her.

Ram : I luv u too my gudiya. Nd I promise u that whatever may be the situation , I will always be there on Ur side when u will need me. He kissed her on her forehead nd on her both cheeks. Nd he again said I luv u darling...

They end...


Hello my beautiful readers. This is my 1st attempt in writing something on Raya. As this is my 1st write up I want every1 to comment nd tell what I have been missing.. I hope u guys like it..
I have tried my level best 2 write nd now its u all 2 decide. Plzz do comment whether good or bad as it will be fruitfull in other updates..
Thnq u every1 :-* :-*Edited by RishikaRashi - 2015-12-07T01:38:47Z
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Posted: 2015-12-07T01:52:38Z
Awww super romantic n amazing part plss keep writing
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Posted: 2015-12-07T01:53:30Z
sooo superb. don't look like it is ur first attempt.

do write more.

Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2015-12-07T02:19:47Z
rmntc part...do write more.
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Posted: 2015-12-07T02:43:39Z
Hey!   :D Finally You posted!! ;) Loved it! Your first one na but it doesn't look like your first one!! :P
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Posted: 2015-12-07T03:16:11Z
They danced on Khuda Jane LOL btw superb os Clap just loved it! Please write more Smile
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Posted: 2015-12-07T05:10:54Z
Superrbb os!!!
Loved it a lot..
It's doesnt seems ur first attempt..
Plz do write more..
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Posted: 2015-12-07T08:59:18Z
Iys lovely
If posb do continue this
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